Who designed Nicola Peltz’s bridal gown? Addressing her conflict with her mother-in-law Victoria Beckham’s interview with Variety

Finally speaking up about her much-discussed relationship with her in-laws, including her conflict with her mother-in-law Victoria Beckham, is Nicola Peltz Beckham. Rumors started to circulate shortly after Victoria Beckham’s April 2022 nuptials to Brooklyn Beckham that not everything was well between the two women.

The pair has not yet addressed the matter or talked to the media. However, Peltz dispelled the accusations by saying there are no problems between her and Victoria in a recent interview with Variety where she also discussed her relationship with her in-laws.

What did Nicola Peltz have to say about The Beckhams, her in-laws?

Nicola Peltz is at last responding to the gossip about her kinship. Nicola recently claimed in an interview with Variety that the reports about her alleged argument with her mother-in-law began to circulate when she chose not to wear a dress created by Victoria.

In reference to the dress, Nicola said:

She found that her atelier couldn’t do it a few months later, so I was forced to choose another outfit. “I was going to and I truly wanted to,” she said.

In an outfit from Valentino Couture, Nicola discussed her wedding gown and made it clear that there was no conversation between her and Victoria in which Victoria claimed she couldn’t design her garment or in which Nicola claimed she didn’t want to. The rumours started to spread quickly about this time. Brooklyn responded to this by saying:

“I’ve discovered that they’ll always try to write stuff like that. They’ll always strive to make others feel inferior. the fact that everyone gets along is positive.
Brooklyn was also there for the interview, and it was obvious that he felt entirely differently about the subject at hand. He continued by expressing that he would always wish the critic well and that he would continue to pursue his passion.

Who designed Nicola Peltz’s wedding gown?

Nicola claimed in her interview that she truly wanted Victoria Beckham to make her dress, but that the circumstances prevented her from doing so. In the end, she decided to wear Valentino to the wedding.

In 2008, Victoria Beckham launched her own clothing collection, where she created classic pieces that every woman needs to own regardless of the current fashion.

In October 2019, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz began dating. In January 2020, they made their romance social media public. The couple announced their engagement less than a year into their relationship, and they later got married in April 2022. Florida’s Palm Beach, which also happens to be Nicola’s hometown, hosted the wedding.

These speculations are frequently in the headlines because the subject is the daughter-in-law of a well-known soccer player, a former Spice Girl, and a well-known fashion designer. It was time for Brooklyn and Nicola to address these rumours in order to clear the air and put this false information to bed once and for all.

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