Yarelyn Mena: Who is she? City University of New York has deleted the legal representative profile

Yarelyn Mena: Who is she? City University of New York has deleted the legal representative profile

The City University of New York has removed Yarelyn Mena’s profile after she testified in Johnny Depp’s recent defamation case. Several more colleges are part of the CUNY system, which is the public university system in New York.

The item was removed when the organization received a great deal of criticism from those who believed that the university had defended the actor who had been accused of abusing a woman. The institution has since issued a statement justifying its decision to remove the story.

he legal team from Brown Rudnick LLP that represented the Pirates of the Caribbean actor included Yarelyn Mena, the firm’s youngest member. The actor fought a protracted legal battle with actress and ex-wife Amber Heard. The 29-year-old lawyer supported Depp in obtaining a $10.35 million judgment.

Salutations to Camille Vasquez . Thank you to everyone who supported Johnny Depp, including Ben Chew, Wayne Dennison, Jessica Meyers, Rebecca Lecaroz, Andrew Crawford, Stephanie Calnan, Samuel Moniz, and Yarelyn Mena. Please consider promoting her to partner.

“extensive legal study, input into the motion text, and preparation of witnesses and counsel.”

Netizens “cancelled” the article, claiming that the educational institution was defending a domestic abuse accuser by endorsing the actor. The CUNY website issued an apology for publishing the item on August 3 in a statement.

Additionally, they stated that they had no intention of “conveying support for Mr.Depp.” They said the following:

“We recognize the extremely negative feelings this story sparked and sincerely regret posting it. It is no longer available on our CUNYverse blog. The purpose of the piece wasn’t to express implicit or explicit support for Mr. Depp or to disprove any claims made by Amber Heard. In our society, domestic violence is a significant problem, and we are sorry if this piece has caused any harm.

Yarelyn Mena: Who is she?

The daughter of two immigrants from the Dominican Republic graduated from Fordham Law

In October 2019, Yarelyn Mena joined Brown Rudnick LLP. The Hispanic woman studied psychology at Hunter College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2015. She was one of the 25 county students selected to participate in the Hispanic National Bar while attending Fordham University School of Law.

Mena is an expert in both commercial and intellectual property law

She detailed in the CUNY piece her roles in relation to Depp’s sensationalized legal dispute, saying that she:

“Worked on the opening and closing with the team and was the expert on all the facts in the evidence.” I would seek up any necessary images or text messages and help everyone out as we went.

After CUNY removed the piece praising Mena, Brooklyn College professor KC Johnson criticized the university on Twitter.

To put it mildly, this does not reflect well on CUNY.

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