Who Is Tua Tagovailoa Girlfriend Turned Wife Annah Gore? 5 Quick Facts About Her

Tua Tagovailoa shocked his fans when he told them who his wife, Annah Gore, was after a recent secret wedding.

Annah had been dating the Miami Dolphins quarterback for a while, and both she and Tua tried to keep their marriage quiet by not talking about it. On the other hand, their fans and friends are happy that they are married and wish them a great life together.

Annah’s husband went to Alabama, where as a sophomore he won the Maxwell and Walter Camp Awards and was named Most Valuable Player of the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship.

Tua was picked by the Miami Dolphins with the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. He missed his junior year because of a hip injury.

The quarterback started his career as the backup to Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. After his first year, he took over as the starter, and he will be the regular starter for Miami starting in 2021.

 Tua Tagovailoa
Tua Tagovailoa

Annah Gore, who is married to Tua Tagovailoa, is from High Point, North Carolina.

Tua Tagovailoa met his wife Annah Gore when they were both in high school, and they got along great.

Annah is 23 years old and was born on June 11, 1999, in High Point, North Carolina, where she grew up. She had two sisters, Ally and Grace, and two brothers, Garrison and Ayden, when she was growing up.

The wife of the football player hasn’t talked about her parents yet, even though her father is in business and her mother stays at home.

Her family is Christian, and she looks like she comes from a Caucasian background. Annah and Tagovailoa both went to the University of Alabama after high school.

She is also on Instagram as @annahgore, and she has 932 followers, the same number as her husband.

Gore is a very private person who doesn’t want the media to know about her personal life. She also has her Instagram set to private mode.

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Annah and Tua didn’t want anyone to know that they got married

Annah and Tua got married on July 18, 2022, in Davie, Florida. Since they just got married a few months ago, they wanted to keep their marriage a secret until they were ready to tell everyone.

But Outkick reported the news, citing the Broward County Clerk of Courts and writer Andy Slater, who tweeted that Tagovailoa had bought another ring. The writer told the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins that he got married and said that he heard about it from a church.

Everyone was surprised to hear that he got married, especially his fans, because he had never talked about his girlfriend in public.

The player had never talked about Annah on social media before, and Annah was first shown to the public when the news of their marriage came out.

Tua Tagovailoa was upset that the news of his marriage got out on its own

Ten days after his wedding, Tua Tagovailoa went to the Dolphins’ training camp, where he was congratulated by the media.

On the other hand, the football player said he didn’t like how everyone knew he was married.

Tagovailoa thanked everyone who congratulated him on his wedding and said he doesn’t know who leaked the news, but the person who did must have been camped out in front of the courthouse for a week or something.

He said that he likes to keep his life as private as possible. The athlete tried to do the same thing with his wife and every day. But that’s not how things are in our world.

He also said that doing so is almost rude, but it is what it is, and he can’t change it.

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Annah dated Tua before they got married

Annah and Tua had a secret relationship before they got married. They could even hide the fact that they loved each other before getting married.

No one knew they were together when they were dating and having a good life together.

Annah and Tua have never talked about how they first met or how they fell in love. From what I can see, they seem like a great match and have been nice to each other.

The couple hasn’t posted any photos or information about their wedding on social media.

The football player’s wife seems to be a kind and caring person who has always pushed him to do well in life.

His wife may have come to the stadium to cheer him on and give him support during his football game. Both of them seem happy with their new starts and have found the love of their lives in each other.

Annah Gore must have been afraid when Tua Tagovailoa recently hurt his head

After a hard hit to the ground, Tua Tagovailoa was taken out of the game to be checked for head injuries.

With six minutes left in the second quarter, Miami had the ball on 2nd and 7 on the Bengals’ 40-yard line. Josh Tupou, a defensive tackle for Cincinnati, pushed Tua to the ground, which cost him ten yards. The whole crowd held their breath.

Tagovailoa was put on a gurney and taken out of the stadium to be checked out. His fingers were twisted, which is a common reaction to a head injury.

