Where Are Megan Getrum’s Parents Now?

It was over in March 2022, when he was found guilty of two murders and twice as many sexual assaults and sent to prison for life.

Megan Getrum, a 36-year-old woman who was hiking in a park in Plano, Texas, when she was killed. When her parents, Diane and Leonard Getrum, heard that she had died, it left a huge hole in their lives. Here’s what we know about what has happened to them since then.

Megan Getrum
Megan Getrum

Who is Megan Getrum’s mother and father?

Leonard and Diane Getrum had a daughter named Megan Leigh Getrum in September 1980. She was close to her parents and grew up with her brother, Jeff. Diane talked about how much her daughter loved to travel later. It all started with a trip abroad in high school, and the 36-year-old has now been to places like Scotland, Ireland, and Peru. She smiled when she thought about how her daughter liked to try the food wherever she went and how her grandparents, Frank and Barbara Cochrane, took her on trips.

Diane said that Megan’s last trip was with her grandparents to India and that she was excited to go to other places in the future. Megan went hiking at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano on April 14, 2017. But after that, no one saw or heard from the young woman again. Molly Matheson, who was 22 years old, had been dead for a few days when her mother, Tracy, found her body in Fort Worth, Texas.

Megan’s body was found in Lake Roy Hubbard in Texas on April 15, 2017. This put an end to the search for her and made Diane and Leonard very sad. In the end, the police found physical proof that linked Reginald to the raping and killing of Molly and Megan. Even though he used to date Molly, the police didn’t think he knew Megan. Witnesses said they saw him in Megan’s apartment complex before she went missing. They also saw a car in the parking lot that was registered to Reginald’s father.

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Where are Megan Getrum’s parents now?

Reginald Kimbro was found guilty of the murders in March 2022 and sent to prison for the rest of his life. Diane was in court and gave a statement about how the crime affected her. She said that Jeff had lost the best sister he could have asked for. Diane also said that Reginald used to haunt her, but that was no longer the case.

Diane said, “But I don’t want to spend any more time with him. Today, I’m going to walk out of that door because I have mountains to climb, silly snacks to try, and people who love me and whom I love in return. Diane and Leonard Getrum have not been seen much since then. We don’t know what they do now, but they live in Sherman, Texas, as far as we can tell.

What killed them? Who Put Them to Death? Reginald Kimbro, who raped and killed several women, raped and killed Molly Matheson, 22, of Fort Worth, and Megan Getrum, 36, of Plano. Now that he has been found guilty, he is serving a life sentence without the chance of parole for the two murders and four sexual assaults that happened in 2017. Kimbro said he was guilty before the trial even started. This saved him from getting the death penalty.

Matheson and Getrum were both killed in just a few days. Both of the victims dated the killer in the past, so they are both linked to the same killer. On the other hand, Megan had never met Kimbro, but she was badly hurt when she was hiking near her home in Plano. In both cases, the DNA evidence that linked the serial rapist to the murders was the same.

On Friday’s episode of NBC Dateline, they will talk about the horrible deaths of Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum. They will also talk about how Reginald Kimbro was finally caught and his campaign of sexual assaults in Texas came to an end. The episode is called “Wreckage,” and it will air on the network at 9 p.m. ET on September 23, 2022.

Who were Megan Getrum and Molly Matheson? What happened to them?

Molly Jane Matheson was born in Florida. After she was born, her family moved to Fort Worth, Texas. She went to Keller Timber Creek High School in Fort Worth for high school, and then she went to the University of Arkansas. The 22-year-old, on the other hand, seems to have dropped out of school and moved back to Fort Worth in 2015. At the time of the incident, she worked as a sales manager at a store for women’s clothes and lived near Texas Christian University.

Tracy Matheson, Molly’s mother, was worried on April 10, 2017, when her daughter didn’t show up to work. Even though her daughter lived across the street in a garage apartment, the worried mom called a friend.

Even though her friend said Molly’s car was parked outside, Tracy went to the 22-year-house old’s to check on things and make sure her daughter was safe. Molly wasn’t there when she opened the door and saw that it wasn’t locked. Tracy called her name and started to look around the house. Before going into the bathroom, she turned around to look at the backyard.

