Who Is Amy Biedenbach Brind’Amour? Rod Brind’Amour’s Wife, Bio and More

Who Is Amy Biedenbach Brind’Amour? Rod Brind’Amour’s Wife, Bio and More

Rod Brind’Amour, a well-known NHL coach, has been happily married to Amy Biedenbach for the past ten years.

This pair is content in their house with their solitude and prefers to keep their marriage and family life out of the public eye.

Brind’Amour is the current National Hockey League head coach of the Carolina Hurricanes (NHL). On May 8, 2018, he assumed the post he had had as their assistant and development coach.

Rod has been with the Hurricanes ever since the day he began his coaching career, which was in May 2011.

Before that, this 52-year-old professional played 20 seasons as a centre for numerous illustrious clubs in the league.

He had stints with the St. Louis Blues, Philadelphia Flyers, and Carolina Hurricanes, among other well-known clubs. Additionally, in 2006, he led the Carolina Hurricanes to their first Stanley Cup victory as a team.

He is therefore a good candidate to lead the Hurricanes as head coach because he had a significant role in several of the team’s victories.

Rod Brind'amour
Rod Brind’amour

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Meet Amy Biedenbach

Amy Biedenbach, Rod Brind’Amour’s second wife, is his wife at the moment.

When it comes to his marriage, which he shares with his wife, Amy Biedenbach, Rod Brind’Amour is a content and happy man.

After knowing one other for a long time, they were married on July 10, 2010, making her his second wife.

Amy is best known for being the daughter of Eddie Biedenbach, a former basketball player for North Carolina State University and a former men’s basketball coach at UNC Asheville.

Mrs. Brind’Amour is familiar with her husband’s profession and demanding schedule because she has an athletic background.

She is one of two daughters born to her parents, Barbara, a North Carolina State University graduate and former Wolfpack cheerleader, and her father, Eddie.

Tracy, Amy’s sister, is also married and has her own family. Rod and Amy make a wonderful married couple because of the shared sporting heritage of the two families.

A Southern Soiree lavishly planned Rod and Amy’s second wedding. On a weekend in July 2011, the event was place at Carolina Country Club.

According to Amy’s LinkedIn profile, she is the CEO of The Brind’Amour Compound at the moment. She worked as a realtor at York Simpson Underwood from 2000 to 2011 before starting her family business.

Like her parents, Mrs. Brind’Amour earned a Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology with a focus in Design from North Carolina State University in 1999.

Amy is well known for her upbeat demeanour and grin. She is one of the most talked-about NHL coach spouses as a result of people praising her on social media and noticing her warm demeanour in public.

Overall, Mrs. Brind’Amour finds that caring for her family comes more naturally to her than working in an office. Her work description on LinkedIn states that she has been the mother of The Brind’Amour Household since December 2011.

She has so developed another amazing quality, which is both her sardonic character and her caring side as a mother.

Rod Brind’Amour’s Personal Life

Amy, the wife of Rod Brind’Amour, avoids the public.

Rod Brind’Amour, the manager of the Hurricanes, tends to avoid talking about his wife in interviews with the media because he respects her privacy.

Therefore, even if Mrs. Brind’Amour appears to be in her 50s, exactly like her husband, the precise details of her birth are not displayed.

Rod was born in Ottawa, Ontario, on August 9, 1970, making him 52 years old by 2022. He is one of the most talked-about NH: team coaches in the current league environment despite being in his fifties.

While the future head coach of the Hurricanes spent his formative years at Michigan State University, his future wife completed her graduate studies at North Carolina State University.

Even so, the two chose to wait until Rod got a divorce from his first wife and stopped dating before getting married.

He so concentrated on his team’s game advancements, which changed the way he perceived life. Rod and Amy are content in their marriage today since they primarily stay out of the spotlight.

Who Is Kelle Brind’Amour?

NHL: Rod Brind’Amour’s ex-wife Kelle Brind’Amour was his first wife.