During the tackle, his head hit the ground, making a horrible picture. The way he automatically twisted his fingers was scary, and it was even scarier when analyst Al Michaels said that medical expert Mike Ryan in the booth had told him that the first reaction was a sign of head damage.

This happened just five days after the football player got a concussion, which led to harsh criticism of the NFL and how it treats concussions.

As Tua was being carried out of Paycor Stadium, everyone chanted his name, showing support for the Miami quarterback from both parties.

The player was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Centre in the meantime. Initial reports say that Tagovailoa has full use of all his limbs, so we all hope that everything will be okay.

Annah must be terrified after seeing what happened, and she may be at the Medical Center keeping an eye on her husband and taking great care of him.

 Tua Tagovailoa
Tua Tagovailoa

Who is the wife of Tua Tagovailoa?

Annah Gore, who Tua Tagovailoa has been dating for a long time, is now his wife.

When did Annah Gore get married to Tua Tagovailoa?

Tua Tagovailoa and Annah Gore tied the knot on July 18, 2022.

Do any other people live with Annah Gore?

Ally, Grace, Garrison, and Ayden are Annah Gore’s four siblings.

Before high school and in high school

Tagovailoa was born in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, the oldest of four children to Samoan parents Galu and Diane Tagovailoa. His parents said that as a small child, he would sleep with a football under his arm. This shows that he was very interested in football from a young age. When he was eight, most of his peers couldn’t throw a football more than 10 yards in Pop Warner games. But he often made passes of more than 30 yards.

As a child, his grandfather Seu Tagovailoa was the person he looked up to the most. People in Samoa treated him with great respect, and they often called him “Chief Tagovailoa.” Seu thought that Tua would become a football star one day, so he asked him to come see him after every game and tell him how he did. Tua thought about giving up the sport after Seu died in 2014. However, he and his father decided that the best way to honor Seu was for Tua to keep playing.

Tagovailoa’s first year playing varsity football in high school, he threw for 33 touchdowns, had three interceptions, and threw for 2,583 yards.

Tagovailoa said that the way his father punished him with a belt every time he threw an interception was a big part of what drove him to do well. Tagovailoa played in the All-American Bowl in 2016. During the regular season, he threw for 2,669 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 7 picks. He was also chosen as one of the best high school quarterbacks in the country and put on the Elite 11 team, where he was named MVP.

During the 2017 recruiting cycle, Tagovailoa was a four-star recruit and the best high school prospect in the state of Hawaii.

He went to Saint Louis School in Honolulu, which is where Heisman Trophy winner and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota went to school. When they were both growing up in Hawaii, Mariota was a role model for him. Before he finally went to the University of Alabama in January 2017, he had 17 offers to play college football for free.

Going to college

During the 2017 season, Tagovailoa was the backup quarterback to sophomore Jalen Hurts. He was a true freshman at the time. But because of a couple of easy wins for the Crimson Tide, he got a lot of playing time. On September 9, he played his first college game against Fresno State at Bryant–Denny Stadium. It was a home game. In the 41–10 win, he completed 6 of 9 passes for 64 yards and his first passing touchdown, which he gave to wide receiver Henry Ruggs III on a 16-yard pass. In a 59–0 win against Vanderbilt on September 23, he got more playing time and threw for 103 yards and two touchdowns. In the next game, which was against Ole Miss, an SEC West rival, he scored his first rushing touchdown in a 66–3 win. He had 134 passing yards, one passing touchdown, one interception, and one rushing touchdown in the 45–7 win over Tennessee in the annual rivalry game. In a game against Mercer on November 18, he threw three touchdown passes that helped his team win 56–0. He took over for Hurts in the second half of the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship on January 8, 2018, because Hurts wasn’t doing a good job. He threw the game-winning touchdown pass of 41 yards to wide receiver DeVonta Smith in overtime, and the Crimson Tide won their 17th National Championship by beating the Georgia Bulldogs 26–23. Tagovailoa was named the Offensive MVP of the game. He completed 14 of 24 passes for 166 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. He also ran 12 times for 27 yards.

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