Who Is Jessica Pegula Husband Taylor Gahagen? See Their Wedding Pictures On Instagram

American tennis player Jessica Pegula made it to the French Open finals in 2022, and her newlywed marriage has piqued viewers’ interest in her personal life.

After making her professional tennis debut in 2009, the teenage tennis prodigy finally cracked the top 10 in the singles rankings, peaking at World No. 8 at the 2022 French Open.

Learn more about the young athlete’s Instagram profile as we get to know the famous tennis player and Pegula’s heiress’s husband, wedding, children, and net worth.

Taylor Gahagen: Who Is She? Hubby of Jessica Pegula

Taylor Gahagen, an American senior investment analyst who is said to have relations to Jessica Pegula’s family going back some time, is the husband of Jessica Pegula. Gahagen spent seven years working at Pegula Sports and Entertainment, which is owned by Jessica’s parents.

Taylor held the position of director of corporate development and brand strategy after earning an MBA from Canisius College and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the State University of New York at Fredonia.

The American tennis player is 28 years old, and her husband appears to be in his mid-30s. The two are incredibly close because of their shared love of dogs and want to aid animals. They both support and participate in the nonprofit organization A Lending Paw Charity.

Images from Jessica Pegula wedding

In October 2021, Jessica Pegula wed Taylor Gahagen, her longtime partner and now husband, in a lavish ceremony at the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina.

The bride and groom seem stunning in the wedding photos, which resemble a fanciful fairytale wedding. They both have a strong affinity for canines, and their dogs even took part in the wedding photo session.

The wedding was a private affair attended only by her closest friends and family, but because the photos were made public, her followers and the wider public were astounded by how idyllic they looked.

Jessica Pegula Family and Children

As of right now, the household of Jessica Pegula and Taylor Gahagen is complete with their three dogs. The couple is still without children.

Given that the 28-year-old is still concentrating on her job at the moment, the two have not mentioned any plans to have children any time soon. The couple’s several dogs, though, are raised by them as though they were their own children.

Since the couple’s marriage hasn’t been long, they must still be in the honeymoon stage, but supporters are hoping to see more members of their family soon.

Discovering Jessica Pegula Net Worth

Jessica Pegula is a tennis player who has amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million over the course of her career.

According to estimates, the American athlete makes an estimated total salary of $298,419 and has earned more than $4 million in prize money over her career.

In addition to her tennis profession, the young tennis star has dabbled in entrepreneurship, establishing her skincare company, Ready 24, in 2017.

Additionally, Jessica is the inheritor of her parent’s wealth in entertainment, professional sports, natural gas, and real estate. Her father has a $7 billion net worth, and her parents own the NFL team Buffalo Bills.

Additionally, the 28-year-old athlete has sponsorship agreements with Yonex Tennis and Adidas Tennis.

Visit Jessica Pegula Instagram page

Jessica Pegula can be found on Instagram at @jpegula, where she posts primarily about her matches and competitions.

Pegula enjoys posting photos of her dogs and coworkers, but she is less likely to share photos of her personal life.

The athlete has shared a few old photos of herself with her fiance on Instagram, but Jessica hasn’t shared any of the pictures from her wedding.

The professional tennis player currently has 43k Instagram followers, which has helped her establish herself as an inspiration to young people who want to be sports.

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