Who Are the parents of Brooke Hammerling? How old is the founder of the New New Thing?

New New Thing, a firm that provides strategic communication advice, was founded by Brooke Hammerling.

The creator of New New Thing has spent more than 20 years helping some of the most prosperous IT business owners create their communications strategy.

In Silicon Valley, she saw firsthand how entrepreneurs with complex ideas needed the appropriate language to enthral investors and customers.

By assisting businesses in creating authentic storylines, Brooke has grown her business. She founded something, too. In 2005, she established Brew PR, a trailblazing media relations company that worked with some of the most well-known and innovative technology companies.

In 2016, The Brew was sold to the London-based PR firm Freuds. The New New Thing by Brooke was published in January 2020.

Parents of Brooke Hammerling are Father and Mother Margaret Doolittle Lesser

Brooke Hammerling was born to devoted parents who passed away when she was a little child; on social media, she routinely posts treasured images of them.

Her cherished mother, Margaret Doolittle Lesser Hammerling, passed away in 1997. Recently, on the anniversary of her death, she thought of her.

Similar to how her mother passed away unexpectedly in 1998, his passing will be commemorated 24 years from now on January 1st, 2022.

Hammerling claims that after her parents passed away, Brooke tried to withdraw money from her bank account so she could drive over the Golden Gate Bridge but ran out of money.

Age & Bio of Brooke Hammerling on Wikipedia

According to the information on Brooke Hammerling that is currently on Wikipedia, she is 48 years old. She is the founder of the business New New Thing, a strategic communication consulting company that assists companies with high-level strategy, imaginative storytelling, and forming strong alliances.

The well-known Apple podcast Pop Culture Mondays, which is broadcast every Monday and Thursday, is also written and hosted by her. Prior to that, she served as Zeno’s vice president of media relations and founded Brew Media Relations.

Hammerling attended Rollins College, a tiny liberal arts college in Winter Park, Florida. He was born and reared in Westchester, New York. She relocated to Sausalito, California, after being hired by Access Communications, a Bay Area public relations agency.

She learned the fundamentals there, but she found the atmosphere oppressive because there was no focus on mentorship or developing connections.

What Is Brooke Hammerling’s Net Worth?

Businesswoman Brooke Hammerling, who founded the New New Thing Company, is thought to have a net worth of about $20 million.

As a nod to her parents’ childhood moniker, Brooke created her own store in her flat and called it Brew. The time was ideal because Hammerling’s is one of the few public relations agencies in New York with a strong tech startup community.

Bono, who was scheduled to appear at TED, was persuaded to join them by the creator. His friend Matthew Freud, the CEO of the British public relations agency Freuds, was with him. They were quite compatible. He allegedly paid $15 million for her company, Brew, two years later.

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