Who Is WGN-Larry TV’s Potash? Knowledgeable Facts About The American Reporter

American journalist Larry Potash has worked in the media for more than 25 years.

Potash has been a newscast for WGN-TV since 1995 and has made a significant impact on journalism and television.

The majority of people are familiar with him as a WGN-TV news reporter and American TV host. Not to add that because of his work as a journalist, he is one of the most well-known media figures in the nation.

Lawrence Potash
Birthdate May 2, 1967 (now 55)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Birthplace Profession
Mass communication and broadcast journalism degrees for journalists
Children Kaylin and Mallory Potash Spouse Lisa Potash
Height 5 feet 11 inches, White ethnicity, and Journalism as a source of income

Who Is WGN-Larry TV’s Potash?

American journalist Larry graduated from Boston’s esteemed Emerson College with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism in 1989. He is a well-liked, reputable, and talented journalist.

The news anchor was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, on May 2, 1967. Larry Potash is of Caucasian ethnicity and has American citizenship. He is a Taurus by birth and is a tall man at 5 feet 11 inches.

A Quick Overview of His Work

TV Host & News Reporter Based In WGN-TV Channel (Since 1994)

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s KOTV-TV Weekend Anchor & Political Reporter
Reporter for WFIE-TV in Evansville, Indiana
Presenter of KLMG-TV News in Evansville, Indiana
Prior to his on-screen appearances on WGN-TV, Larry worked for the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based KOTV-TV. At KOTV-TV, he mostly reported political news and was primarily involved in weekend anchoring.

The anchor was a newscaster for WFIE-TV in Evansville, Indiana, and KLMG-TV in Longview, Texas, before joining KOTV-TV.

With his coworkers, Larry Potash hosts his morning show on WGN-TV.

In August 1994, the Journalist made his or her debut at the WGN-TV station. But it had been a year since he had begun working as a news anchor for the WGN morning shows. In 1996, Larry travelled to Hong Kong to film a documentary about the city’s culture and integration under Chinese rule.

Since 1994, Larry has been anchoring a variety of documentary specials while also providing the news on WGN-morning TV’s broadcasts. The WGN Morning Show will commemorate its 28th birthday in September after successfully maintaining a consistent presence in the highest ratings.

Programs by Larry Potash & His Awards

The ‘Backstory with Larry Potash’ programme, which debuted on WGN-TV in October 2018, features in-depth stories on fascinating narratives on issues relating to history, culture, religion, science, and beyond. Potash, 55, is a journalist.

A documentary series is being hosted by American journalist Larry Potash on his WGN-TV programme “Backstory with Larry Potash.”

He also conducts the daily feature show “Larry’s World,” where he frequently covers more quirky yet entertaining stories on pop culture as well as news.

Larry has a significant record of accomplishments and awards to his name from his professional career as a television personality and news reporter.

His broadcasting accomplishments include 14 Emmy Awards, including Best Magazine Show in 2020 for “Backstory with Larry Potash.” 10 Silver Dome Awards for Best Anchor in Chicago were given to Larry by the Illinois Broadcasters Association. Additionally, the 55-year-old has received two Silver Dome Awards in a row for his documentary programme in 2019 and 2020.

Learn More About the Family of Larry Potash’s Wife

As of the time of writing, Larry and Lisa Potash are still blissfully married and there are no signs of a divorce. Lisa, the wife of Anchor, is a certified clinical psychologist with more than two decades of expertise. Her areas of expertise also include expert witness, forensic evaluation, and assessments of trauma and substance misuse.

Who are Larry Potash, Lisa Potash, and their daughters from WGN-TV?

Kaylin and Mallory Potash, the couple’s two lovely daughters, are a blessing. According to Larry’s Twitter account, his family of four resides in Chicago. Kaylin is the owner of VSCO, a media company that offers tools and capabilities for photo and video editing to producers all over the world.

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