Who is Robert Bobby Price, a “racist”? Director of Living Arts of Tulsa Twitter Allegations

Robert Bobby Price, a former director of the Living Arts of Tulsa, is racist. On social media, a video of him insulting workers ethnically has gone viral.

One of the most delicate subjects is racism, and not many individuals support such conduct online. So, when someone uses racist abuse against another person, it is frequently videotaped and shared on social media.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of the recent instances took place. In Tulsa, a man by the name of Robert Bobby Price was captured on camera screaming racial slurs against the employees. Savannah published the footage on Twitter. More than 12,000 people have already viewed the video.

Robert Bobby Price: who is he? Director of Living Arts of Tulsa Accused of Racism

Oklahoma’s Tulsa is the hometown of Robert Bobby Price.

Additionally, he has participated as an artist and past board member for the Living Arts of Tulsa. The art centre has acknowledged that the person no longer works there, nevertheless.

In the video, Price speaks inhumanely to the construction employees as they are engaged in their task. A woman recorded the entire event and posted it on Twitter under the handle Savannah.

Other social media websites like Facebook and Reddit are also sharing the video. We are all aware of the numerous social media audiences that these “racist” films reach.

If you’d like to watch the entire video, it is available here.

Savannah is a PharmD, IBCLC, and @rx0rcist.
Nobody is a criminal. https://t.co/mUTGEGMRQr
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Has Living Arts of Tulsa fired Robert Bobby Price? Message on Facebook

Following the global success of the racist film, The Living Arts of Tulsa posted a statement on Facebook.

Living Arts of Tulsa wrote: “We cannot erase this individual’s prior engagement, but we can go forward. As previously indicated, he has never been hired by our group, and as of early Friday morning, he is no longer involved with our organisation.

The business stated, “The aforementioned video is not connected to our business and does not represent the principles held by our employees or the people in our neighbourhood. We have never and will never support nasty actions.”

The message adds, “Thank you for supporting our efforts to advance and separate ourselves from hate in whatever form.

Akita Dog @akdoggie
Bobby Price is a part of Living Arts of Tulsa. Enough has been said about his racist viral video.
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Twitter Reactions to the racist video of Robert Bobby Price

The racist video by Robert Bobby Price has recently received a lot of attention on Twitter.

He was extensively researched by user “Savannah,” who submitted numerous items connecting him to Living Arts of Tulsa. Her commitment to eliminating such ugly behaviour from society has been acknowledged by many.

Given how seriously social media takes racial remarks, internet users want him to be punished. Given that he “doesn’t deserve it,” some of them are pleading with you not to make him popular.

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