Who Is Madelyn Cline New Boyfriend In 2022? Relationship Facts About The Actress

Madelyn Cline, an American actress and model, is best known for her role as Sarah Cameron, the main character in the Netflix drama series Outer Banks. She has gotten a lot of attention ever since the first episode of the show aired.

Her blonde look has made her a fan favorite, therefore everyone is curious about her relationship status. Madelyn, a South Carolina native who now calls Los Angeles, California home and works as an actor, spent her summers working on modeling jobs in New York.

One of her characters, Sarah, is a fan of The Kooks, The Pogues’ arch-rivals. In the episode, Sarah falls in love with John B., the leader of the Pogues, and they manage to evade both the police and the other Kooks.

Madelyn will resume her role as Sarah in the show’s third season. In the second season of Stranger Things, she played Tina, one of the popular women that hung out with Steve Harrington. Her followers have grown to love her since she portrays a range of roles.

In 2022 will Madelyn Cline be dating anyone new?

As of 2022, Madelyn Cline is secretive about her relationships and dating life.

The Outer Banks actress was seen attending a wedding in a now-viral Tiktok video from late May 2022, with Jackson serving as her date.

The description for the video read, “Wonder if he and Madelyn are a thing or just buds!”

The Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi writes, “I have it on very good authority that Madelyn Cline is dating Jackson Guthy, according to a tip I received via Instagram stories shortly after it went viral.”

The post’s subject line read, “Wedding photographs were a tip-off,” as well. The two were also spotted dining together in Malibu as the accusations gained steam.

The Outer Banks actress and the artist have not verified the romance rumors. However, given that neither of them has spoken about it, they might perhaps just be close friends. Fans claimed that they did seem to be a great couple.

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The Relationship Status Of Madelyn Cline And Zack Bia

Zack Bia addressed his relationship status with Madelyn Cline after sparking romance rumors, but the DJ isn’t attempting to label it.

Cline and Bia were spotted together at basketball games and out to dinner in Los Angeles in December 2021, which sparked rumors that they were dating.

The Outer Banks star was “playing coy” about her relationship with Bia after the two of them caused a stir, a source exclusively revealed to Us Weekly. Zack, though, said in an interview that their friendship was the only thing that mattered.

Cline, in his opinion, is quite busy and spends the majority of her time working on the set. Even if they felt a spark between them, it would not survive for very long because of their enormous communication difficulties.

He went on to clarify that since they are both friendly people, they are just hanging around as friends and enjoying one other’s company. Later, he did put the rumor to a stop.

Do Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes still have a relationship?

Madelyn and Chase dated for more than a year before making their separation official in November 2021. The pair had broken up, a source informed Us Weekly at the time.

Before realizing it would be better to split ways, they spent a lot of time attempting to make their relationship work. The knowledge that the couple’s hectic schedules made it challenging for them to spend meaningful time together is also comforting.

Madelyn and Chase had stoked breakup rumors for weeks previous to making their breakup official. Early in September 2021, fans noticed the couple hadn’t been seen out together in a while.

The actress again confirmed their breakup when she refuted rumors that they were seen holding hands in photos that Chase released in March 2022.

Despite the fact that they had just started shooting the new season of their show, fans were uncertain as to whether they had reconciled. They have a close relationship despite having to spend months working on the same set.

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