What Is Vili Fualaau Net Worth? What Does Mary Kay Letourneau’s Victim Do For A Living?

In 1997, Vili Fualaau’s teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree assault against him.

Vili Fualaau, who was in the sixth grade at an elementary school in Burien, Washington, was 12 years old when he had his first sexual experience. Mary had Vili’s child while she was waiting to hear her sentence.

The state wanted her to go to jail for six and a half years, but she reached a plea deal that gave her six months in jail, three months suspended, and no contact with Vili for the rest of her life. Many people were interested in the case.

Kay was caught with Fualaau in a car not long after she finished her three-month sentence. A judge threw out her plea deal and put her back in prison for the maximum amount of time, which is seven and a half years.

Eight months after she went back to prison, she had Vili’s second child, a daughter. She was locked up from 1998 to 2004. Vili and Kay got married in May 2005, and they were together for 14 years before they split up in 2019.

Vili Fualaau
Vili Fualaau

How much money does Vili Fualaau have? What does he do for a living?

It is thought that Vili Fualaau has a net worth of more than $100,000. Vili seems to be happy and comfortable for now.

Fualaau hasn’t said what he does for a living or where he works yet. In May 2017, Vili and Mary got a divorce. Still, he supposedly told Radar Online in an interview that it was a financial decision because he wanted to start a marijuana business.

“It might not be what you think,” Vili told the magazine about the divorce filing. “When you apply for a license, they check your and your partner’s backgrounds. If I want to join, I have to get a license and pass a background check, just like my spouse. She has a history.”

But in August 2017, through his lawyer, he said that he had never given Radar an interview and that he was going ahead with the divorce even though Mary wanted to get back together, which was shown in court documents.

Where is Vili Fualaau, Mary Kay Letourneau’s husband?

Vili Fualaau was arrested in Seattle on Saturday for driving drunk after he almost hit a police car.

A spokesperson for the Washington State Patrol said that Vili was driving erratically at 4 a.m. on Saturday when he changed lanes quickly and almost hit a Seattle Police Department car.

He was quickly pulled over and arrested after failing a field sobriety test “poorly.” Police say that at the time, he had red eyes and couldn’t see well.

The police report did not say how the test turned out, but it did say that he was arrested for DUI and booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Vili was charged with DUI once before, in February 2018. At the time, a King County Sheriff’s Department officer said that Vili was given a ticket after he crashed his 2002 Mercury Mountaineer into three cars in Burien, Washington, just before midnight on February 2, that same year.

Only a few months after he filed for divorce did this happen. Like his last DUI arrest, he failed a field sobriety test before being taken to the station, where he was charged with DUI and released.

Vili hasn’t said where he lives right now, but it looks like he’s been living somewhere in Seattle.

Who Is Vili Fualaau?

Mary Kay Letourneau, a married teacher, took Vili Fualaau under her wing and helped him with his art. During the summer after he finished sixth grade, Fualaau turned 13. Soon after that, he had a sexual relationship with Letourneau. She went to prison when she found out she was pregnant with Fualaau’s child. When she got out, they got married and now have two children. They split up.

Early Years

Soona and Luaiva Fualaau gave birth to their fourth child on June 26, 1983. Fualaau met Letourneau for the first time when he was in the second grade. Later, when he was in sixth grade at Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington, she was his teacher. Letourneau was a popular teacher and the wife and mother of four children. At first, she took Fualaau under her wing and helped him develop his artistic skills. He spent time at her house, and her oldest child, Steve, who was only a year younger than him, became friends with him.

Fualaau has said in some interviews that he was the one who wanted to turn their friendship into a relationship. He thought about what he could do to win her over. He told the TV news show Dateline, “I remember I used to plan the next day, like, ‘What I was going to do, what I was going to say, what I was going to like, and what surprise I was going to leave on her desk.'” Letourneau said that she thought of him more as an adult than as a young teen.

