Why are fans divided over Toya and Audra’s argument on Married to Medicine Season 9?

On Sunday, August 14, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo showed a dramatic episode of Season 9 of Married to Medicine. Audra got mad at Toya in this week’s episode for calling her a bad lawyer in the last episode.

The first person criticized Toya for making fun of her career. But Toya said it was just a joke and that she didn’t want it to be taken seriously.

Fans of the show had different thoughts on the matter. Some people thought Toya shouldn’t have talked badly about Audra’s job, but others thought it was just a joke and that since Audra was new this season, she probably just wanted “a moment.”

Fans talk about Toya and Audra’s fight on Married to Medicine

In the most recent episode, Audra told Toya she was wrong to call her a bad lawyer. While the women were talking about how successful everyone at the table was, Audra said that Toya had said bad things about her job as a lawyer.

But Toya said it was just a joke and she didn’t mean for anyone to take it seriously. Even though the two solved their problem, it’s likely that the situation will come up again in the future.

Some fans supported Audra and said bad things about Toya, while others thought Toya was taking things too seriously.

What happened on the Married to Medicine episode from last week?

There was a lot of drama on last week’s episode of Married to Medicine. Heavenly told Contessa about how she tried to help Audra, a new player, and that she wanted to apologize to her.

Contessa and Heavenly haven’t been on the best of terms since the ladies held an intervention against Heavenly for talking about other cast members’ lives to get more followers.

Also, Anila from “Married to Medicine” talked about how worried she is about not having a nanny to help her raise her kids. The doctor admitted that it was hard for her to run her blog and take care of her kids at the same time. Then she suggested that her parents move in with them, but her husband Kiran wasn’t too excited about the idea.

During their Las Vegas dinner, the women played Never Have I Ever, which led to some fights. Toya criticized Jackie for not drinking alcohol and ruining the spirit of the game. Aurdra, a new player, came to Jackie’s defense and said that it was her personal choice and that she should be respected for it.

But by the end of the episode of Married to Medicine, Toya said that Audra wasn’t a good lawyer. This made the second person angry, and the two got into a fight.

Eugene and Kiran tried to work out their problems after Kiran made a joke about Toya and Eugene. Even though Kiran said he was sorry, he still thought the joke was funny, which made Eugene feel bad.

Doctors Who Are Married Every new episode of Season 9 makes it more interesting. As long as the women keep getting into trouble, viewers will have to keep watching to find out how the season goes.

Will the women be able to work out their problems and move on, or will their feelings get in the way? Bravo is where readers can keep watching the show.

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