Who Does Nanrisa Lee Play On Quantum Leap? Actress Age, Husband and Career So Far

On Quantum Leap, Nanrisa Lee will play Jenn Chou. In the new version of the original show, there will be new characters.

The new series will take place 30 years after the end of the first one. A new team will try to figure out what happened to Sam Beckett and Project Quantum Leap.

The first episode of the sci-fi show came out on NBC and Peacock on September 19, 2022. Each new episode will come out every Monday.

None of the actors from the first series are coming back. Scott Bakula said on social media that producers asked him to play Sam Beckett again, but he turned them down and wished the new person the best.

So, Nanrisa, who plays one of these new characters, has caught the attention of the audience. Here are some facts about her and what she does in the series.

 Nanrisa Lee
Nanrisa Lee

Nanrisa Lee Plays Jenn Chou On Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is back on TV, even though the main character, Dr. Sam BeBeckett, never made it back home at the end of the first series. The new show is a remake of the first one, and it follows the same plot.

In the new one, the story is similar, but the producers, led by Donald P. Bellisario, added some new twists. In this show, Dr. Ben Song, a smart physicist, is now in charge of keeping the Quantum Leap technology running after Sam got stuck in it.

So, Ben and his team restarted the program to finally bring Sam back after he had been fighting through history for decades. But Dr. Ben goes through something that Sam went through in the past. The whole crew works together to try to figure out how Ben got sent to the past and bring him back to his own time.

The five main people in the show are Ben Song, Addison Augustin, Herbert “Magic” Williams, Ian Wright, and Jenn Chou. Dr. Ben Song, who will end up going back in time to help with the Quantum Leap project, is played by Raymond Lee.

In the same way, Caitlin Bassett will play Ben’s love interest Addison Augustin. She will show up as a hologram to help Ben figure out what to do on his next jump.

In the third season’s “The Leap Home (Part 2): Vietnam” episode, Sam jumped into Herbert “Magic” Williams, a Vietnam veteran who worked with Tom Beckett, Sam’s brother. Christopher Kirby used to play the part, but Ernie Hudson has taken over. He is in charge of the new program Quantum Leap.

Mason Alexander plays Ian, a new lead programmer who is in charge of putting Ziggy back together. Ziggy is the computer program that helped Al and Sam in the first series.

Screenrant says that Nanrisa Lee, who plays Jenn, is also trying to figure out why Ben Song went to the Quantum Leap accelerator. She is in charge of digital security for the new project.

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Fans don’t know if she is married or not

Nanrisa hasn’t said anything about her relationships. She has been seen in public many times, but she has never been seen with a possible date.

In the same way, she is still active on Instagram, but she doesn’t post any photos of her boyfriend. So, a lot of people think she doesn’t have a husband and isn’t married yet.

But we haven’t talked to Lee yet to ask her about her love life. It’s possible that she wants to keep her problems quiet and out of the public eye.

Lee has been an actor for more than ten years

Horror Story, Westworld, and Bosch. But these are not the only things she is known for. Since 2007, she has been in a number of TV shows and movies.

One of her first roles was in a 2005 episode of Grey’s Anatomy called “A Hard Pill to Swallow,” where she played an ER nurse.

The Princess of Nebraska, The Happys, The Aliens, Hansel vs. Gretel, First Love, 9-1-1, SWAT, Doubt, and American Housewife are some of the other movies she has worked on. In American Housewife, she plays Mrs. Davi.

So, she has been in the business for almost twenty years. But her new part on Quantum Leap has brought her more attention. It looks like this series will help her become even more well-known.

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Brandon Lee is her brother

Brandon Lee is her brother’s name. He works as an artist and lives in the Bay Area. His clients include Google hardware, Nest, Juniper Networks, Matson Logistics, Cleversafe, and more.

He doesn’t do a lot on Instagram. On April 26, 2018, he made his last Instagram post.

Nanrisa is 42 years old

She came into the world on May 26, 1980. She is 42 years old right now. IMDb says that she is from Alameda County, California, in the United States.

She is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and stays healthy and fit. Nanrisa Induk Lee is her full name.

From the way she looks, people say she is Asian American. But her last name might sound like a Korean last name, like Li, but some sources say that Lee comes from English-speaking countries.

One of her parents could be from the United States. Still, she hasn’t said anything about her parents or where they came from. So, her fans haven’t found out yet.

What’s Nanrisa Lee’s age?

In 2022, Nanrisa Lee will be 42 years old. On May 26, 1980, she was born.

Where did Nanrisa Lee get her start?

Nanrisa Lee was born in the US state of California, in the Alameda County.

What is the zodiac sign of Nanrisa Lee?

Nanrisa Lee’s zodiac sign in Gemini.

We all know and like Nanrisa Lee, but how much do we really know about her? We will tell you everything you need to know about Nanrisa Lee in this article. Find out about her height, age, career, relationships and affairs, body type, wiki-bio, and more. We can even help you find a celebrity who is the right age, has the right job, or is in a good relationship.

Nanrisa Lee is an actress and producer from the U.S. People know her from the movies Bosch (2014), American Horror Story (2011), and Westworld (2016). (2016). Many people love her because of how talented she is. Fans want to know more about her. If you like Nanrisa Lee and want to find out more about her, you’re in the right place.

