Who is Sumner Stroh? Instagram model accuses of Adam Levine – All We Know so far

What did Sumner Stroh say was wrong?

Sumner Stroh, the woman, called the cheater “a guy who is married to a Victoria’s Secret model” at first. Since 2014, the 43-year-old Maroon 5 singer and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo have been married.

Stroh, who is 23 years old, said in the video, “At the time, I was young and naive, and I feel used,” but she didn’t say when the alleged affair happened.

“I was very easy to fool because I wasn’t as involved in “the scene” as I am now.” In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Stroh said that the alleged affair took place “last year,” when she “graduated from college in 2021.” When asked if the alleged relationship was sexual or just emotional cheating, the model insisted that she and Levine had a “physical” relationship.

“I haven’t talked to him in months,” she added. In the popular video, Stroh revealed Levine as her lover by saying that she uploaded pictures of direct conversations with the rock star. She made a light dig at his band by saying, “At this point, Maroon 5 is almost elevator music, so I’m sure you know who Adam Levine is.”

 Adam Levine
Adam Levine

Adam Levine, the singer, has sent me some private messages

Levine allegedly told the woman, according to the texts that flashed on a green screen behind her, “It is just crazy how f*cking hot you are. Like, this blows my mind. Stroh then seemed to say, “Well, I mean, I agree. When we first met, I thought…

I’m in trouble. “You are 50 times hotter in person,” the “She Will Be Loved” singer allegedly wrote next. I’m just like that, too, hehe. Levine and Stroh are said to have dated for “almost a year,” but he is said to have asked her a few months later if he could name his next child after her.

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Levine is said to have asked Stroh in a direct message (DM) if he could name his next kid after her

“Ok, serious question, he said. If I have another boy, I would like to name him Sumner. Do you think that’s true? When the model read the supposed DM out loud, she said, “This is DEAD serious.

A video that Page Six has seen shows that the messages seem to have come from Levine’s verified Instagram account.

Levine and Prinsloo have told everyone that they are going to have their third child soon. Gio Grace is 4 years old, and Dusty Rose is 5 years old. Levine is said to have called Stroh about the namesake request. When Stroh heard this, she said, “I’m in hell right now.”

The brunette beauty said, “I mean, I didn’t mean to give up my values.” I couldn’t do anything on my own. Stroh said she was extorted by a friend who threatened to sell the information to a tabloid, even though she said on the tape that she planned to “handle things quietly” and “never come forward.”

Being part of a story like this, I know the old sayings, she said. “I know what being an Instagram model, doing what I do, and making money the way I do means.”

What is his name?

Stroh was born on August 11, 1999, and she is now 23 years old.

She got a degree from the University of Texas. Stroh is a model on Instagram, and she also runs a page on the site OnlyFans.

A YouTube video from August 2020 says that Sumner and her friend spent her 21st birthday in Cabo San Lucas.

Sumner has lived in Missouri, Branson, and Los Angeles, according to her Instagram profile, which has 364,000 followers at this point.

According to her LinkedIn profile, the Instagram star worked in marketing for a few years before becoming a full-time influencer and model.

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The Work of Sumner Stroh

Sumner worked with a number of well-known companies, like the dating app Bumble and the clothing store Boohoo.

Before that, she was in charge of marketing for her sister’s jewelry business, Strung by Stroh, which opened in 2016.

According to her LinkedIn profile for the job, she is in charge of the college ambassador program.

I look for influential people to work with to get more people to my website, social media, and sales.

Verge Agency, a talent management company that mostly works with content creators, is in charge of Sumner, according to her Instagram account.

The model and influencer has 372,000 followers on her TikTok account as well as her Instagram account.

Sumner has a YouTube page

Sumner is a popular internet star on TikTok and Instagram, and he also has a low-key YouTube channel.

On her channel, she mostly posts vlogs, videos about her life, travel videos, and things she does with her friends.

In other movies, there are photo shoots with models and clothing hauls. She started her channel in 2015, and there are just over 6,000 people who watch it now. Her most recent video, which she put out more than a year ago, is a haul from the company Princess Polly.

Stroh’s relatives

Sumner Stroh put a picture of her family on social media, but she hasn’t said much else about them. Sources tell us that her mother is named Tracey Ann Stroh and that she has three brothers and sisters. We’ve already said that her older sister is Baylen Stroh and that she has two younger brothers named Asher and Brandon.

