Alex Martinez Of Twitter On Elon Musk? Lead Client Partner Mocking For Asperger’s Syndrome

Alex Martinez

After mocking billionaire Elon Musk for having Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum illness, Alex Martinez, Twitter’s lead client partner, posted a video that went viral. On Monday, Project Veritas published an undercover video of Alex Martinez, a senior Twitter programmer, chastising Elon Musk and stating that the internet entrepreneur does not believe in free speech. … Read more

Who Is Shaan Pritmani Assault Video, Indian American Teen Bullied By Classmate Went Viral On Social Media

Shaan Pritmani

Online users are right now paying attention to a video that is very bad. In the 54-second video, an Indian American student named Shaan Pritmani is being choked by a classmate. People are reacting to this video, and the actions of the American citizen are being heavily criticised. He was making threats against his home … Read more

Zara Phythian Arrested: Why Was Doctor Strange Actress ZARA PHYTHIAN Jailed? Reason, All Charges & Allegations!

Zara Phythian

In the past few years, the number of crimes against children has grown quickly. And, surprisingly, the names of many well-known people who are involved in this terrible crime keep coming up. A new name has been added to this list of people who have been charged with sexual abuse of children. By, the actress … Read more

Amber Heard’s Sister Whitney Henriquez: How will her Testimony Affect The Case? Will She And Ellen Barkin Testify

Amber Heard

The actress’ sister Whitney Henriquez and Ellen Barkin, Depp’s ex-girlfriend, are expected to testify in Johnny’s defamation lawsuit against Amber on May 16, and their evidence could affect the case. Whitney Heard is an actress and social media celebrity from the United States. She is Amber Heard’s sister. Amber is known for her roles in … Read more

Johnny Depp: Did He Throw Wine Bottle At Ellen Barkin? Testimony Clarifies Accident Or Intention

Ellen Barkin & Johnny Depp

Ellen Barkin makes a joke on the wine bottle incident involving actor Johnny Depp. On the 16th of May, the actress’s charges are expected to favor Amber Heard. On May 16, the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will resume. At that point, Heard will continue her testimony. When the court continues, the … Read more

WATCH: Zeus And Chienna Scandal Video CCTV Footage Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram

Zeus And Chienna

CCTV Footage From The Zeus And Chienna Scandal Has Been Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, And Telegram: Chienna Filomeno, a social media content creator, is currently the talk of the town, and she is also facing threats after netizens cautioned her against publishing a controversial video. According to reports, the aforementioned social media celebrity shared a … Read more