We’ll talk about Nanrisa Lee’s height, weight, net worth, age, relationship status, family, and more in this article. So, read the whole article to find out more.

Nanrisa Lee Personal Details

People often think that celebrities can’t be reached or touched. We only get to see a little bit of their world through the paparazzi, magazines, and tabloids. But a celebrity is much more than what you see on TV or read about online. In this blog post, we will talk about Nanrisa Lee’s age, nationality, zodiac sign (the star sign she was born under), hometowns, job, and more.

Nanrisa Lee was born in Alameda County, California, in the United States, on May 26, 1980. She lived there with her family as a child. Nanrisa is short for Nanrisa Induk Lee, which is her full name. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She turned 41 this year (in 2021).

Nanrisa Lee
Nanrisa Lee

Structure of the Body and Measurements

Just like the rest of us, celebrities are obsessed with how their bodies look and how big or small they are. They have gone to extreme lengths to get the perfect look and body. When it comes to being “famous,” it seems like having a small waist is more important than anything else. Here is information about Nanrisa Lee’s body type and size.

Nanrisa Lee stands 1.62 meters tall and weighs 54 kilograms (118 lbs). The weight may have changed, but we put in the most recent one. Her eyes are dark brown and her hair is black.

You can find out more about her below the table.

About Nanrisa Lee’s family

Some well-known people come from well-known families. Because of their family, they get some perks. And some famous people got that way because they worked hard and were good at what they did. So, fans want to know everything they can about the family.

Information about Nanrisa Lee’s family is talked about here. Here, we talk in great depth about Nanrisa Lee’s father, mother, sister, and brothers.

Nanrisa Lee The name of her father is “UPDATE SOON,” and the name of her mother is also “UPDATE SOON.” The name of her brother will update soon, and the name of her sister is “UPDATE SOON.”

We all know that not all celebrity relationships are good. Some celebrities break up with their partners and start dating someone else, while others stick together through good times and bad. In this blog post, I’ll talk about the people Nanrisa Lee has been with in the past.

People are always trying to find out who Nanrisa Lee loved and dated

Here, we talk about Nanrisa Lee’s boyfriend, husband, and partner. We will talk about her relationship and affair in the next section.

Some famous people don’t want to talk about their personal lives on the Internet, so it’s hard to find information about them. We’ve done our best to bring up all the important points.

Relationships can be hard. It takes time and effort. A relationship is the same way, but an affair is less likely to work out as well as a relationship can. Most affairs don’t last long because the two people don’t care about each other or love each other.

Sometimes that’s all people need to feel like they’re important and wanted in the world. Relationships give you a sense of security and care that affairs can’t. If you want more from your partner than just sex, try giving him or her something real.

Where Nanrisa Lee went to school

We’re going to talk about where celebrities went to school and what skills they might have. We’ll talk about how their success relates to their level of education, how they learned different skills, and why it’s important to find the right balance between what you learn in school and what you learn in life.

People want to know where Nanrisa Lee went to school. In this section, we talk about the details of her education.

Nanrisa Lee’s Work History and Accomplishments

In the “Career and Accomplishments” section, we’ll look at how Nanrisa Lee’s career has changed over time. We’ll also look at how she got where she is in the entertainment business. Nanrisa Lee is more well-known than other people, but it’s clear that all successful people have found different ways to stand out from the crowd.

Before you try to copy any of these celebrity goals or lifestyles, you need to know what it takes to be successful in this competitive world. There is no simple answer to how to do this. From movies and TV shows to music albums and live shows, these stars have left an indelible mark on our culture, and not just because they are famous.

Here, we talk about Nanrisa Lee’s early life and her work life. People are interested in her early life and work.

How much money Nanrisa Lee has and where she gets it

The term “net worth” means how much money you have. It lists all of your assets and debts, and the difference between the two is your net worth. You can figure it out by adding up everything you own and then taking away everything you owe (what you owe). Now that so many people are famous because of their online presence, it’s hard to tell who has the most money or how much they might be worth.

Do you want to know how rich Nanrisa Lee is? This article will tell you where Nanrisa Lee gets her money from and how rich she really is. She might not look very wealthy, but she has a lot of money and lives a pretty good life.

The information about Nanrisa Lee’s salary, source of income, and net worth has been updated below. Find out how much she is worth and where she gets her money in the next section.

Nanrisa Lee’s main source of income is as an actress and producer. In 2021, her net worth is about $100,000 USD.

What do you like the most? All of us ask ourselves this question. Even famous people have their favorites, and here we’ll talk about some of Nanrisa Lee’s. Some stars like to shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, while others like to eat at McDonald’s.

Some people buy expensive clothes, while others like to shop at Target or Walmart. Some people like to buy big houses with big lawns, while others would rather live in an apartment close to places they can walk to. Now, let’s see what Nanrisa Lee likes the most.

Talk about Nanrisa Lee’s favorite thing here. You can find out here what her favorite color is, what her favorite food is, who her favorite actor is, what her favorite hobby is, and a lot more.

What is Nanrisa Lee’s age?

She turned 41 this year (in 2021).

How much money does Nanrisa Lee have?

In 2021, Nanrisa Lee has a net worth of about $100,000 USD.

Has she tied the knot?

She is Not Taken.

What is Nanrisa Lee’s height?

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall (1.62 m).

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