What is the Everything App X by Musk? The quality will it be? Explaining Features

Elon Musk has stated his intention to develop a universal app and has referred to it as ‘X.’ It is somewhat analogous to the WeChat app that is used in China. The billionaire has made it clear that he wants to expand the usefulness of Twitter, and as a result, he was on board with the proposal to build X. What exactly is Elon Musk’s Everything App X, and how beneficial do you think it will be for the generations to come?

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

The Everything App X from Musk

Musk has indicated that his purchase of the social media website Twitter is a stimulus for the development of X, and that this may potentially reduce the amount of time needed to complete the project by three to five years.

He has stated some opinions on how Twitter may be improved, saying that he would like it to look more like WeChat and TikTok, which is a prominent video-sharing app that is owned by ByteDance Ltd. and has acquired popularity in the United States. He also made a reference to the so-called “super apps” that are common in certain parts of Asia. These apps are downloaded frequently because they provide users with access to a variety of functions, ranging from communications to car calling, all within the confines of a single smartphone application.

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Musk’s ideas for the future of app X

The X App is known as the All in Podcast since it integrates a variety of different services into a single package. Through the use of the X-app, users have access to a wide number of services, including messaging, social networking, video sharing, peer-to-peer payments, online shopping, and the ability to reserve a car.

This Thursday, Elon Musk altered the decision he made earlier in the week about his negotiations with Twitter and issued a takeover offer for $44 billion. In addition to this, he presented an idea for the development of a social media network that would provide users access to everything.

Everything in the Podcast

X is going to be a one-stop shop for all of the day-to-day digital requirements that customers have. Just before Musk attempted to stop the purchase of Twitter, he made a pledge to a group of wealthy investors, including Larry Ellison, that by the year 2028, revenue would have increased by a factor of five to reach $26.4 billion. If he turned Twitter into a WeChat for the rest of the globe, he could reach 931 million daily users in six years, which is almost comparable to the number of users of the Chinese giant app. In addition to this, he might launch a payments company with the potential to produce annual revenue of $1.3 billion at that time, thereby diminishing Twitter’s reliance on revenue from advertising.

Musk has indicated that there is a need for a super app in the United States that combines social networking, chat, video games, payments, and the All-In podcast. An article written by Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at New York University and co-host of the technology podcast “Pivot,” claims that Asian consumers utilise the internet to use giant apps.

One month later, at a town hall gathering with the Twitter workforce, Musk elaborated further on that concept. WeChat is so applicable and helpful for day-to-day living in China that, in Musk’s words, “you literally live on WeChat.” “And I think if we can achieve that at Twitter, or even come close to that, it would be a great success,” Musk said. “You literally live on WeChat.” According to CNN, he also forecast that the number of people using Twitter, which currently stands at little more than 200 million, might rise to “at least a billion people.”

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The capabilities of app X

The X app will contain a number of helpful features that will be accessible to all users. It is likely that it would have an impact on every facet of our digital lives, but it is also likely that it would continue to offer many of the same services, such as

  • Messaging
  • Both audio and video calls
  • Spreading news stories
  • Streaming media
  • Playing a video game
  • Posting photographs of everyday life
  • Interacting with coworkers at work
  • Integration of the stock market and cryptocurrencies
  • Ordering food from restaurants and paying for it
  • Booking tickets for a show
  • Calling a cab (or autonomous Tesla)
Elon Musk
Elon Musk

The X world created by Elon Must and his team

In the year 1999, Musk was one of the co-founders of X.com, an online bank that would later become PayPal after merging with another company. In 2017, he made an undisclosed purchase from PayPal that reclaimed the rights to the domain name X.com.

In the meanwhile, Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 and introduced the Model X through his manufacturer Tesla in 2015. Both of these accomplishments are notable.

In order to pursue the acquisition of Twitter, Musk established three holding corporations in the state of Delaware and gave each one the name “X Holdings.”

It would be challenging to establish a “super app” with a concentration on the United States in the United States, especially when one considers the number of powerful players who have similar aims. For example, Facebook and Instagram have both made efforts to expand their presence in the e-commerce space, while Snapchat has experimented with peer-to-peer payment systems. Walmart is getting into the internet banking business, while Amazon has moved into many different aspects of people’s everyday lives.

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