Yellowstone 1923: Who Is Hank? Hank Character, Story Line, Trailer, Where To Watch and More

“1923” is a film produced by Paramount+ that follows the narrative of the Dutton family and how they deal with the social obstacles that the title year presents

The series serves as a prequel to the film “Yellowstone” and delves further into the history of the Dutton family. As the audience members are aware, there is an accidental connection between the family’s history and the Broken Rock Reservation as well as other Native American personalities.

Teonna Rainwater’s storyline is intertwined with that of the Dutton family throughout the events of the prequel. Teonna is introduced to Hank in the fifth segment of the show.

If you are curious about who Hank is and who plays him in ‘1923,’ the following information should answer all of your questions about Hank’s involvement in the show. SPOILERS AHEAD!


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Yellowstone 1923: Who Is Hank?

In the fifth episode of “1923,” which is titled “Ghost of Zebrina,” Hank is presented to the audience for the first time. Teonna Rainwater comes into contact with Hank, a Native American who is a member of the tribe.

Teonna manages to get away from the Catholic School for Native American children, where she was being abused, in this episode of the show.

As a consequence, Teonna shot and killed Sister Mary and Sister Alice before running away from the convent. Teonna finds refuge in a cave during the night, but she is assaulted there by a wolf. For this reason, she decides to climb a rock in order to get through the night.

Teonna is startled awake each morning to find herself encircled by a sizable flock of sheep. Teonna is told that the man who is shepherding the sheep is named Hank by the man who is doing the shepherding.

Teonna and Hank share a same heritage as Native Americans, which helps them bond immediately. Teonna opens up to Hank about the traumatic events that transpired at the school.

Teonna is known to Hank as the daughter of the Kills Many clan’s chief, and Hank is aware of this fact. Therefore, Hank makes the decision to assist Teonna in making it to a secure location.

The way Hank introduces himself gives the impression that he is a member of the Native American tribe that owns the land that is adjacent to the Yellowstone Ranch owned by the Dutton family.

1923 meme
1923 meme

Yellowstone 1923: Hank Character

Michael Greyeyes, an Indigenous Canadian actor, plays the role of Hank in the film 1923. On June 4, 1967, Greyeyes was born in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

In the same way as his father did, Greyeyes is of Plains Cree descent and hails from the Muskeg Lake First Nation. He received his diploma from The National Ballet School in 1984 after completing his studies there.

Greyeyes began his professional life as a dancer and worked his way up to become an apprentice with The National Ballet of Canada.

The decade of the 1990s saw Greyeyes make the crossover from music to acting. In 1993, he made his debut in the film industry with a role in the television Western drama Geronimo, which was broadcast on TNT.

Throughout the decade of the 1990s, Greyeyes was featured in a number of films and television shows. Nevertheless, he became more well-known for his performance as Qaletaqa Walker in the third season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ which aired in 2013.

Both the short-lived vampire drama ‘V Wars’ and the drama series ‘I Know This Much Is True’ list the actor as a prominent cast member in their respective productions. ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ ‘American Gods,’ and ‘Rutherford Falls’ are just a few of the numerous television projects that he has worked on.

There is a possibility that some viewers will know the actor from his role as John Rainbird in the 2022 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Firestarter,” which starred Zac Efron.

In addition to her career in the entertainment industry, Greyeyes is also an associate professor of theatre at York University.

Since it is quite possible that Greyeyes will have a recurring role in the first season of ‘1923,’ viewers could anticipate seeing more of the actor in the next episodes of the show’s premiere season.

Home sweet home at last! The Yellowstone universe continues to grow, and the newest installment will focus on a different generation of the Dutton family.


Yellowstone 1923: Where To Watch?

As a result of the popularity of the show’s initial spinoff, 1883, Paramount+ has decided to air another limited series under the name 1932 beginning in February 2022.

In contrast to the spotlight that was placed in 1883 on the Dutton family members who were responsible for the founding of the expansive ranch that belonged to their family in Montana, the year 1932 will centre on those members’ descendants.

1923 will “explore the early 20th century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all affect the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home,” according to an official description provided by the streaming site.

In the first version of Yellowstone, ranch patriarch John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, and his three children, Kayce (played by Luke Grimes), Beth (played by Kelly Reilly), and Jamie (played by Wes Bentley), are depicted as struggling to protect the family’s profits from outside forces such as government officials and developers.

Yellowstone has quickly risen to become one of the most popular shows broadcast on cable television since it debuted in 2018. Even two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Costner was astounded by the amazing success of the event.

In February of 2022, he gave an interview to Deadline in which he said, “I couldn’t have forecast its success, or looked five years ahead, but I’m never shocked at what quality can develop into.” Being well-liked and having excellent skills may not necessarily have to be incompatible with one another. As a result, I find myself pleasantly pleased.

