Who Are Sophie Habboo Parents Patrique Habboo And Sarah Wigley? When Is Made in Chelsea Star Getting Married?

Sophie Habboo is an actress, the host of a podcast, and a big deal on social media. She is best known for her roles in Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires/Croatia and The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show.

The TV star is in charge of the podcasts “Nearly Weds” and “Wednesday we drink wine.” She has a degree in Media Communications and Cultural Studies from Newcastle University, which she got in 2015.

Sophie Habboos Father is Patrick Habboo and mother is Sarah Wigley

Sophie Habbo’s parents, Sarah Wigley and Patrique Habboo, had her on October 19, 1993. Her mom and dad are no longer together, which is sad.

Mrs. Wigley is 57 years old. She was born in July 1965. She used to be a brand ambassador for Protocol Healthy and Wellbeing, which makes food, skin care, and beauty products. She also worked in the market for real estate.

In the same way, Patrique is about 61 years old. He used to run Praxis Executives on Assignment when it was a company. He has been a partner at Matrix Interim Management since August 2013.

In 2014, Habboo used Instagram to wish her mom a happy Mother’s Day. Sarah was on the 16th episode of Made in Chelsea, which was episode 8. Sophie’s parents show up in some of her Instagram posts.

Sophie Habboo Partner Jamie Laing: Wedding Details

In April 2019, Sophie Habbo and Jamie Laing began seeing each other. After being together for three years, they got engaged last year. Their wedding will be held outside of the country next spring.

Sophie and Jamie will try to keep people from watching their wedding. The two of them think that relationships are more likely to last when the cameras aren’t around.

Jamie says that people won’t understand how he got Sophie, the woman he is going to marry. “In every way, Sophie is better than me,” he said. Laing also said that he was nervous when he asked the actress to marry him.

They started the “Newly Weds” podcast together. They talk about their wedding plans on this talk show. Before she started dating Jamie, she was with Alex Mytton, who was also a reality TV star.

Siblings and Family of Sophie Habboo

Sophie Habboo’s family is from Leamington Spa, which is in the county of Warwickshire. The actress grew up with Georgia, who is now a make-up artist.

In October 2021, Sophie wrote on Georgia’s birthday post, “Happy birthday to my beautiful girl, Georgia! Love you to the moon and back.”

At the moment, her mom works from home on her own, and her dad started a big company that works with executive industries. Now, Habboo and her fiance, Jamie, live in the UK. They haven’t started a family yet.

Sophie also has a huge family of online fans. She can be found on Instagram as @habboosophie. With 968 posts, her verified page for sharing photos has 441k followers.

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