Where Is Somsack Sinthasomphone, Konerack’s Brother Now?

The documentary ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ which can be seen on Netflix, tells the story of how Jeffrey Dahmer cruelly murdered Konerack Sinthasomphone. Dahmer bored a hole into the victim’s skull and then pumped hydrochloric acid into the hole. Nevertheless, Jeffrey was responsible for the tormenting of another member of the Sinthasomphone family in 1988, when he drugged and sexually tortured Somsack Sinthasomphone, who was Konerack’s brother. Jeffrey was unaware of this at the time. Thankfully, Somsack was able to get away from the terrifying event unscathed, but it has left an indelible impression on his memory. Let’s investigate the circumstances behind this case and see if we can figure out where Somsack is right now, shall we?

Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Who exactly is this Somsack Sinthasomphone character?

Both Somsack Sinthasomphone and his brother Konerack were born in Laos, but their family moved to the United States when they were young. They were raised in a loving and supportive environment. Both Somsack and Konerack were responsible adolescents who were intent on establishing a reputation for themselves despite the fact that they had a difficult childhood as a result of less-than-ideal socioeconomic conditions. Despite this, they were both motivated to make a name for themselves. In September of 1988, Somsack had just turned 13 years old when he had his first encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer. At the time, Jeffrey had recently moved into the apartment of his own choosing, having left behind the home he shared with his grandmother.

After coming to the conclusion that Somsack might be easily influenced, he made an attempt to coerce the teenager into coming to his apartment so that she may pose for some nude photographs. Jeffrey went as far as to give Somsack some money in exchange for his time, which in the end persuaded the young man to accompany the serial killer back to his flat. Surprisingly, Jeffrey never made an attempt to end Somsack’s life or cause him physical harm in any way. On the other hand, he drugged and sexually molested the child until the young girl, who was only 13 years old at the time, was able to break free from Jeffrey’s grasp and flee the apartment.

After afterwards, officials from the law enforcement agency discovered about the occurrence, and on September 27, 1988, they placed Jeffrey under arrest. In the end, Jeffrey pled guilty to the charges of sexual assault in the second degree as well as tempting a child for immoral reasons in January of 1989. As a result of his guilty plea, he was sentenced to one year in prison with work release and five years of probation in May of the same year. Jeffrey was released from prison in May of 1989. In addition, the judge requested that Jeffrey register as a sexual offender in the court system. The fact that Jeffrey was on probation for molesting Somsack at the time of the murder of Konerack is an interesting aside.

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Where Can We Find Somsack Sinthasomphone at This Time?

After enduring such a frightening incident, Somsack went back to his family and continued to reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the time when Jeffrey Dahmer was apprehended by the police and Konerack was identified as one of Dahmer’s victims. Additionally, the Estate of Sinthasomphone and the family of Konerak filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department as well as the City of Milwaukee, accusing both of failing to uphold their constitutional rights. The complaint was filed against both of these entities.

Since that time, Somsack Sinthasomphone has consistently chosen to keep a low profile and has placed a high value on maintaining his privacy with regard to his personal life. On the other hand, it would appear that Somsack Sinthasomphone is now settled down with a family and making his home in Wisconsin with his wife.

Kieran Tamondong, who plays Dahmer on Netflix, takes on the role of Konerak Sinthasomphone.

Kieran Tamondong had a performance as the character Konerak Sinthasomphone in the series Dahmer Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which is available on Netflix. The actor enjoyed a great deal of popularity as a direct result of the role he played in the movie Warrior. The Paper Tigers and Little Big Shots both make cameo cameos in this film.

Although he was born in Valencia, California, his current home is in Valencia, but he was born in Los Angeles, California. He started his training in the art of martial arts at Rising Sun Karate when he was five years old and was instructed in it by Randy Wood.

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Brayden Maniago as Somsack Sinthasomphone, Kieran Tamondong for Konerak Sinthasomphone Netflix
Brayden Maniago as Somsack Sinthasomphone, Kieran Tamondong for Konerak Sinthasomphone Netflix

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