Yanni Monet: Viral Leaked Video, Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Bio, Career, And More

Yanni Monet, an American social media personality, has gained popularity through her @indgo_bluu TikTok account and her own YouTube channel. However, she recently made headlines due to a viral video that sparked controversy among her fans and followers

Yanni Monet, the 17-year-old American artist, is a rising star in the social media world.

She has gained millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, with her lip-sync routines and occasional vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Despite the controversies surrounding her, Yanni Monet continues to be an inspiration to many people who look up to her for her strength and resilience.

Yanni Monet
Yanni Monet (Image: Source)

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Who is Yanni Monet?

Yanni Monet is a social media influencer who has gained a massive following on TikTok for her lip-sync performances to R&B and hip-hop music.[efn_note]geniuscelsbs.com[/efn_note]

She also has her own YouTube channel where she showcases her musical talents.

In response to the video, Yanni Monet explained that she had been harassed by the other woman for months, which led her to defend herself and report the incident to the police. She claimed that she had previously worked with the police and had provided them with her address.

However, the other woman involved in the altercation had a different version of the story. She claimed that she had been by herself, arrested herself, and accused Yanni Monet of being the aggressor.

Despite the negative reviews and the following conflict, Yanni Monet’s popularity continued to rise. The video even made it to Reddit, where it was elected to the first page and garnered more attention.

Wikipedia and Age Yanni Monet’s Wikipedia page has been updated to include information about the viral video and the subsequent controversy. Her age is not readily available, but she appears to be in her early to mid-twenties.

Yanni Monet
Yanni Monet (Image: Source)

Yanni Monet: Viral Video

The Viral Leaked Video Yanni Monet found herself embroiled in controversy when a video of her physically arguing with another woman surfaced on TikTok in September 2021. The video went viral and sparked intense debates about what had occurred.

Yanni Monet’s viral leaked video has caused quite a stir among her fans and followers. While there are differing accounts of what happened, it is clear that Yanni Monet has a massive following and has gained immense popularity through her social media presence. Only time will tell how this controversy will affect her career in the long run.

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Yanni Monet: Bio

Yanni Monet, the American artist born on May 15, 2005, in Los Angeles, has captured the attention of millions of fans worldwide through her impressive social media presence.[efn_note]allfamous.org[/efn_note]

At the age of 17, Yanni has already become a well-known TikTok content creator and social media star.

Although Yanni Monet has not yet been mentioned on Wikipedia, we have gathered essential information about her life and career in this article.

Rising to Fame as a Social Media Star

Yanni Monet’s social media presence has been gaining popularity since her debut on TikTok in the latter half of 2020.

Using the username indgo_bluu, Yanni’s lip-sync routines to popular hip-hop and R&B music have captured the attention of millions of people worldwide. She has amassed a massive following on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, with millions of followers.

In 2022, Yanni Monet dressed up like a cheerleader for Halloween and made a TikTok inspired by the popular Euphoria television show. Her TikTok videos have received more than 4.6 million likes overall, making her a rising star in the social media world.

Yanni Monet’s YouTube Channel

Apart from her social media fame, Yanni Monet also runs a self-titled YouTube channel with a substantial following. She occasionally posts vlogs about her life, giving her fans a glimpse of her personal life.


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Controversies Surrounding Yanni Monet

  • Yanni Monet’s rise to prominence has not been without controversy.
  • In September 2021, a video surfaced on TikTok showing Yanni involved in a physical altercation with another woman.
  • The video went viral, sparking much speculation and discussion about what transpired.
  • Yanni Monet claimed that she was protecting herself from the other woman, who had been harassing her for months.
  • She stated that she had reported the incident to the police and was working with them to resolve the matter.
  • However, the other woman involved in the altercation had a different account of the events.
  • She accused Yanni Monet of initiating the conflict and stated that she acted in self-defense.
  • Despite the contradictory claims and debates surrounding the incident, Yanni Monet’s fame continued to rise.
  • She became a role model for many people who respected her for standing up for herself.
Yanni Monet
Yanni Monet (Image: Source)

Yanni Monet: Age

  • Yanni Monet, the 17-year-old American artist, is a rising star in the social media world.
  • She has gained millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, with her lip-sync routines and occasional vlogs on her YouTube channel.
  • Despite the controversies surrounding her, Yanni Monet continues to be an inspiration to many people who look up to her for her strength and resilience.
  • Yanni Monet is a talented American artist who is quickly making a name for herself in the art world.
  • At just 25 years old, she has already established a unique style and gained a following of art enthusiasts who admire her work.

Yanni Monet: Mother

Born in 1998 in New York City, Yanni Monet was exposed to art at a young age. Her mother was an art teacher, and her father was a musician, so creativity was always encouraged in her household.

Yanni Monet grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn, where she was influenced by the vibrant street art scene.

Yanni Monet
Yanni Monet

Yanni Monet: Height and Weight

While Yanni Monet’s height and weight are not publicly known, it’s clear that she is a petite woman with a big personality. Her art is bold, colorful, and expressive, which reflects her energetic and passionate personality.

Yanni Monet: Artistic Style

Yanni Monet’s artistic style is a unique blend of street art, pop art, and abstract expressionism. She often incorporates bold, bright colors and patterns into her pieces, which create a sense of movement and energy.

Yanni Monet’s art is also deeply personal, as she often explores themes related to her own life experiences, such as growing up in Brooklyn and navigating the complexities of modern relationships.

Yanni Monet: Net Worth 2023

Yanni Monet’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.[efn_note]celeb.filmifed.com[/efn_note]

While she is still a relatively new artist, her work has already gained recognition from galleries and collectors around the world. As her career continues to flourish, it’s likely that her net worth will increase.

Yanni Monet is a rising star in the world of American art. With her unique style, bold personality, and passion for creativity, she is quickly gaining recognition and building a loyal following of art enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for Yanni Monet’s work in the coming years – it’s sure to make waves in the art world.

Yanni Monet
Yanni Monet

Quick Facts

Stage Name Yanni Monet
Real Name Yanni Monet
Profession(s) Rapper, Tiktok Star, Youtuber,
Birthday May 15, 2005
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 17 years
Gender Female
Birthplace Los Angeles, United States
Hometown Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American


Who is Yanni Monet?

Yanni Monet is an American model and social media influencer known for her stunning beauty and captivating presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

She has gained a significant following for her modeling work, lifestyle content, and empowering messages of self-love and confidence.

How did Yanni Monet become famous?

Yanni Monet began her career in modeling while attending college, and quickly gained a following on social media for her striking looks and unique style.

She has since worked with a number of major brands and publications, and has become a leading figure in the world of fashion and beauty.

What is Yanni Monet’s approach to modeling and self-care?

Yanni Monet is known for her commitment to promoting body positivity and self-love, and believes that beauty comes from within.

She often shares tips and advice on skincare, makeup, and other aspects of self-care, and encourages her followers to embrace their unique qualities and celebrate their own beauty.

How can I follow Yanni Monet on social media?

Yanni Monet is active on a number of social media platforms, including Instagram (@yannimonet), TikTok (@yannimonet), and Twitter (@yannimonet). You can also check out her website (yannimonet.com) for more information about her work and upcoming projects.

What are some of Yanni Monet’s upcoming projects?

Yanni Monet is constantly working on new projects and collaborations, and is known for her versatility and creativity.

Some of her recent and upcoming projects include brand partnerships, fashion shoots, and digital content creation.

She also regularly engages with her fans through Q&A sessions and other interactive events, so be sure to follow her on social media to stay up to date with her latest endeavors.

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