A funny Twitter memefest is sparked by a Tommy Lee Instagram picture.

Tommy Lee, the drummer for Mötley Crüe, shattered the internet when he shared a frontal nude photo of himself on Instagram.

On Thursday, August 11, the rock musician used the social media platform, leaving little to the imagination. The post astounded internet users, who questioned why the platform did not remove it right away.

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Tommy Lee appeared to be taking a photo while perched on the brink of a hot tub with the text “Ooooopppsss.”

The now-deleted tweet received a tonne of attention from his 1.4 million followers as well as a number of famous people. They included Daniel Mac, a TikToker, as well as comedians Ryan Sickler and Brittany Furlan. Rook, the drummer for Machine Gun Kelly, left a remark on the article.

A number of famous people started leaving comments on Tommy Lee’s photo (Image courtesy Tommy Lee’s Instagram account @tommylee).
A number of famous people started leaving comments on Tommy Lee’s photo (Image courtesy Tommy Lee’s Instagram account @tommylee).
After publishing the picture, Lee published another picture of an elephant and a naked guy standing face to face. The elephant was enquiring as to how the guy managed to breathe through that tiny object.

Internet users respond to a new Instagram photo by Tommy Lee
The musician’s 59-year-old Instagram post stunned a few of his fans. Others questioned how the post managed to remain online for more than three hours given the platform’s rigorous no-nude policy.

When they opened the app at three in the morning to find a nude image of the Athens local, netizens jokingly vented their dismay.

@secularhazed Deidre, Deidre
when you follow Tommy Lee on Instagram at three in the morning
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Tommy Lee flashed me on Instagram around 3:30 in the morning, ashlee ashlee @tattooedIies???? 35 3

Everyone who opened Instagram at 3am and followed Tommy Lee is listed as grey ¡ grey @kreepingd3th this 120 18 Rad Dad Rad Dad @ohemgeeijizzed
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137 \s13 \sJameson \sJameson \[email protected]
You might already be aware of this if you guys follow Tommy Lee from Motley Crue on Instagram.

John Jones
@AndyJones1988 Andrew Jones
Tommy Lee’s post is the first one you see when you open Instagram.
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25 \s4 \s☆kaisen \s☆kaisen \[email protected]
It’s intriguing enough to follow Tommy Lee on Instagram, but… i- sigh.
That was terrifying.
how come it’s still up
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amelia \samelia \[email protected]
The 2022 bingo card didn’t include Troup Tommy Lee taking his helicopter out on Instagram, but here we are in 2018.

@maudredi Maurice Maurice
On Instagram, Tommy Lee is just Tommy Lee 26 5.

In the Pamela Anderson tape, the drummer is completely honest

The Methods of Mayhem drummer has previously told the whole story to the audience. The performer appeared on the infamous Pamela Anderson tape, which was recorded while she was in a moving vehicle.

Similar factors led to Lee’s online popularity in recent weeks when the rock star’s intimate parts were displayed in Disney+ Pam & Tommy. Sebastian Stan, who played Lee in the miniseries, was actually wearing a prosthetic in the series, it has recently been revealed. The series also explored the contentious Pamela Anderson tape, Lee’s ex-girlfriend.

In the show, drugged-up Stan has a lengthy talk with his own privates in the bathroom about falling for Anderson too quickly.

The scene as seen by the series’ viewers stunned them. Robert Siegal, the author, continued by acknowledging that there was some opposition to the scene’s inclusion in the screenplay. The video was not, however, as random as one might believe.

Siegal acknowledged in a Variety interview:

“As much as I’d like to claim credit for it, all I did was rewrite a section of Lee’s autobiography. It might be a first for television, in my opinion. There was a slight pushback because when a talking p**is is offered to you, you have to push back a little. However, Hulu was quite helpful.
At the time this piece was being written, Tommy Lee’s social media post had been removed. It’s unclear though whether Instagram took down the post or the artist simply deleted it.

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