Yungblud Is Dating Jesse Jo Stark Who Is Also A Famous Musical Icon

Yungblud and his girlfriend, Jesse Jo Stark, are now Instagram official. The man told everyone that he was dating this amazing singer by posting a beautiful picture with an equally beautiful caption. After the news came out, fans couldn’t stay calm and looked for a lot of information about this new celebrity spouse.

On the carousel picture, he wrote “luv of my f—ing life… @jessejostark.” He was wearing a cheetah-print waistcoat that went with her boots. In one picture, the two can be seen touching tongues. Stark says, “Baby love,” and then tells them stories about them.

But, as strange as it sounds, the photos are no longer on Yung’s account. Fans had made up all kinds of rumors about what could be going on, but when the couple was papped together, they shut down all the rumors.

On Friday night, Yungblud and his partner Jesse went out in Santa Monica, California, to celebrate his birthday. He was dressed like Ronald McDonald. The 25-year-old punk rocker wore a yellow and red zip-up jumpsuit with a “M” on it, which made him look like the McDonald’s mascot. He wore it with black sneakers and bright pink socks, as well as a black mesh top underneath.

 Jesse Jo Stark
Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark is 31 years old, which is younger than Yungblud’s girlfriend

Everyone might be curious about the age difference between this beautiful couple, but many might be surprised to learn that Stark is five years older than Yungblud.

Jesse was born in the United States on April 4, 1991, in Los Angeles. This makes her an Aries. Her sign shows that she is sure of herself, passionate, and driven. On the other hand, her boyfriend was born in Doncaster, England, on August 5, 1997, making him a Leo. Like his sign, he has a personality that draws people to him.

Jesse Jo Stark is 31 years old, and Yungblund is 25.

Jo comes from a famous family

Jesse is a Stark in the entertainment business. His last name, Stark, was all over the Internet a decade ago. Richard Stark, her father, is a designer, and Laurie Stark, her mother, used to be a model.

Mr. Stark started the company in a garage in Los Angeles with a jeweler named Leonard Kamhout and a leather goods maker named John Bowman. At the time, he was a high-end leather merchant who found supplies while Bowman ran the business.

The three made leather riding gear for their friends and other motorcycle fans in the area. In the end, a job designing costumes for the B movie Chopper Chicks in Zombietown brought the company into the mainstream of fashion.

In the 1990s, Laurie Lynn bought a set of his leather bathing suits, which is how he first met her. They own seven properties in Malibu that are worth a lot of money, including one on Paradise Cove that is worth almost $40 million.

Jo has two siblings, Frankie Bell and Kristen Stark.

Jesse Is Best Friends With Model Bella Hadid

There are many pictures of Bella and Jesse that you haven’t seen yet on the web. When Yungblud told everyone last year that Jesse was his girlfriend, the tabloids said that she was the super model’s best friend. Everyone was surprised by how different she was.

People have seen them together a lot at dinners, hangouts, and nights out. But this time, the paparazzi are smart enough to take a picture of both of them at the same time.

On April 5, 2021, Bella posted a photo of herself and Jesse with a birthday wish for her 30th birthday. Her post-it note said, “Happy Birthday betty louuuuu. I love you forever, sister! You are so unique and teach me so much in so many ways. We appreciate you being you.”

One thing they all have in common is that they have strong last names and come from very powerful families.

How rich is Yungblud’s girlfriend? Stark has a huge net worth

The singer-songwriter quickly became famous after her first EP, “Down Your Drain,” came out in 2016. She now has more than 460,000 Instagram followers, which makes her a big social influencer. Her 2018 song “Mystery” has been played by more than 4 million Spotify users.

Down Your Drain was her first EP. It was made by Steve Jones, a family friend and the guitarist for the Sex Pistols. Since then, the fashion designer and musician hasn’t looked back. She is also a big hit on the Internet. Over 465k people follow her on Instagram.

Jesse Jo Stark has a net worth of more than $9 million, and her brand value is very high. Her main way to make money is through her art, like designing and singing. But if you look at how popular she is on social media, you can tell that she also makes a lot of money from endorsements and modeling.

Jesse Jo Stark
Jesse Jo Stark

Yungblud, her boyfriend, has a net worth of about $11 million.

How Jesse Jo Stark has been with other people in the past

Cosmo says that Yungblud and Jesse started dating in March of this year, even though no exact date has ever been given. A few months later, when Yungblud posted a few pictures and called Jesse the “love of his life,” the two made their Instagram relationship official.