Involvement With Letourneau

Fualaau turned 13 during the summer after he finished sixth grade. Soon after that, he had a sexual relationship with Letourneau. Fualaau and Letourneau both wanted to keep their relationship a secret. However, Letourneau later said she did not know that her relationship with the minor was considered rape by the law. Once, the police did see them together in her van, which was parked overnight at a local marina. They asked Fualaau and Letourneau questions, but both of them said they had done nothing wrong. Fualaau’s mother told the police that it was okay for her son to be there with her.

Being a father at 14

In 1997, Fualaau’s child was born to Letourneau, who was then pregnant. Her husband found out that she was seeing Fualaau, and one of his relatives told the police. Letourneau was then arrested on charges of statutory rape. In May of that year, she gave birth to their daughter Audrey. Fualaau became a father for the first time at age 14. The child was given temporarily to Fualaau’s mother.

At first, Fualaau didn’t tell anyone who he was during the case against Letourneau. He still talked to the press, telling KIRO in Washington that Letourneau’s pregnancy wasn’t a mistake. “We had an idea. We could only stay together if we had a baby, who would remind me of her “he told a journalist. After that, the family sued the station for breaking their privacy.

Letourneau is going to jail

Letourneau later admitted to two counts of raping a child and was given a prison sentence of between six months and seven years. Even though the court told Letourneau to stay away from Fualaau after six months in a sex offender treatment program, he didn’t listen. Police soon caught them together in her car, and Letourneau went back to jail in 1998 to finish out the rest of her sentence. During the short time they were together, Letourneau got pregnant with the couple’s second child. During Letourneau’s time in prison, the couple’s daughter Georgia was born. Fualaau’s mother helped take care of the couple’s newest child once again.

In the same year, Fualaau made his story public by selling it to TV and news stations. In the book Only One Crime, Love, which was published in France in 1999, he and Letourneau tried to explain their strange relationship. Fualaau struggled with the case’s fame when he was going through a hard time. He got drunk a lot for a while and stopped going to school.

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Fualaau and his family took the school district and the police to court in 2002 for not stopping the relationship. He said that his relationship with Letourneau had hurt him emotionally and that he was no longer in love with the mother of his children. It looks like the jury didn’t believe him, because they sided with the defendants.

Vili Fualaau
Vili Fualaau


When Letourneau got out of prison in 2004, Fualaau, who was 21 at the time, got the restraining order against him lifted right away. He soon asked Letourneau to marry him. The wedding took place at a winery in Woodinville, Washington, in May 2005. They sold a video of their wedding to the media.

Fualaau and Letourneau eventually got back together with their kids, and they set up a home in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. He has been a DJ for the past few years, and in 2009, he and his wife put on a series of “Hot for Teacher” nights at a local club.

In 2015, Fualaau and Letourneau celebrated 10 years of marriage. Well-known interviewer Barbara Walters spoke with the couple on an episode of 20/20. In the two-hour documentary Mary Kay Letourneau: Autobiography, which aired at the end of May 2018, Letourneau talked more about their relationship.

Legal Separation

Fualaau and Letourneau legally split up in May 2017, but he allegedly told Radar Online in an interview that it was a financial decision made by the couple because he wanted to start a marijuana business.

He told the magazine about the separation filing, “It’s not always what you think.” “When you want a license, they check your background and the background of the other person. If I want to join, I have to get a license and be checked out, and so does my spouse. She has history. She has a story to tell.”

But in August 2017, Fualaau said through his lawyer that he had never talked to Radar and that he was going ahead with the divorce, even though Letourneau wanted to get back together, as court documents showed.

In February 2018, Fualaau was arrested for driving drunk. He had hit two cars in Burian, Washington, before he was caught. He was reportedly lost and slurring his words when the police showed up. Reports say that Letourneau showed up at the scene of the accident and told Fualaau not to take a test of his or her sobriety without a lawyer present.

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