Who Is Anu Tyagi? Shrikant Tyagi Wife Seeks Increased Security For Husband

Here, we’re going to tell you some big news. Shrikant Tyagi’s wife is Anu Tyagi. Shrikant Tyagi was arrested because he was said to be a threat to his own life.

Her husband was fired after a video showed him hitting and abusing a woman. The video has spread like wildfire on social media sites. This news just came out on the internet, and it’s going viral on social media sites. At the moment, everyone on the internet is looking for this news on the internet because they are very interested in it. We have more news information to share with you in this article, so let’s keep going with the news.

According to the report, Shrikant Tyagi was arrested on charges of molesting, cheating, rioting, and certain parts of the Gangster Act. Shrikant Tyagi was arrested on August 9 and is now staying at the Luksar prison. Anu Taygi, his wife, went to the Surajpur district court to ask for protection for her husband when he has to go to jail to go to a court hearing. You’re on the right page to find out what you need to know about the match, so please read the whole thing.

 Anu Tyagi
Anu Tyagi

Who Is Anu Tyagi?

Tyagi told the district court that there was a threat to her husband’s life, and she asked that her husband’s safety be improved. She wrote in the plea, “Vinay Tyagi, a gangster, tried to kill Shrikant Tyagi before, and Shrikant was killed as a result.” At the same time, Shrikant was given Y-level protection, but it was taken away later. This news is going viral on social media sites, and it is now being talked about. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find more news.

Anu Tyagi is the wife of Shrikant Tyagi, who has been arrested, according to the exclusive report. He is a leader in Nodia. After a video of him abusing and threatening a woman was posted on social networking sites, he became very well known. Her husband said that he was a member of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Kisan Morcha’s national executive. But the political party said that he is not a member. Tyagi was put in jail by the police because they wanted to talk to her. She said that she and her family were being mentally tortured by the investigation. Here, we’ve given you all the information we had. Keep an eye out for more news.

Noida Police: Anu Tyagi, the wife of Shrikant Tyagi, who is on the run after being accused of humiliating and abusing the woman, has been let go with a notice from Noida Police. The police have said that Anu Tyagi will have to go to the police station if she is called in for questioning. Also, it has been said that Shrikant Tyagi will not be caught until police are stationed outside his house and watch his family’s every move.

A video of a man being rude to a woman went viral

In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the police are looking for Shrikant Tyagi because he acted inappropriately, abused, and attacked a woman. Since the event, he has been on the run. A video of Shrikant Tyagi went viral on social media on Friday. In this video, he is seen hurting a woman and getting into a fight with her.

After a video of the event went viral on social media, the situation got a lot more attention. There was a complaint against him at the police station, and the Noida Police came to get him, but he had already left. Four people, including his wife Anu Tyagi, were taken by the police to be questioned.

A BJP leader said, “I have nothing to do with Tyagi.”

Shrikant Tyagi says in his Twitter bio that he is a leader of the BJP. This has caused a stir, and all the big leaders of the BJP, including Union Ministers, have taken notice of the situation. Mahesh Sharma, who used to be a Union Minister and an MP, also went to Omaxe Society in Noida, where the event happened. He talked to the woman who was hurt and told her that the Noida Police would catch Tyagi in 48 hours. Sharma also made it clear that Tyagi is not part of the BJP.

I wrote it on my car: “UP government”

A case has also been filed against Shrikant Tyagi in the Noida Phase-2 police station under sections 419, 420, and 482 for writing “UP government” in a fake way and putting the UP government logo on his car.

The main point was that he had made fun of a woman. That’s how it should have been dealt with. But now everything is moving slowly. “All of a sudden, our car, trees, and house are all against the law,” Anu Tyagi told the news agency ANI.

Anu Tyagi, the wife of Shrikant Tyagi, who was arrested for allegedly abusing and assaulting a woman in Noida, said that he should have apologized right away and that everything that happened after the incident was blown out of proportion.

She also said that what happened was not right

“What happened wasn’t right, and he should have said sorry. The main point was that he had made fun of a woman. That’s how it should have been dealt with. But now everything is moving slowly. “All of a sudden, our car, trees, and house are all against the law,” Anu Tyagi, Shrikant Tyagi’s wife, told ANI.

She also said that all they were doing was planting trees.

“We were just planting trees. My husband got angry. He would have said he was sorry and said he was sorry. Everyone around me and my kids is very mean to me and them,” she said.

Shrikant Tyagi was seen in a viral video beating and abusing a woman at Grand Omaxe in Noida’s Sector 93. Since then, he had been on the run, but Uttar Pradesh Police caught him on Tuesday.

Anu Tyagi
Anu Tyagi

The police caught him near Meerut

During an argument, Tyagi, who says he is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Kishan Morcha, is said to have hurt and pushed a woman who lives in the Grand Omaxe society in Noida’s Sector 93B.

Noida Police said that IPC sections 323 (penalty for intentionally hurting someone), 504 (punishment for insulting someone with the intent to start a fight), 506 (penalty for criminal intimidation), and 447 (penalty for criminal trespass) were added to the FIR that was filed on Friday.

Before he was taken out of court, Tyagi told reporters that the woman he beat up was like his sister. He also said that the attack was political and that it was done to get rid of him politically.

“I feel bad about what happened. “She is like my sister. This was a political move to get rid of me,” Tyagi said as he was being taken out of court.

Earlier, the Noida Police said that Tyagi had an MLA sticker on his car. This sticker, they said, was given to him by Uttar Pradesh MLC Swami Prasad Maurya. Maurya told the police this while they were questioning him about the case.

Alok Singh, who is in charge of the police in Noida, said this on Tuesday night

Tyagi wanted to go to Lucknow at first. The police said that it wasn’t known until now that he was in touch with a politician.

Alok Singh, the Chief of Police, said that Tyagi was caught near Meerut. His three friends have also been caught. These accused people have been taken into custody because of a case involving the Omaxe Society of Noida’s Sector 93.

The Noida Police have charged Tyagi and others with hurting a woman’s modesty. CP Alok Singh said that the social media monitoring team found the video of the incident on August 5, 2022. But the person who was hurt did not tell the police about it. The police got in touch with the victim. Then a case was filed, and the person who did it was looked for.

At first, there were eight teams trying to catch Shrikant Tyagi. But he was hard to find because he moved around and used different phones.

There was a huge group effort. There are now 12 teams instead of 10. The police said that he was being chased all the time.

Tyagi was always moving around and using different phones. He traveled to Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Haridwar, and Rishikesh.

After a huge search, Tyagi and the people who had been hiding him for the past 3–4 days were caught.

When asked what caused the fight, the Commissioner of Police said it had to do with the use of a public space in the community and had been going on for three years.

The top cop said, “There is a zero-tolerance policy for crimes against women and children.”

“Tyagi tried to go to the airport at first, but by the time the video went viral, it was too late. He went to Meerut next. He spent the whole night making changes to his gadget,” he said.

“Then he went to Rishikesh and Haridwar. After being there for a while, he went back to UP. Then he changed his device once more,” he said.

CP Alok Singh also said that Shrikant Tyagi was using a Lucknow transport authority VIP number from the series 001. Each of these numbers was won through a bid of at least 1 lakh.

Two Fortuners, two Safaris, and a Honda Civic that Shrikant Tyagi used have been found by the police.

The police said that his driver had a state emblem painted on his license plate to show that he was important.

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