How much money Sumner Stroh has

Based on what we learned from our sources, Sumner Stroh has a net worth of less than 1 Million US Dollars.

Adam Noah Levine was a musician

Adam Noah Levine, an American singer, songwriter, and musician born on March 18, 1979, is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the pop rock band Maroon 5. In 1994, Levine got his start in music with the band Kara’s Flowers, where he was the lead guitarist and singer.

After their only album, The Fourth World, didn’t sell well, the band came back as Maroon 5 in 2001. James Valentine took over as lead guitarist from Adam Levine. Levine met Russian Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Anne Vyalitsyna for the first time when he was performing at the magazine’s release party in Las Vegas in early 2010. They began going out together. In April 2012, they broke up in a way that was “friendly and helpful.”

Sumner Stroh
Sumner Stroh

Levine’s life outside of work

In May 2012, Levine began dating Victoria’s Secret model from Namibia named Behati Prinsloo. On July 19, 2014, they got married. Jonah Hill was in charge. Gio Grace, who was born on September 21, 2016, and Dusty Rose are Levine and Prinsloo’s two daughters (born February 15, 2018). Levine backs same-sex marriage and rights for LGBT people. Michael, her brother, is gay.

In 2011, he posted a video on Maroon 5’s official YouTube channel in support of the It Gets Better Project. In January 2012, he said that Maroon 5 had changed where they were going to play after the Grammys because “an unnamed Los Angeles restaurant” supported Proposition 8.

In a 2013 complaint against Universal Music Publishing Group, an unnamed security guard said that the company’s Santa Monica branch was “infested with rampant drug use” and that you could smell marijuana coming from different offices and see people openly smoking marijuana in common areas and lounges.

Levine was named in the complaint. When the security officer complained about the cannabis smoke coming from one of the studios, she said she was told, “It’s Adam Levine. If he wants to come to the lobby and do a line of cocaine on the floor, that’s fine.” In an official statement to The Hollywood Reporter, UMPG (Universal Music Publishing Group) called the charges “absurd.”

In July 2020, Levine and Prinsloo worked with Ferrari and Save the Children to raise money for education projects in the United States. This was done because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, Levine and Prinsloo opened up Calirosa Tequila. In December 2021, bottles of the brand’s tequila were on the market. On September 7, 2022, Levine and Prinsloo are said to be having their third child together.

Sumner Stroh’s claim about Adam

Adam Levine has been married to Behati Prinsloo, a Victoria’s Secret model, since 2014. The couple found out on September 6th that they are going to have their third child. But in June, Adam Levine asked Sumner Stroh for permission to name his son “Sumner,” which showed how much Adam liked Sumner Stroh. Adam says in the chat, “Ok, serious question. I’m having another baby, and if it’s a boy, I really want to name him Sumner. Is that OK with you? DEAD Seriously.”

One day float down a river?

Leaked in a planned way to draw attention to how little she was wearing. Hey, girl, you’re doing an old dance move. If you want people to feel sorry for you, you’ll have to come up with some new ideas. People are laughing because at least once every two weeks, some stupid, half-naked bird is doing the same thing you are. Does this have an app?

This is also totally her fault. Omg, the fact that women like her can brag about having an affair with the husband of a “Victoria’s Secret” model to their friends and know that they will continue to make money from the public says a lot about society as a whole. Both her posts and the way she takes pictures are not “naive.” Quite the opposite, very enticing. She doesn’t take responsibility and doesn’t say she’s sorry. Instead, she plays the victim and does this because she thinks it’s okay to do so these days. So sad

So her threats and attempts to get money didn’t work. Since that is a crime, he can now file charges against her.

Think about how everything happened. Whether or not it’s true, I feel sorry for his wife, who just told him that she was pregnant. People are just awful!

I’m most surprised by this. Thought he was a cheater… but to want to give your wife’s unborn child the name of your mistress?!?!?! He is disturbed.

But she is just as bad because she slept with a married man because he was famous. He ain’t even hot.

I just looked at her old Instagram posts and her face is completely different. It’s too bad that these young women feel the need to change their appearances in this way.

My thoughts on Adam Levine will never change. he’s a sleezeball. I’ve felt that way for a long time. Today, it’s become clear that he really is a sleezeball.

Why do all these young women who date or have affairs with older men to gain fame and money later say they were used? They trade on their sexuality, but then they complain about the price that has been set.

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