Where Is Theophilus Brooks Today? Erica vassell Murder Case and Dateline

Theophilus Brooks is now in jail, where he will spend the next 45 years because he killed Erica Vassell.

“Murder After the Big Game,” a show on Investigation Discovery, looks at the brutal killing of 21-year-old Erica Vassell, which shocked not only her friends and family but also the whole town of Clewiston, Florida, which thought a murderer was hiding there.

Since the murder was so strange, even the police had to ask the public for help to figure out what happened. After “Murder Comes to Town: Who Killed Miss Brown Sugar?,” this is the second ID special about Erica’s interesting case.

Where is Theophilus Brooks now?

After asking the neighbors, the dispatchers found out that Erica was dating Theophilus Brooks. After being questioned for six hours, he told the truth. Police records show that he was given a 45-year prison sentence. The 40-year-old is being held at the New River Correctional Institution in Florida because of this.

Theophilus Tawon Brooks was charged with first-degree murder by the Glades County Grand Jury after Erica Vassell died in early June 2011. In November 2014, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder and got 45 years in prison.

So, the 39-year-old is now a prisoner at the New River Correctional Facility in Raiford, Florida. He is likely to stay there until March 2, 2056, when he is set to be released.

After leaving the club, Brooks picked up Erica and drove her to the hotel. He killed her and then threw her body into the woods. He even ran the var over her body, so she is dead.

Erica Vassell Murder Case

Erica Vassell was 21 years old and lived with her family in Glades County. She was a lively girl with a free spirit. Her father said that Erica cared a lot about her family, especially her younger siblings. Even though she was the youngest person in the house and quite old, she often slept next to her mother.

But he also said that he worried about his daughter’s safety because she was so honest and often got into trouble because of it. So, when Erica didn’t come home after a Super Bowl party at Suzy B’s Club in Clewiston in 2011, her parents were worried.

At first, Erica’s mom called her daughter all the time in a panic. After not hearing from anyone, the family called 911 to report that she was missing. On February 11, four days after the club, Erica’s body was found on the side of a lonely road near a sugarcane field in a rural area about four miles from the club.

Early that morning, a driver was the first person to see her. He quickly called the police when he realized the wrapped figure was a person. Erica was dressed, and there were also no signs that she had been sexually assaulted.

Who Killed Miss Brown Sugar – Dateline Episode Of Erica Vassell Murder

In the dateline episode, Erica Vassell, who is 21 years old, goes missing after a Super Bowl party in Clewiston, Florida. The people of the town start looking for her.

At the time, the investigators didn’t say what killed Erica. But, according to stories that have come out since, she had many cuts on her face, scrapes all over her body, and tire tracks that went in different directions, all of which showed that she had been run over at least twice.

Erica had small holes from shotgun pellets on the back of her right shoulder and neck, and her injuries didn’t match up with those from a car accident. This showed that she was killed. But it was known that her pelvis was what killed her.

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