Who Is Sharon Mercer From Rich House Poor House? Death Cause & Tribute On Channel 5

The host of the Rich House Poor House Even though Sharon Mercer, who was in one of the episodes, has died, we still don’t know why she died.

The program doesn’t look at each family’s exact financial situation. Instead, it looks at how money affects family life.

You can watch “Rich House, Poor House” for free on My5, Sky Go, and Virgin TV Go, but there will be ads.

Who is Rich House, Poor House’s Sharon Mercer?

Sharon is a single mom with five kids. She lives in a dangerous neighborhood. Her daughter hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a long time. Sharon talks about the fights in the family, dropping out of school, and being alone because of her daughter’s constipation. Her daughter died today, but the exact cause of her death is still unknown.

Her doctor doesn’t understand how bad these problems are and gives her advice that Sharon doesn’t think is right for her.

Sharon can’t get any more help, so she depends on her mother to make sure she can work and feed her kids. Sharon gets a lot of help from other parents in her neighborhood and is well-known in the area. (source: smartindianews.in)

In season 8, episode 8 of “Rich House, Poor House,” she told her story.

Sharon Mercer story on Channel 5 and Rich House, Poor House season 8

Rich House Poor House was a show on Channel 5 where two families with different incomes and ways of life swap homes, spending plans, and sometimes even their whole lives for a week to see the other side of Sharon Mercer’s story.

Rich House, Poor House, a popular TV show, is following the swap and is looking for new families to join. So far, families from some of the poorest parts of Britain have traded lives on the show with people from some of the richest parts of the country.

Contrary to what you might think, families who live only a few minutes apart have swapped things more than once.

A Tribute to Sharon Mercer from Rich House Poor House

Craig Kelly, Trotta Saarikko, Adam Stott, and other actors star in the British TV show Rich House Poor House. Danny Fildes, Marcus English, Simon Bowyer, and others are in charge of the program. On March 30, 2017, the first episode aired. After Sharon’s death, Channel 5 paid tribute to her in a special show.

The show is made by Claire Collinson-Jones, Emma Read, Jon Durbridge, David Emerson, and others, under the name Hat Trick Productions. Two families from different social classes and income levels switch places to live, spending plans, and social status for a week to learn more about each other’s lives.

The interesting insight shows how the family makes it on such a small budget and how they got to where they are now in the “rich mansion.” Camera crews follow both families as they get used to their new budgets, activities, and even friends from the other family.

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