Who Was Sangeeta? Missing Haryanvi Singer Found Dead In Rohtak – How Did She Die?

When the body of a woman was found buried near a road in Haryana, it was a terrible accident. The case quickly caught the attention of both the local police and the people. The team of investigators found out that the person who had died was the famous Haryanvi singer Sangeeta. Later, they found out that Sangeeta had been missing for a few weeks. Her family had filed a missing person’s report, and police officers began looking for her. The news that she was missing spread quickly across the Internet, and people began their own searches. Find out more about who Sangeeta Haryanvi Singer was. She was found dead.

Who Was Sangeeta? Missing Haryanvi Singer Found Dead In Rohtak – How Did She Die?

Some news sources say that after finding the dead body, the police officer started looking for the people who did it. But it didn’t take long for the police to catch the two criminals, whose names were Anil and Ravi. She was one of the stars in the state who rose the most quickly. Her fame started to grow slowly, and she did very well in her career. Near the village of Haini Bhairon, the singer’s body, which had been badly hurt, was found. Two suspects were caught by police after a report of a crime was made.

Haryanvi singer Sangeeta, who was missing, was found dead.

People say that the singer hasn’t been seen since May 11. The last time she was seen was in Delhi. As we said before, the police thought that Anil and Ravi were involved. Both of the bad guys were from Meham, Haryana. After the investigation, a report was made public that said both of the people who were responsible for Sangeeta’s death admitted that they had planned to kill her. They also said that they got in touch with the singer under the guise of making a singing show and then killed her.

The singer’s body was sent to PGI, Rohtak, for an autopsy. The police official also said that the singer’s death was likely caused in part by strangulation. When everyone in Haryana heard about this terrible accident, they were all very shocked. The team of people looking into the murder is trying to find evidence and find out how other people are linked to it. As of right now, the main suspect hasn’t given any more names.

Aside from that, all of the important people in the state of Haryana are showing their sorrow over this sad event. Her fans are paying tribute to her and telling her family how sorry they are. We hope that God will give her family the strength and courage they need to deal with her death. May the soul of the pure person rest in peace. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for the latest news and more information.

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