Why Christopher Scarver Took The Life of Jeffrey Dahmer? 

Christopher Scarver

Why Christopher Scarver Took The Life of Jeffrey Dahmer?  The life and crimes of the notorious cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer are chronicled in the Netflix documentary titled “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” The first episode of the series opens with his apprehension, and throughout the course of the next 10 episodes, the audience is … Read more

Where are Noel, Cristobal, and Moises Galvan-Cerna Now in the Dr. Mario Gonzalez Murder?

Dr. Mario Gonzalez

In the episode “Murder Calls: Under Seige,” which airs on Investigation Discovery, the events of the day of August 2009 are reenacted. On that day, the courageous Dr. Mario Gonzalez was killed in Bellville, Texas, after engaging his attackers in a shootout. He was killed by three intruders who were trying to rob his residence … Read more

Where are Jose Rangel and Erick Rangel-Ibarra now after the Lesly Palacio murder?

Lesly Palacio

The disappearance of Lesly Palacio in Clark County, Nevada, in suspicious circumstances in the year 2020 caused her family to be filled with tremendous fear. However, it is really unfortunate that the hunt for the young woman resulted in the tragic discovery of her remains a few days later. The documentary titled “In Pursuit with … Read more