Youtuber MrBeast Is Not Shot To Dead, False Death News Over Previous Car Crash Accident

Hearing that MrBeast had been shot to death almost broke his fans’ hearts before they found out it was a lie.

With the rumors, Mr. Beast, an American YouTuber who has won the hearts of a million fans, once again became the talk of the internet.

Only this time, it seems to have really upset the people who follow him. Well, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because the words going around town don’t turn out to be true.

He is famous for being the fifth most subscribed YouTuber. He is also a social media star, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur.

Since he has been on social media for almost 20 years and his popularity is growing, he seems to be the target of a lot of fake news on the internet.

Find out what happened recently on the internet with one of the most popular people in the world.

It’s not true that MrBeast was shot to death

Since the fake story that he was shot and killed went viral, MrBeast has been talked about a lot on the internet. He is safe and seems to be in good health, thank goodness.

His followers were very worried about the rumors, but now that they know they aren’t true, they can finally take a deep breath. All of this seems to have started when the video that said he had died went viral on social media.

MrBeast laughed off the rumor on Twitter by saying, “Just found out I died” and posting a screenshot of the article, which seems to have been down.

He just recently added to his Instagram post, which said, “JUST NOW DID WE UPLOAD OUR SPECIAL FOR 100 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Go look:)” Also, he recently tweeted, “It just hit me how ridiculous our views have become. I remember when 100 views would make me cry lol.”

His fans are happy to hear that he is still alive and well, but they are also angry that someone spread the false rumors.

There are rumors that MrBeast was in a car crash and died

As rumors about MrBeast’s death spread on the internet, a car accident he was in years ago came to light.

He talked with Karl Jacobs and Sapnap on the podcast about the terrible event and how it affected him (Minecraft players). The YouTuber began the talk by saying, “I could tell you some cool things, sure. I can tell you about a time when I almost died.”

Afterwards, he told the story, “Me and two of my friends were there. We didn’t drink or do anything else like that. We all get a good night’s sleep, wake up, and start driving home in the morning.”

It took him and his friends two hours to get there, and they were all tired. When he turned off the podcast they were listening to, he saw that his friend Andrew had “passed out while driving” and that the car was going 70 miles per hour on the highway.

He took control of the car at first and was able to hit the brakes. However, he says, “Andrew wakes up and hits the gas full throttle.”

What happened to Mr. Beast?

MrBeast is doing what he does now, which is posting videos on YouTube and talking to his fans. He recently sent out a tweet with a screenshot of a graph of YouTube account views.

People loved what he said and how funny he was in the video. A few days ago, he posted something on YouTube called “I Gave My 100,000,000th Subscriber an Island.”

About 47 million people have already watched the video on YouTube.

How Mr. Beast’s Worth Scam Worked

A scam called “Mr. Beast Giveaway” is making the rounds on the internet, but it only seems to spread malware.

The scam shows that every person who follows the YouTuber Mr. Beast will be able to win the money.

We ask people who use the internet not to fall for this kind of fake giveaway scam.

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