Who was Valdir Segato? Brazilian Hulk known for injecting muscles with Synthol dies aged 55

Valdir Segato died on his 55th birthday. He was a bodybuilder from Brazil. People knew that he used Synthol injections for a long time to get bigger. The TikTok star was pronounced dead on July 26 in Ribeiro Preto, which is in southeast Brazil, according to Universo Online (UOL).

According to UOL, Segato said he felt sick at home and was taken by Brazilian Mobile Emergency Care Service to the nearby hospital UPA Nelson Mandela – UPA Norte (SAMU).

Since no one said what caused Valdir Segato’s death, it can’t be said for sure if the Synthol injections he got too often into his muscles caused any problems. According to UOL News, the information may not be true because Segato’s body has already been buried in Bom Pastor Cemetery. Since he was buried a day after he died, it’s likely that no autopsy was done.

Valdir Segato, who was born in Brazil, was known on social media as “Valdir Synthol” because he constantly used Synthol oil to make himself look too big. Segato was from Sao Paulo and worked as a construction worker in Ribeiro Preto, where he probably lived.

Late in October 2016, Segato became well-known after DailyMail UK wrote a story about him. The bodybuilding fan said this in their interview:

“People always call me Hulk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and He-Man, which I like. My biceps are twice as big as they were, but I still want to be bigger.”

At the time, his biceps were 23 inches, but he wanted to get four more inches by getting Synthol oil injections. Valdir Segato had said before that Arnold Schwarzenegger and the comic book character The Incredible Hulk were among the people who had influenced him. Segato told DailyMail UK about his past and how he got into Synthol injections when he was talking to the newspaper. He told them that he used drugs in the past. Segato said:

“I started using drugs, and when you don’t eat, you start to lose weight. You lead a wrong life.”

During his recovery from being an addict, Valdir Segato went to gyms, but he wasn’t happy with how much muscle he gained. Then, to get that very bulky look, he got Synthol oil injections in his biceps, pectorals, and behind. Even though the Synthol injections put Segato at a very high risk of having a stroke, getting an infection, or losing a limb, he kept getting them until he died. But it’s important to note that the bulky look caused by Synthol injections didn’t actually make muscles grow, so it was only an appearance.

According to Daily Mail UK, in 2016, doctors told him to stop using Synthol oil and told him that if he kept doing it, he could lose a limb or, at the very least, have nerve damage and disfigured muscles. Valdir Segato chose to keep getting the dangerous injections, though.

What is Synthol oil, and what dangers does it pose to people who like to build muscle like Valdir Segato?

Healthline, a website for medical information, says

“85% of Synthol is medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, 7.5% lidocaine, and 7.5% alcohol.”
Because of what’s in this oil, bodybuilders often use it to make themselves look bigger. For example, lidocaine is a painkiller that helps with the pain that comes from injecting Synthol into the muscles. On the other hand, the alcohol seems to help clean the area and keep infections from happening. But they may still happen because drinking alcohol is not a sure way to keep infections away.

When MCT is injected deep into the muscles, it starts to grow, which gives the body a bulky look. Synthol injections can cause serious diseases that last a long time in the body. It can change the shape of the muscles in a bad way. It can also lead to muscle fibrosis, which can make a person lose a limb.

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