Who Is Sandra Pittana From Ontario? MAID Death & Obituary, Was Dr Bradbury From Princess Margaret Involved?

Sandra Pittana was a resident of London, Ontario, at the time of her death. MAID’s consenting medical doctors made it feasible for her to die on April 14, 2022, on the 14th anniversary of her birth.

Sandra Pittana, 67, of London, Ontario, died on April 14th as a result of natural causes.

She died peacefully and dignifiedly in her own house, surrounded by her family members. It was MAID’s consenting medical doctors who made it feasible for her death to take place.

Who Is Sandra Pittana From Ontario?

Sandra Pittana, whose full name is Sandra Anne Pittana, was born on September 28, 1954, in the city of Los Angeles, California.

During her stay in London and Paris, she developed her sense of style, as well as her sense of originality. Her accomplishments were widely recognised and popularised on CITY-TV, where she hosted Cityline as a guest anchor for nearly thirty years as well as on other television stations.

Sandra was also an avid golfer, which added to her appeal. In one month at her Desert Mountain Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she had created the most beautiful home away from home, she was overjoyed to have made three holes-in-one in one month.

The people she met there, as well as those from Canada and other areas of the world, will be sorely missed.

Sandra Pittana, MAID Death & Obituary: Her Illness was a Surprise to Everyone

Sandra Pittana died peacefully and dignified at home, surrounded by her family, after 42 years of marriage to Michael Pittana. Sandra Pittana was preceded in death by her husband, Michael.

Her dying was made possible by the compassionate medical professionals of MAID. However, there is no indication as to whether or not she was ill at the time.

Aside from Michael and their daughter Daphe, Sandra is also survived by her daughters-in-law, the Indigo and Tao, as well as her grandkids Daphe and Lauryn.

You can make a donation to either the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation or the Humber River Hospital Foundation, both of which provided her with exceptional medical care and treatment.

Her sisters and best friend, Linda Crossley, as well as her children, Cameron and Chloe, will be sorely missed by all of them.

Sandra Pittana: Was Dr. Bradbury, the physician to Princess Margaret, involved?

Sandra’s death was made possible by the willingness of the medical team at MAID.

Dr. Bradbury, Dr. Krema, and their outstanding staff at Princess Margaret, and President Barb Collins at Humber were the recipients of this honour.

MAID Death & Obituary

When a physician or nurse practitioner administers medication to a patient in order to directly precipitate their death at the patient’s request, this is referred to as “medical assistance in dying,” or “medical assistance in dying.” It’s a delicate and personal subject to broach.

It became legal in Canada in June of this year. The Criminal Code of Canada currently exempts doctors and nurse practitioners who supply or assist in the provision of MAID from prosecution under certain circumstances.

Canadian MAID rules were amended on March 17, 2021, and they were effective on March 17, 2021. This webpage offers detailed information on the specific changes that have occurred as a result of the new legislation..

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