Why did Nic Birchall leave Love Island USA Season 4? Fans react to the Casa Amor cast member’s exit

On Sunday on Peacock, Love Island USA Season 4 returned with a brand-new episode that included a brand-new dramatic storyline. The islanders said goodbye to yet another Casa Amor cast member on the episode as Kyle Fraser left.

In the August 14 episode of Love Island USA Season 4, Nic Birchall announced his departure. He was one of the Casa Amor cast members that participated in the dating program in search of love. Thought he had found someone, but their relationship didn’t work out.

Nadjha Day and Nic struck up a conversation during the Casa Amor episode. In their three days together, they clicked, and she brought him to the villa. Nadjha’s emotions, however, completely changed when she saw her ex-partner Jeff enter the villa. Nic made the decision to take a step back and go home after witnessing the pair reunite.

Observe how the public responded when Nic Birchall left

Nadjha was first delighted to be reuniting with Nic, but when she saw that Jeff hadn’t chosen anyone from Casa Amor, her attitude immediately altered. She asserted that it was not until Jeff arrived at the villa alone that she understood her feelings for him to be genuine. The bond she had formed with Nic was severed by this.

Announcing his departure from the villa in the most recent episode, Nic stated that he had to be with his family. He confessed in a private space:

I firmly think that timing is key, and perhaps now is not the right time for me.

Whether he remained on the show or left didn’t appear to matter much to the viewers. Here are the reactions from Love Island USA fans:

Realtor Nicholas “Nic” Birchall, 22, is from Caracas, Venezuela. More than 21.5K Instagram users follow the travel enthusiast. On Peacock, Nic’s official bio states that he has slept with more than 200 different people. He speaks three languages and likes Megan Fox.

The couple is back together on Love Island USA 2022. Jeff and Nadjha

The surprise visitor just a few days before Casa Amor was Nadjha. She felt attracted to Isaiah and wanted to get back together after their initial dates with Jeff and Isaiah, respectively. But Nadjha was devastated when Jeff chose her.

Several times before the Casa Amor part, she was observed sobbing over Isaiah. Jeff made an effort to please Nadjha. The latter acknowledged feeling attracted to him, but said she entered the property to see Isaiah.

The couples were divided before the Casa Amore phase and given some time to explore and mingle. Nadjha chose Nic over Jeff, despite the fact that Jeff wanted to give their relationship another shot. When Jeff discovered she had brought another person to the property, he was taken aback.

When Nadjha saw Jeff alone, she sobbed. Jeff originally pretended to be cool with her choose Nic over him, but it was subsequently shown that he was saddened by the choice. The two later spoke about it, and Nadjha explained:

“Casa Amor was literally the following day. I won’t pretend that I didn’t anticipate feeling the way I did the day before.

The two reconciled in the most recent Love Island USA show when Jeff chose Nadjha for the third time during a recoupling round.

All of the male islanders from Casa Amor have left Love Island USA Season 4, although there are now female islanders from that season. Every Tuesday through Sunday at 9:00 PM ET, Peacock will air new episodes.

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