Who Are Mathew And Isaac Auchterlonie? Twin Brothers Shot Dead During Botched Bank Robbery In Saanich, B.C

Matthew and Isaac Auchterlonie, who are twin brothers and both 22 years old, have been named as the two armed bank robbers who were killed by police in a gunfight in Saanich, British Columbia, on Tuesday.

Six police officers were hurt in a shooting late Tuesday morning at the Bank of Montreal in Saanich, which is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Also, police say that explosives that were found in a car driven by one of the suspects on Thursday had to be destroyed.

The VIIMCU is in charge of the investigation (Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit). The incident is also being looked into by the Independent Investigations Office.

Victoria Police and the RCMP join Saanich Police in responding to gunfire at the Bank of Montreal in Saanich, where several people were hurt.

Who are Mathew and Isaac Auchterlonie and what did they do? Bob Auchterlonie Sons

Mathew and Isaac Auchterlonie, 22-year-old twin brothers from central Vancouver Island, have been named as suspects in the failed robbery of a Bank of Montreal branch on Saturday in Saanich, British Columbia, a suburb of Victoria.

Both young men were killed on Tuesday when they shot at the police in front of the bank. Six police officers were shot, and three of them are still in the hospital. One is in intensive care, and another needs more surgery.

At a news conference on Saturday, Cpl. Alex Bérubé said, “There are still a lot of questions and things that need to be looked into in order to fully understand what happened and why.”

No one knows for sure why there was a robbery with guns and then gunfire with the police.

The Family of Mathew and Isaac Auchterlonie in Duncan, BC

Matthew and Isaac Auchterlonie, who were both 22 years old, lived in Duncan, which is 60 kilometers northwest of Victoria. The RCMP says that the brothers had never done anything wrong before and were unknown to authorities.

Bérubé says that police talked to the suspect’s family, who were helping with the investigation. Police said they are still trying to find out more about the two black racing stripes on the hood and roof of the suspects’ 1992 Toyota Camry.

A former classmate from Mill Bay’s Frances Kelsey Secondary School said that the brothers went there, and she asked Postmedia not to reveal who she was.

A former classmate said that Isaac and his brother didn’t talk to many people during high school. They always seemed to hang out with each other and no one else.

On Instagram and Facebook, you can meet the twins

Isaac Auchterlonie was one of the twins who used Instagram. But the account has been taken away. They don’t really do much on Facebook.

Isaac Auchterlonie’s Instagram account, which has since been deleted, had several posts with hashtags that were against the government. He thought that owning guns was the only way to stop the “tyranny” of the government.

Before the Instagram account was deleted, this is what the bio said: “Patriot and Canadian. Fans of the Pacific war in World War II. Nature and arms”

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