Who is Cosmic Love’s Noel Allen? Meet the Tampa-based personal trainer

On August 12 at 9 p.m. ET, Cosmic Love will have its online video debut on Prime Video. To assist competitors in finding love and companionship, the show will incorporate astrology and horoscopes.

Cosmic Love will use astrological matching to assist four people in finding the right companion. Each individual will stand in for one of the four elements of nature: earth, air, or fire. These people will be led by Cree Summer’s voice, who will also act as a conduit between the participants and the professionals inside the Astro Chamber.

The Astrotwins, twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, will make an appearance on the programme. The Astrotwins have established quite a name for themselves since making their debut in the late 1990s. They influence and inspire millions of people worldwide as the official astrologers for ELLE magazine. Before releasing their own books and subsequently transitioning into full-time astrologers, they co-founded HUES magazine and worked on a few publications.

Hudsun Media and Amazon Studios collaborate to produce Cosmic Love.

Love in the Cosmos: The Water Element Allen, Noel

Maria Rodriguez, Noel Allen, Connor Shennan, and Phoebe Davis are the four people who stand in for the four elements.

Noel Allen, a personal trainer and nutrition coach from Tampa, Florida, is 31 years old. He stands in for the Water element in Cosmic Love (Pisces). Water components are typically sensitive, intuitive, and profound. They are feelers and emotional beings. They are devoted and empathetic, and frequently make excellent artists.

The emotions of a Pisces are erratic. Making long-term, lasting decisions takes a lot of time for them. They are wise old souls that occasionally display rebellious behaviour because of their sensitivity and sentimentality.

This Cosmic Love candidate does not want to give up his yearning for independence and security, much like a normal Pisces guy would. He yet harbours aspirations of starting his own family, which is a predicament shared by many Pisces men and one that frequently confounds women.

Women frequently find themselves falling in love with them for this reason as well

Noel Allen, a star of Cosmic Love, is a native of New Jersey. Allen’s single Cuban-American mother raised him. Allen sees himself as an old-fashioned romantic who enjoys cooking and watching anime in his spare time.

He is shown on the show getting close to Adrianna Raphaela, one of the singles. Raphaela is a Sagittarius, which tends to disagree with water signs.

Returning to the show, the participants must pay special attention to the astrology mentors and the Astro Chamber in order to locate their ideal partner. They must allow them to lead them to love while also utilising their hearts to decide if this is something they want.

It remains to be seen if they will be able to fully submit to astrology and be willing to wed someone based solely on astrology, or if they will leave the show still unmarried.

Watch to see if Noel and Adrianna succeed in starting a fire or if their attempts are unsuccessful. On August 12, Cosmic Love will make its global Prime Video debut.

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