Rod Brind’Amour’s divorce from his first wife, Kelle, was well-known when he married Amy.

Formerly known as Kelle Sullivan Gardner, Kelle Brind’Amour. Before she married Rod, she went by the name Kelly Sue Gardner.

Due to both of their secretive personalities, the original aspects of their married history and dating lives have remained a secret.

Following her divorce from Rod, Kelle has absolutely avoided the media. The former couple, who had three kids together, divorced in 2004.

In the early 2010s, her daughter Briley frequently brought up her tweets. She is now content with her kids and her normal life, free from any questions.

On the other hand, the Brind’Amour family and their circle still share Rod and Kelle’s current link as ex-partners and parents of three kids.

Rod Brind’Amour’s Children

From his two families, Rod Brind’Amour is the father of four children.

Rod Brind’Amour is the patriarch of a sizable family, having three children with his first marriage and one son with his second.

This NHL coach still has an excellent relationship with all of his kids even if he no longer gets along well with Kelle. As a result, he frequently has his kids with him when he participates in family interviews.

The Hurricanes’ head coach is the father of Reece, Briley, and Skylar along with Kelle.

Who Is Briley Brind’Amour?

The large and blended Brind’Amour family only has one daughter, Briley. She received her degree from James Madison University, where she participated on the university volleyball team.

At 5 feet 11 inches tall, she was a position outside hitter. Briley was recognised to the CAA Commissioner’s Academic Honor Roll for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 seasons following her senior year.

JMU Sports confirms that the Brind’Amour princess was a three-time 3A volleyball state champion at Cardinal Gibbons High School before beginning her collegiate playing career.

Her accomplishments also include being a member of the 2014 State Championship MVP team, the 2015 Under Armor All-American honourable mention team, and the All-American Team three times from 2012 to 2014.

She was also a Cardinal Gibbons National Honor Society and honour roll member. Briley entered adulthood after receiving a degree in media arts and design.

Every year, on January 18, she celebrates her birthday. She utilises social media sites like Instagram.

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Who Is Reece Brind’Amour?

Reece did not participate in athletics while attending school or university, unlike his father and sister. He enjoys playing around with his friends and family and is a big sports fan.

His siblings’ athletic careers are supported by him unconditionally. The family’s Raleigh, North Carolina house is where Reece resides with his father and stepmother.

The Brind’Amour mansion’s market value at the time was $3 million, according to Mansion Global’s 2018 confirmation.

The young Reece was also seen in photos of his family that year that were taken at their home by sports media. His Twitter account is @reecebrindamour, but as of 2022, he is not active.

Who Is Skyler Brind’Amour?

After his father’s NHL career, Skyler is another sporting prodigy in the family. He participates in the Quinnipiac University team as a two-way forward.

The 23-year-old was selected by the Edmonton Oilers in the sixth round of the 2017 NHL Draft, picking 177th overall. Even after a long time, he continued to play for the NHL team.

Elite Prospects confirmed that he had also participated for the U.S. National U17 and U18 squads. He also played two seasons for the Chilliwack Chiefs of Canada in 2017 and 2018.

Skyler can represent both the Canadian and American national hockey teams internationally because he was born to a Canadian father and an American mother.

He was born in Raleigh in 1999, and his birthday is always on July 27. He also has a presence on Instagram, where his username is @sbrind.

Rod Brind'amour
Rod Brind’amour

Who Is Brooks Brind’Amour?

The little Brooks Brind’Amour is the Brind’Amour family’s youngest member. He is 10 years old right now, and his parents, Rob and Amy, are keeping an eye on him.

The young Brooks lives in the $3 million estate with his parents and older step-siblings.

The Raleigh house also has a multi-sport court in the rear where he trains with everyone for baseball, basketball, volleyball, and hockey.

Rod also gives the youngest boy in the family more attention because he might follow in the footsteps of his father and siblings and pursue a career in athletics.

As a result, the family is active in sports, and the kids aspire to follow in their parents’ athletic footsteps in the future.

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