Who Is Rachel Ruto, William Ruto’s First Wife? How wealthy is the politician in Kenya?

For more than three decades, William Ruto and Rachel Ruto have been wed. They are one of the most prominent political partners in Kenya, where there is a lot of mystery surrounding them.

Since 2013, Kenyan politician Ruto has served as the country’s deputy president. In 2022, he will make a bid for the presidency of the United Democratic Alliance.

Ruto was selected by the Jubilee Alliance to be President Uhuru Kenyatta’s running partner in the 2013 presidential election. Ruto served as a member of parliament from 1998 to 2013.

Who Is Rachel Ruto, William Ruto’s First Wife?

The wife of well-known politician William Ruto, Kenyan schoolteacher Rachel Ruto currently holds the position of Second Lady in her country.

Six children have been born to the couple since their 1991 wedding. While residing in Dagoretti South, they welcomed their first child, Nick Ruto.

Rachel was a vital part of her husband’s campaign, frequently seen by his side. As Kenya’s second lady, she developed into an advocate of women’s rights and female empowerment.

Through the Joyful Women Organization, she helped start the table banking movement in Kenya and the rest of Africa. The African activist has advocated for healthy active lifestyles.

According to Ruto’s Wikipedia entry, the Binary University in Malaysia gave her the International Honorary Fellowship Award on Women Empowerment on January 17, 2014.

Learn More About William Ruto’s Tribe And Family

The Kalenjin are the third-largest ethnic group in Kenya. Rachel Ruto is from this group. In Sambut hamlet, Kamagut, Uasin Gishu County, he was reared by his family.

Ethnic attitudes heavily influence Kenyan politics, and the Kalenjin have only produced one other president, the late Mr. Moi, Kenya’s longest-serving leader.

Additionally, Ruto was conceived by his parents, Daniel and Sarah Cheruiyot. According to his biography provided by The BBC, he didn’t wear shoes to elementary school until the age of 15, when he got his first pair.

William also had roadside stalls where he sold groundnuts and poultry in remote Rift Valley areas. Since elections for president are set for August 9, it is not unexpected that he promotes himself as the champion of the poor.

How Much Money Will William Ruto Have in 2022?

The wealth of Rachel Ruto exceeds $100 million. He is one of Kenya’s top ten richest citizens.

According to reports, Ruto makes Ksh 1,487,500 a month before any benefits. He is a politician as well as the owner of many businesses across the country.

He owns the Ksh 2.5 million Weston Hotel in Nairobi and a Ksh 750 million poultry farm in Turbo, both in the county of Uasin Gishu.

According to Wikipedia, William served as Kenya’s Minister of Agriculture from 2008 to 2010, then as Minister of Higher Education from April to October 2010.

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