Why Has Chipotle Removed Pollo Asado From The Menu?

Chipotle, one of the most well-known restaurants, abruptly announced on its website that their beloved dish, Pollo Asado, would no longer be available. Now, the fans can’t keep their composure.

An American chain of fast-casual eateries, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., also known as Chipotle, has locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. It is renowned for its made-to-order tacos, Mission burritos, and bowls.

Why is the Pollo Asado being removed from the Chipotle menu?

On August 10th, Chipotle Mexican Grill announced that it would be bringing Pollo Asado to its seasonal menu in the US and Canada.

Chipotle has never had a chicken substitute since the company’s inception. The company’s current adobo chicken is the least expensive meat on the menu and the most popular protein option.

Pollo Asado is a dish made primarily with grilled chicken, garlic, fresh lime, guajillo peppers, and hand-chopped cilantro. It is the national dish of the majority of Americans.

Now, it is claimed, the restaurant no longer serves the dish that has received the greatest attention. They are not removing it. This has now sparked a fresh storm on Twitter, where individuals are voicing their disagreements.

A devoted customer tweets, “WHYYYY is @ChipotleTweets discontinuing their adobo chicken? It’s the top item on their menu…” with a screenshot of the app indicating that it was the last time the specific food was enjoyed.

A different one reads, “Chipotle, I’m begging you, PLEASE LEAVE POLLO ASADO ON THE MENU.”

It had succeeded in becoming the most popular item on the menu shortly after they made the announcement that it would be included. Who would have imagined that fans would only get to enjoy it for a short while.

Chipotle’s New Menu and Potential Substitutions

There is unquestionably something wrong with Chiptole’s management. Their decision to discontinue their most well-known food item was somewhat weird, and now their website is now malfunctioning. For regular diners, it is now highly suspicious.

An meal with Pollo Asado typically cost $9.11 in the US, which is 65 cents higher than the standard chicken option.

The burrito chain started testing the Pollo Asado in Sacramento and Cincinnati in November at numerous locations. Chipotle claims that the test’s sales and customer feedback were equivalent to those for the chain’s smoked brisket, one of its most well-liked recent menu items. Smoked brisket and Pollo Asado were added to the company’s expanded menu concept.

This one is reportedly a PR stunt after they suddenly started throwing atom bombs at their clients. The majority of Twitteratts try to comfort themselves by claiming that the thing will return. Another set of people, on the other hand, engage in this practice due to the meal’s poor nutritional content and failure to meet national food standards. None of it, however, can be verified.

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