What Happened To Troy Landry? Obituary And Death Cause Of The Swamp People Cast

On the internet, people are confused by a fake obituary of Troy Landry. A member of the cast of “Swamp People” was once in the hospital to treat prostate cancer.

Since Troy was hospitalized a few months ago because of prostate cancer, Cyberians have been worried about his health. Then, he was on the way to getting better after surgery and is doing better now.

A fake death notice for Troy Landry is circulating on the Internet

Troy Landry is now on the way to getting better. He had surgery to get rid of the cancer in his prostate.

In June, he told everyone on Facebook the good news that he no longer had a prostate. After a week, his son told him that his dad was back at home and on the way to getting better.

During that time, his fans sent him prayers and well wishes, and he thanked them for it. He said recently that he was doing a lot better.

But recently, some online sources put up a fake death notice for Troy. It made people on the internet confused, and rumors spread that he had died. But it’s all a fake, and the TV star is still alive and well.

He is one of the most well-known and brave alligator hunters in the bayou. Troy is the son of a fisherman and seafood distributor, so gator hunting has always been in his blood. He always fills more tags than any other Louisiana swamper.

Troy Landry Death Cause- Is He Dead?

Troy Landry is still alive. The surgery he had in June to treat his prostate cancer has helped him feel better.

Fans are excited to see him in season 14 of Swamp People now that he is healthy again. The Landry gang runs a fleet of boats every season to help get rid of gators. Jacob and Chase, his sons, and a large group of family and friends are among them.

People can’t wait to see him on TV again and are happy for him.

About Troy Landry’s Wife and Children

Bernita Landry is Troy Landry’s wife. She went to high school at Patterson. In 1975, she was a teller at Patterson State Bank. She also taught school and worked as a publicist for the History Channel.

They got married on September 26, 1981, and have two children together. Chase and Jacob are their children. But Troy also has a stepson named Brandon Landry. Brandon is the oldest child.

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