Anthropologist Yves Coppens (Co-Discoverer of “Lucy,”) Died, Meet His Wife & Family

Anthropologist Yves Coppens (Co-Discoverer of “Lucy,”) Died, Meet His Wife & Family

Yves Coppens made significant contributions to the area of anthropology by being one of the co-discoverers of Lucy, the Australopithecus afarensis remains.

Due to his important discovery of the extinct australopithecine species, he is well-known as the father of Lucy. They existed between 3.9 and 2.9 million years ago in the Pliocene in East Africa.

The key Lucy fossils were located in 1974 by the team of Yves Coppens, Donald Johanson, Maurice Taieb, and Tom Gray, despite the fact that the earliest australopithecine fossils were found in the 1930s.

One of the late Dr. Coppens’ most important discoveries during his lifetime is Lucy.

Anthropologist Yves Coppens, 87, Passes Away After Helping Discover “Lucy”

As on June 22, 2022, Yves, who had dedicated his life to anthropology, passed away at the age of 87. The co-discoverer of Lucy reportedly passed dead after battling a disease, according to Daily Mail UK.

Coppens’s death was tragically reported on Twitter by his publisher, Odile Jacob. The anthropologist passed away in the morning, according to the tweet.

Ms. Jacob describes Coppens as a very distinguished scientist, a well-known paleontologist, and a participant in several international organizations.

When he was alive, he also received numerous awards, advised the French government on environmental issues, wrote numerous books, and published more than a million scholarly articles.

Meet Francoise Le Guennec, the wife of Yves Coppens

Francoise Le Guennec was the spouse of Yves Coppens. They got married in the 1950s and remained partners for life.

The remaining Coppens family, including his wife and children, are out of the main spotlight as news of Coppens’ death has gained national and international attention.

While maintaining their seclusion, the family is overwhelmed by the honors paid to the late anthropologist.

While they were happy and supportive of Yves’ work and media attention, Ms. Francoise Le Guennec and her kids typically shied away from the spotlight.

The group will nevertheless soon update the media on their life since their unforeseen loss.

What is Yves Coppens’s estimated net worth?

Yves Coppens achieved a sizable net worth from his job in research. He was a professor at the College de France, the premier scientific institution in France.

As a result, he profited happily while solving the puzzle of human origin. His dedication to his research paid off because Lucy is thought to have been discovered mostly by him in the national media.

Coppens’ demise is a great loss to the country and the sport as a whole, according to his many achievements in the profession.

The late Yves therefore had little need in life. The father of Lucy led a happy life, finding fulfillment in his job in the lab and enjoying tremendous respect and reputation as an anthropologist.

The anthropology community as well as all of France are deeply grieved by his passing. It’s nevertheless astonishing that he maintained his wealthy status while working as a humanoid researcher.

Pope Francis also appointed the late Coppens an Ordinary Member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

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