What is Lymphedema? Fans concerned as Wendy Williams reveals she can feel only ‘5 percent of her feet’ in worrisome TMZ interview

Wendy Williams recently spoke candidly with TMZ Live about her health issues and upcoming professional goals.

Williams said she is “100% retired” from TV shows as her long-running chat show came to an end:

Williams, a television personality who battled lymphedema for many years, said she is excited to launch her own podcast or perhaps a brand of footwear for others with the ailment.

Williams asked hosts Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere if they were familiar with the illness of lymphedema while describing her medical difficulties. The TV personality displayed her noticeably enlarged feet on camera and said: “Are they?” when the anchors retorted that they weren’t.

Williams added that although she should be confined to a wheelchair and can only feel “five percent” of her feet:

Williams joked with the interviewers that she was doing better than them despite her health issues.

A study of lymphedema

A disorder known as lymphedema is when the tissues in certain areas of the body swell up as a result of an accumulation of protein-rich fluid that would normally drain through the lymphatic system.

The Mayo Clinic states that although the chest wall, abdomen, and neck can also be impacted, the illness primarily affects the arms and legs. In extreme circumstances, it may restrict the motion of the afflicted limb, leading to skin alterations and breakdowns. Additionally, it can make sepsis and skin infections more likely.

Lymphedema most frequently manifests as swelling in the arms or legs, a heavy, constricted feeling, fibrosis, or thickening of the skin, motion limits, and recurrent infections.

Massage, meticulous skin care, compression bandages, compression stockings, and sequential pneumatic pumping are all used in the treatment of the disorder. Surgery to remove bloated tissue or develop new drainage channels may also be necessary in rare circumstances.

Concerns are raised by viewers regarding Wendy Williams’ health.

Since Wendy Williams took a sabbatical from her eponymous program to focus on her health challenges, her fans have been worried about her condition.

She had originally intended to make a comeback to The Wendy Williams Show in September 2021, but after testing positive for COVID-19, she was unable to do so.

Williams had to undergo psychological testing at one time while still receiving therapy for her autoimmune Graves’ condition.

Williams’ recent disclosure of her deteriorating lymphedema during an interview with TMZ scared fans.

Several followers of the station used Twitter to voice their worries

I recently watched an interview with Wendy Williams, and it was really depressing. SHAME on those who are still attempting to profit from her. She clearly has a significant problem, and those who are close to her should be looked into. Wow. It’s awful.

I’m not certain that Wendy Williams would benefit most from a podcast at this time. She simply needs some downtime to rest, refuel, and truly recover from losing her mother, her husband, and the show.
Wendy Williams is prepared to advance in her career despite her health issues. She has chosen to start a podcast when her talk show has ended.

She “bowed out graciously,” according to Williams, after a 13-season career as a TV show presenter. She even disclosed that she and the Debmar-Mercury production business had a “amicable parting.”

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