Megan Leigh Getrum liked to camp, hike, and go to new places. On April 14, 2017, the 36-year-old hiked in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas. About a week after Molly Matheson was killed, Reginald Kimbro attacked Megan Getrum sexually and strangled her while police were looking into him.

Megan was attacked on April 14, 2017, when she went for a walk at night in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in her neighborhood. That evening was the last time anyone saw Megan alive. On April 15, 2017, her body was found in Lake Roy Hubbard, Texas. Just like Molly, she had been sexually assaulted. There were also signs that the person had drowned, been hit in the back of the head, or been strangled.

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Who killed Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum?

The police looked at Molly Matheson’s phone messages and records to see if they could find any clues in her case. According to the records, a man named Reginald Kimbro sent her a text message at 10:26 p.m. on April 9, 2017. A few days after Molly was found, he was taken in for questioning. The authorities found out that he knew the 22-year-old from when she lived in Arkansas. Molly and Reginald dated for a while and then broke up, but they stayed in touch with each other.

Reginald said he went to Molly’s apartment the next night and they started kissing. He said, though, that Molly turned down his request for a sexual encounter, so he left at 1:30 am on April 10, 2017. Around 2:59 a.m., Reginald sent her a text message on her phone thanking her for some ideas. Still, she never did read that text. The person who did it seems to have done a lot to hide his footprints at the scene of the crime. Molly was put under a shower to try to get rid of any signs of the crime, but her DNA was still found on her body and was taken.

 Megan Getrum
Megan Getrum

Inside the unit, the officers also found wet clothes. The shipment had two sets of women’s underwear, a fitted sheet, a pillowcase, washcloths, a towel, jogging shorts, and a pair of men’s underwear. The police thought that the shorts they found in Molly’s apartment belonged to Reginald because he said he had worn them on April 9. Later, the DNA from the crime scene and Reginald’s were found to be the same.

In the same way, Megan, who had been sexually assaulted, gave biological evidence. This DNA also came from Reginald, which linked him to two murders and two sexual assaults. The police would find out later that he had attacked women before. Before he was caught for the killings, Reginald was on the police’s radar for sexual assaults in several places in Texas in 2012 and 2014. Three different women said that Reginald had raped and choked them.

In each case, his sperm was found on the woman, but no one was charged. Authorities say that in 2012, a woman at first didn’t want to press charges, but she changed her mind once the murder investigation began. Reginald’s DNA was found in the rape kit in February 2017, more than a month before Molly was killed. This was despite the fact that a woman was raped in Allen, Texas, in January 2014. Reginald’s ex-partner also said that he liked to choke her during sex and sometimes went too far and wouldn’t stop.

In the end, Reginald accepted a plea deal in March 2022, just before the trial started, and admitted to the two murders and four more sexual assaults. As a result, Reginald was given a life sentence without the chance of getting out. Because of this, the people who dealt with the previous cases of sexual assault came under fire. One woman said that the police officer who questioned her didn’t believe what she said. Advocates for the victims said that the killings could have been stopped if Reginald had been arrested sooner after his DNA was found to match that of the woman who had been sexually assaulted in 2014.

Reginald Kimbro, who was a serial rapist, raped and killed Molly Matheson, who was 22 and from Fort Worth, and Megan Getrum, who was 36 and from Plano. He was found guilty of two murders and four sexual assaults in 2017 and is now serving a life sentence without the chance of parole. Kimbro confessed before the trial, which got him a deal that kept him from getting the death penalty.

Matheson and Getrum were both killed just a few days apart. The killer knew the person who had been killed before because they had dated in the past. Megan, on the other hand, had never met Kimbro. When she was attacked, she was on a hike near her home in Plano. In both cases, DNA was the only thing that linked the serial r*pist to the murders.

On Friday, NBC Dateline will look back at the sad and violent deaths of Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum, as well as how the police finally caught Reginald Kimbro and put an end to his spree of sexual assaults across Texas. The episode is called “Wreckage,” and it will air on the network on September 23, 2022, at 9 pm ET.

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