WATCH: Zeus And Chienna Scandal Video CCTV Footage Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram

CCTV Footage From The Zeus And Chienna Scandal Has Been Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, And Telegram: Chienna Filomeno, a social media content creator, is currently the talk of the town, and she is also facing threats after netizens cautioned her against publishing a controversial video. According to reports, the aforementioned social media celebrity shared a video of her tagged member dubbed Zeus, as a result of which she is suffering the consequences of her actions. People are scouring web pages for specific information about the scandalous footage of Zeus that has appeared on the internet. However, if you are looking for information on the same, you have come to the proper place because it contains every key part of this story. You will be educated on every critical component of this news if you read this article to the finish. Please continue scrolling down the page.

WATCH: Zeus And Chienna Scandal Video CCTV Footage Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram

Chienna Filomeno is a Kapamilya actress who has been warned not to post a scandalous clip of her labeled fellow Zeus by an internet user with the pseudonym “Igbtquuu.” According to the report, Igbtquuu claimed she was involved in the incident with Zeus in the ABS-CBN parking lot. “Dare, Kita called everyone to CCTV from ABS-CBN,” a few social media users challenged Chienna Filomeno. I’ll show you the surveillance footage; sue me.” Please read the next part to find out what the actress stated.

CCTV footage of Zeus and Chienna

The Kapamilya actress was ready to respond to the online claims leveled against her. All of the claims leveled against Chienna Filomeno by the bashers were refuted by her. Some of her supporters, though, stepped forward to defend her. Her fans backed her up at a difficult period when she was bullied on social media. Please continue reading to learn about her social media accounts and followers.

The Leaked Video of Zeus and Chienna Explained

She is a social media star, as we have already stated, with millions of followers on social media. She now has more than 3 million followers across all social media channels. In the meantime, she has over 2 million Instagram followers. Her acting abilities are well-known. Chienna Filomeno’s interests are many, with racing being one of them. It is uncommon for a woman to enjoy racing. For the time being, Chienna Filomeno is closed. For further information and updates, bookmark this page.

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