Who Is Paula Patton Dating In 2022? Facts About Her New Boyfriend After Split With Zach

American actress Paula Patton revealed her new partner and changed her relationship status to “mingling.”

Paula, an actress, has acted in numerous movies throughout the years, such as Hitch, Déjà Vu, Precious, Warcraft, and others.

After completing her studies at the University of Southern California, she made her feature film debut in 2005’s Hitch before landing her breakout role in the science fiction thriller Déjà Vu in 2006. She costarred with Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer in this picture.

With roles in movies like Precious (2009), Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol (2011), 2 Guns (2013), and Warcraft (2016), Patton quickly grew her fan base.

She has also appeared in episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit from 2010 as well as the drama TV series Somewhere Between from 2017.

In 2022 Paula Patton Will Be Dating Someone New

In 2018, Paula, an American actress and producer, disclosed her new relationship and boyfriend, ending her status as a single lady.

Her purported new relationship in 2022, however, is not supported by any trustworthy evidence that has been made public.

Patton revealed that her relationship status has changed and that she is currently smitten with a new man in an interview with Extra.

“I’ve got a lover now,” the Traffik actress admitted to the media source. I’ve never referred to someone as a boyfriend. I have a crush on him!

Patton, 46, claims that they have only been dating for “a month” and that their relationship is still in its early stages. Even though the relationship is still young, she continues, she is placing her money on this one because she just has a gut feeling about it.

The fact that her new lover was a single father was one of the reasons that attracted her to him, Patton said, though she withheld his name.

Keep an eye out for the dads when you’re watching a basketball game with a kid. The partnership has a suburban feel about it. Patton remarked, “He has children, I have children.” That’s the one it is.

Zachary Quitman replacement in Paula Patton dating life

Zachary Quittman and Paula had a romantic relationship back in 2018, however it’s unclear at this point if they are still together or have split.

According to Just Jared, Quittman is a 41-year-old real estate agent in Malibu, California.

They reportedly first connected at Julian’s basketball game, for whom she and her ex-husband Robin Thicke share shared custody. The couple reportedly dated for around a month.

It was thought that Patton was still married when Quittman initially started seeing him, but PEOPLE later revealed that he had actually “separated” from his wife.

Robin Thicke Paula Patton ex-husband

Paula started dating Robin when they were both still teenagers, and the two dated for a while.

When they originally met in high school and were together for 21 years, she might not have had much time to date other people.

Similar to this, the couple’s son Julian was born on April 7, 2010, but they officially announced their divorce on February 24, 2014.

Patton filed for divorce and shared custody of their child in the months that followed, and the divorce itself was finalized on March 20, 2015.

After his divorce from his ex-wife Paula, Robin moved on with April Love Geary, and the two began dating in 2014.

Additionally, they debuted in public as a couple in 2015. The couple also has three children together.

On February 25, 2018, Robin revealed on Instagram that a girl named Mia Love Thicke was born to April. On February 26, 2019, the couple welcomed Lola Alain, a second girl, into the world.

The birth of their third child, a boy named Luca Patrick, was then announced to the world on December 11, 2020.

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