Who Is Melvin Williams From Atlanta? Suspect Arrested After Shooting Of Subway Employee

The suspect in the shooting in the Atlanta subway is Melvin Williams. He reportedly had a criminal past and was on bond.

Melvin Williams has been named as the shooter in the Subway incident involving an excessive amount of mayo in the sandwich. He is accused of shooting two employees, one of whom died and the other is still hospitalized.

Melvin Williams from the Atlanta Subway Shooting Who Is He?

Assailant in the Atlanta subway shooting named as Melvin Williams. Over a dispute about how much mayonnaise to put on his sandwich, he allegedly shot the employee.

He began shooting at the workers, killing one and wounding another. The shooting took place inside a Subway restaurant on Sunday night at 6.30 p.m., according to Atlanta’s Fox 5 News.

Brittany Macon, a young woman, passed away, while Jada Statum, another victim, is still being treated for injuries at the hospital.

The deceased woman was 26 years old, the authorities said. Jada, 24, was allegedly shot twice after pulling her baby behind the counter to defend him, according to a family member. However, her five-year-old saw her be hurt, so he will also get “trauma treatment.”

The two women had only recently started working at the store, and Daily Mail noted that they were excellent employees. They were good friends and shared a home. Even yet, Macon had loved Statum’s son as if he were her own.

Is Melvin Williams Arrested? He Is A Suspect

The Atlanta resident’s tip enabled police to apprehend the defendant, Melvin Williams. The shooter had previously had service there, according to Willie Glenn, the owner of the Subway shop, but there had never been any issues with workers.

The 36-year-old Atlanta man has been detained, the Atlanta Police Department reported on Monday. The police department declared during a press conference that the culprit had been apprehended without any further incidents.

Williams’ first court appearance occurred on Monday, and no bond was granted. There is no additional information regarding the incident in the arrest warrants.

The employee, Brittany Macon, was killed as a result of the suspect “knowingly and willfully discharging a firearm,” according to the spelled out charge.

According to other prior records, he was on bond for child abuse and severe assault and shouldn’t have been in possession of a firearm, writes Fox Atlanta Journalist Eric Perry in a tweet.

Too much mayo led to Jada Statum being shot and hurt

The 24-year-old mother Jada Statum pushed her 5-year-old boy under the table just before she was shot twice by a customer who opened fire on the Subway staff because his sandwich had too much mayo.

The young child saw his mother being shot. She was in critical condition when she was transported to the hospital, and as of Monday.

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