Who and how did Heather Strube’s murder? ID’s American Monster will investigate the Georgia murder of a single mother

The heartbreaking tale of Heather Strube’s horrific murder is featured in a new episode of American Monster from ID.

Bill Thomas is the series’ director, and Bruce Kennedy is its author. It centres on actual monsters, sometimes known as murderers, who can be found on any American street corner hiding behind any innocent grin. Along with family and eyewitness testimonials, it includes never-before-seen video footage of the murders committed by these killers.

Before watching ID’s American Monster episode, viewers should be aware of the following information concerning Heather Strube.

The following article contains sensitive material.

Heather Strube: who was she? What has become of her?

Single mother Heather Strube, 25, was employed as a wedding coordinator. In 2004, she wed Steven Strube, and the two were blessed with Carson. However, the couple divorced in 2008 and fought over Carson’s custody up until Heather was killed. Steven was residing with his mother Joanna and his girlfriend at the time.

On April 26, 2009, Heather took her son Carson to see his father and then drove down to the neighbourhood Target parking lot to fetch him up. For the two, this was their go-to location. While Carson was restrained in the backseat of her automobile at around 6 o’clock, Heather Strube was shot in the forehead with a.38 calibre revolver.

The murderer was a short, slender white male wearing khaki slacks and a button-up shirt, according to eye witnesses and 911 calls.

He had a moustache and black hair in addition to this. Based on the accounts of witnesses, a composite sketch of the murderer was created. Since Heather’s pocketbook was still in her car, it was determined that the motive for the murder was personal rather than robbery. Since the parking lot video captured Steven departing before the crime, Steven was quickly eliminated as a suspect.

The suspect was captured on another video heading across to the parking lot and departing, but the face was hidden. One of the eyewitnesses who was sleeping at a nearby motel called the police, which provided the investigators with their first significant lead. A day before the murder, he claimed to have seen someone who resembled the composite sketch taking pictures of the neighbourhood while seated in a white pickup vehicle.

When the witness recognised Joanna’s truck as the one he had seen, this led the investigation in her direction

Joanna Hayes, Heather Strube’s mother-in-law, killed Heather Strube while posing as a man. Calls for Murder

The offender, Joanna Hayes, who is also Heather Strube’s mother-in-law, was found guilty of the crime. She originally denied doing it, but she later confessed that she didn’t like Heather and that she wasn’t qualified to raise Carson. The police then conjectured that Joanna pretended to be Heather Strube’s killer in order to kill her and keep her from getting custody of Carson.

Joanna’s car was also the subject of a search order issued by the police, and wig fibre and gunshot residue were discovered in the truck during a forensic investigation. Prosecutors claimed Joanna put on a wig and a moustache before killing Heather Strube at her trial.

She always had a.38 calibre Lady Rossi 5 handgun with her, as her ex-husband later confessed.

He continued by saying that after a fight, she once threatened him by aiming the gun at his head. Steven Strube later recanted his claims while testifying, having at first thought that his mother was the person he saw in the security film. Even though the murder weapon was never discovered, the jury found Joanna guilty based on the evidence put up by the prosecution and various testimony from witnesses and family members.

Information about ID’s American Monster

Stories of astounding atrocities are the centre of ID’s American Monster, which also includes interviews with neighbours and family members. To give viewers a feel of how the monsters-in-disguise lead regular lives, the programme utilises personal movie footage of them at home with their families and friends.

The episode’s official synopsis is as follows:

“Heather Strube leads a contented life in Snellville, Georgia, caring for her little son, working at the family floral shop, and anticipating a happy future with her new partner. A Sunday excursion to the mall, however, upends everything.”
Tom Streithorst and Robert Firth serve as the series’ narrators.

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