Who Is Olena Kushnir? Brave Medic Died With Her Husband Defending Mariupol

As she tried to help people in Mariupol, Olena Kushnir was killed by snipers. She was a brave paramedic.

The war between Russia and Ukraine isn’t going to stop any time soon, and it has killed many people. When Olena Kushni, a brave military paramedic, is chosen this time, it’s a good thing she’s chosen. She has been getting a lot of attention on social media.

Everything we know about her is here.

Who Is Olena Kushnir? Brave Medic Died With Her Husband Defending Mariupol

All of the people in Olena Kushni’s town were in danger, but she was there to help them. Only a few hundred women live there now. The Russians are all around, and there aren’t that many of them. This brave woman, on the other hand, decided not to go anywhere else but fight until her last breath.

She knew that her journey would end somewhere, but not so soon. Risky: It’s very dangerous to fight for a country at war with one of the world’s largest powers.

He took it anyway. It looked like a fierce and powerful rock to him. Sources say that she even asked people not to be sorry for her because she was proud of doing her job for her country.

An editor at the newspaper told people about her death on Facebook, which is where she works. She took a screenshot and shared it, and the post has been getting a lot of attention. It has more than 4.8k likes and 2k shares. On the post, more than 200 people have talked about how much they’re sad about it.

Olena Kushnir Husband Name

She is said to have lost her husband in the early stages of the war. Even though she lost the most important thing in her life, she chose to stay in the place she was sent and take the challenge.

She will be called a martyr by the government of Ukraine because she made a big difference in the ongoing war. Even though she doesn’t know who her husband is right now, she was very proud of him for not giving up.

Kushnir’s best friend was a good person who risked his own life to support his wife.

She also had a son who she was able to get out of the city. A lot of people in her family and close friends are now sad about her death.

Olena Kushnir’s Instagram account

It looks like Olena Kushnir doesn’t have an Instagram account at the moment. People were following her on Instagram, where she had 1270 followers. She had 42 photos, and she was following 814 people, too. It can’t be used right now.

Some people think that the account was shut down by the person who had it. Others think that the account was shut down by outside forces who wanted to keep her from getting in contact with the outside world before she died.

When you look at her LinkedIn profile, you can see that she is a Ukrainian professional with 45 connections.

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