At the time, it was said that Yungblud was dating singer Miley Cyrus, so the news of a connection shocked people. Still, we think that Yungblud and Jesse are a great match. You can’t deny that they look hot together, which turns up the heat.

When it comes to the former’s past relationships, many sites say that she’s been in at least one. But she never talked as much about them as she does now. Also, no one is really worried because Yung and Jesse are getting along so well right now.

Early years

She got interested in fashion when she was 6 years old, and as she got older, she started designing clothes. Because her parents worked in the fashion industry and had connections, she went deep into it. Even though she was interested in fashion, she never wanted to make it her full-time job. Her true passion and career choice was music. She has a leather bag that she made when she was six years old. It is made of pieces of leather that are stapled together. When Stark was younger, she also wrote poems, which turned into songs over time. The first song she ever wrote was called “My Heart’s on Fire.” She wrote it after her first heartbreak, which happened when the boy she had a crush on at school and another girl made her angry. Stark learned to play the guitar when she was young. At age 18, she decided to start talking about how she felt in public.


Stark played songs in a room at the Chrome Hearts Factory before he was signed. The room was set up to look like, and she self-released a few songs and put videos of them on YouTube. She started making videos for her songs and putting them out instead of just putting out the audio. She posted videos for songs like “The Monsters,” “Baby Love,” “Dance to the Cramps,” and “Monster Party.”

2017: Self-founded label putting out music

Stark’s first single, “Driftwood,” came out on January 25, 2017, through her own record label, Sugar Jones Music. Because she didn’t want to be held back, she started her own record label instead of signing with another one. The single is a folk ballad that was written with Johnathan Rice. Jason Lytle was in charge of the production. About how Lytle helped her: “Johnathan has such a beautiful way of telling a story, and I love putting horror and death into my love songs, so when we put our heads together, we were able to make this romantic horror story. I love the strangeness of old horror stories, not the crazy, violent parts, but the language they use. I try to show this in my music and how I dress as well “. Speaking of the music video, it wasn’t the only one made for the song, but The Peppermint in West Hollywood felt like the best place to shoot it. She said, “I wanted it to be real and close, and I love the space I chose because it feels so old-fashioned when you walk in.”

“April Flowers” by Stark came out on April 28, 2017, through Sugar Jones Music. Stark said it was “love” and “the idea of having everyone else involved in that and everyone having an opinion about what it is, handling your relationship.” The single was also made by Jason Lytle, and Isaac Carpenter helped write it. When she talked about how songs are made from start to finish, she said: “I write, then I go into the studio and record it, and then I mix it. This is how it got to where it is now. It’s a beautiful process, it doesn’t tire me out, and surprisingly, I don’t get tired of the songs.” She also said, “I really do love writing about love, and it’s based on my own experiences, but I think with a dramatic touch.” I like writing about the sadder parts of love and giving them beautiful tones so they aren’t too sad. Most of what I write is about me, but I have also written from the point of view of other people.”

Dandelion, tours, and a record label in 2018 and 2019

Stark’s first single, “Fire of Love,” came out on April 6, 2018, through Sugar Jones Music. The music video for the single came out at the start of May. Chuck Grant directed it, and Scott Butzer cut it. In June 2018, Stark and Sunflower Bean went on tour. They played with her in Texas, California, and Arizona. Dandelion, her first EP, came out on June 22, 2018, through Sugar Jones Music. In July, she said that she and Sunflower Bean would be going on tour again in the UK in the fall. She put out the music video for “Dandelion” at the beginning of August. Connor Ellmann was in charge of making it. On August 17, 2018, Stark started putting out live versions of each song on her EP Dandelion. These versions were also directed by Ellmann. The last episode aired on September 9, 2018. Stark put out two singles on September 13: “Wish I Was Dead,” which was made by Thomas Hunter, Dan Taylor, and Stark, and “Rot Away,” which was made by Kirk Hellie. On October 1, 2018, she joined The Vaccines on tour as an opening act. The music video for “Wish I Was Dead” by Stark came out on October 23, 2018. It was directed by Dana Trippe. She put out “Mystery” on November 2 through Sugar Jones Music. It was produced by Hunter, Taylor, and Stark, and as usual, Sveta Shubina did the cover art. She played her first solo show in London at Shacklewell Arms on December 3. She went on Sunflower Bean’s UK tour from November to December with Miya Folick.

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