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Yellowstone 1923: Story Line

  • Yellowstone is a modern take on the western genre; nevertheless, the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, was inspired by films and television shows that were set during the American Civil War.
  • According to an interview he gave to Variety in April 2022, the author stated that “I was greatly influenced by writers like Cormac McCarthy, Larry McMurtry, and Toni Morrison, who wrote about the time around the Civil War, which is clearly very comparable topics.”
  • “And in terms of the films that impacted me, it was viewing Unforgiven when I was in my late teens or very early 20s. It was during that time that I first became interested in the Western genre.
  • The same can be said of Dances With Wolves, in which you examine the Western subgenre through an entirely fresh perspective that has never been investigated before.
  • A second Yellowstone offshoot with the working title 6666 is currently being developed in addition to 1923. The action of that series will take place in the present day at a ranch in Texas called Four Sixes.
  • The main character Jimmy Hurdstrom, played by Jefferson White, moved in with his fiancée Emily during the fourth season of the flagship show. The property made its debut during that season (Kathryn Kelly).
  • Although Jimmy will very certainly show up in 6666, he is also scheduled to go back to Yellowstone at some point in the near future. “We are currently in the fifth season.” White told Us Weekly in March 2022 that Jimmy will appear in the fifth season of the show. “That’s wonderful.
  • That is something that I can’t wait to experience. I couldn’t say for certain what Jimmy’s life would be like in the future. I’m still not entirely sure what Jimmy’s life will look like in the years to come.
  • In May of 2022, it was revealed by Paramount+ that Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will be starring in the new series in characters that have not yet been specified. The pair had previously collaborated on the film The Mosquito Coast, which was released in 1986.
  • official synopsis for 1923 says that it will follow the Dutton family as they battle to maintain the ranch in the aftermath of the 1918 flu pandemic and the Great Depression. Although plot information for 1923 are scant, the official synopsis for the film does note this.

Yellowstone 1923: Franchise

It is presumed that Ford and Mirren will play ancestors of the Dutton family; however, it is not yet known how John and his children are linked to them in any capacity.

Tim McGraw portrayed John’s great-grandfather James in the 1883 episode, so it is quite possible that John’s grandparents will be the focus of the 1923 episode.

In June of 2022, Paramount+ made the announcement that the project formerly known as 1932 would be renamed 1923 and would also take place in that year.

The events of the show will now take place during an economic downturn in Montana that occurred prior to the Great Depression that was experienced nationally, as stated in the updated description of the show.

The repeal of Prohibition, which occurred in 1933, is no longer mentioned in the updated story synopsis. Instead, it states that the Dutton family would have to contend with “an outbreak of cattle theft.”

Yellowstone 1923: Cast

In September of 2022, Paramount+ made the announcement that they would be presenting a new generation of the Dutton family for the prequel that they were working on.

Darren Mann will play the role of Jack, a dedicated rancher who is also Jacob Dutton’s great-nephew, in addition to Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, who will play the matriarch Cara Dutton and the patriarch Jacob Dutton, respectively.

In the meantime, James Badge Dale will play the role of Jack’s father and Jacob’s right-hand man, James Dutton Sr. Marley Shelton will join the cast in the role of James Dutton Srwife, .’s Emma Dutton.

Other new cast members include Julia Schlaepfer as a young woman who meets the Duttons while they are travelling abroad, Michelle Randolph as the “feisty” Elizabeth Strafford, who plans to marry into the family, and Brian Geraghty as Zane, a faithful ranch worker.

Aminah Nieves, who will portray the role of Teonna Rainwater, a young Native American woman attending a government residential boarding school, will round out the cast and bring it all together.

Yellowstone 1923: Trailer

The first teaser for 1923 was released by Paramount+ in November 2022. It featured footage of Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford making threats of vengeance against the Yellowstone’s adversaries. “

Men murder quickly with a bullet or a rope, but your fight is with me and I kill much slowly,” Mirren says to Banner Creighton, who appears to be one of the series’ antagonists.

“Your struggle is with me and I kill much slower.” Jerome Flynn, who is most known for his role as Bronn on Game of Thrones, plays the role of Banner.

Yellowstone 1923: More

“He is someone who carries a lot of guilt and a lot of shame for not having reached out in so many years, and it is something that he brings with him everywhere.

It’s something that he bears with him everywhere. According to an interview that Brandon Sklenar, who plays Spencer, gave to Entertainment Tonight in February 2023, “These horrible events also give him meaning.”

“He is definitely going to make his return with a vengeance due to the fact that he is expressing what he has felt guilty and ashamed about for many years.

And on top of that, he’s like, “OK, I need to step into this role of defending my family and saving my family,” and from that moment on, that mission becomes his life purpose.

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