What Happened To Tristan Twaine and Tremaine Parents? Gogglebox Stars Family Details

The parents of Tristan Twaine and Tremaine have died, and their sons pay tribute to them on Instagram.

The three brothers who are famous for being on the UK show Gogglebox.

Stephen Lamber, Tim Harcourt, and Tania Alexander made Gogglebox, which is a reality show on Channel 4. The show follows families and groups of friends from all over the UK as they watch and talk about what they saw on TV the week before from the comfort of their own homes.

The first episode of the first season was on March 7, 2013, and the first episode of the nineteenth season will be on February 18, 2022. Caroline Aherne was the voice of the show from the beginning until she died in July 2016. After that, Craig Cash took over.

Tristan Twaine
Tristan Twaine

What Happened to the Parents of Tristan Twaine and Tremaine?

Tristan, Twaine, and Tremaine were all born in England, where their parents lived. In 2021, the TV star’s mother and father died, and the star’s brothers held a memorial service for them.

The three brothers had kept private information about their family. Their parents seem like they don’t want the public or the media to know much about them.

Tristan uploaded a post on August 10, 2021, that said, “This One Hurts Posting, This R.I.P. My Queen, Still In Shock.. April 8, 2021.” Many people who followed Tristan were sad when one of her family members died.

But details about how her mother died have not yet been made public. Since her mother died during the Covid pandemic, many of his fans think she died because of Covid 19.

Also, as of 2022, the three brothers are all living happy lives. Their parents have given them a nice way of life, which is clear.

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Tristan Twaine and Tremaine are Brothers

Three handsome brothers named Tremaine, Twaine, and Tristan Plummer have been on Channel 4’s hit show Gogglebox since 2016.

Since series 8, a group called “three Ts” has been recording on their sofa in Bristol. On the left is Tremaine, in the middle is Twaine, and on the right is Tristan.

The three brothers each have a large number of followers on Instagram, where they often show glimpses of their VERY glitzy lives. Their feeds are full of photos from their expensive trips to Dubai, Thailand, and Jamaica, as well as photos of them wearing their expensive clothes.

The Sun recently reported that Gogglebox stars get £1,500 a month per family for working on the show, plus a free takeout.

So it’s not too surprising that the couch potatoes work full-time. The sport-obsessed Plummer brothers make a lot of money, judging by their flashy social media pages.

The Lives of Tristan Twaine and Tremaine

Tristan, Twaine, and Tremaine live a glamorous life, which they show off on their social media accounts.

They were caught on camera drinking drinks in some of the country’s best bars, eating at high-end restaurants, and dancing all night at the best nightclubs.

Tremaine from Gogglebox posted a picture from the world’s highest tower, the luxurious Burj Khalifa, to his 4,000 Instagram followers as part of a series of luxurious pictures.

During his expensive trip, Tremaine went to pool parties, rode in a dune buggy in the desert, and ate at well-known restaurants like Opa Dubai. Tremaine was wearing a £700 Hermes belt and a new pair of expensive sneakers in other photos.

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Find out about other Gogglebox stars, their families, and their jobs

This Friday, Channel 4 starts a new season of Gogglebox. Our favorite armchair critics will be back to talk about some of the biggest TV events of the week.

This BAFTA-winning reality show is back for its 20th season with the people we know and love, like the Saddiqui family and Wiltshire’s Giles and Mary.

Joe and Roisin

Joe and Roisin, who live in Glasgow, are now part of the Gogglebox team.

Joe, who is 25, and his girlfriend Roisin, who is 23, live in their family home in Glasgow. They moved in together at the start of lockdown. Joe likes to play video games and make pizza, while Roisin likes to shop and hang out with friends.

Tristan Twaine
Tristan Twaine

Anne and Ken

The couple from County Durham is also new to the cast this season, just like The Moffatts.

The couple was introduced to millions of people at home as “a couple who has been married for 50 years.”

Still, love is in the air. On their first appearance on the show, Ken gave Anne a bouquet of roses, one for each year they’ve been together.

Ronnie and Annie

Ronnie and Annie, a husband and wife from South East London, started appearing on Gogglebox in November of last year.

So far, Annie has said that Ronnie can make a good cup of tea, and fans have fallen in love with the cockney couple.

John and Mary

Last year, Simon and Jane joined the cast of Gogglebox. The brother and sister joined the show in October.

Gogglebox fans know them for their sense of humor and healthy snack choices. They film Gogglebox from Simon’s flat in North London. Simon is also a disability expert and presenter. He co-hosts the B.B.C. podcast on disability.

Since series 8, the “three Ts,” Tremaine, Twaine, and Tristan, have been filming on their sofa in Bristol. Tremaine is on the left, Twaine is in the middle, and Tristan is on the right.

The three brothers each have their own loyal followers on Instagram, where they often show a glimpse into their VERY glam lives.

Their feeds are full of pictures from their expensive trips to Dubai, Thailand, and Jamaica. They also all post pictures of what they are wearing to show off their expensive wardrobes.

Gogglebox stars don’t get a lot for all the time they spend on the show. The Sun recently reported that each family gets £1,500 a month and a free takeaway.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the couch potatoes also have full-time jobs. The sport-loving Plummer brothers’ glam social media accounts show that they make a lot of money.

Tristan played football for Bristol City in the Championship from 2007 to 2010. Twaine played for Bradford Town, and Tremaine has a breakfast show on Ujima FM in Bristol.

But on social media, the brothers show off how much they love designer clothes, fancy trips to places where celebrities hang out, and fancy dinners that look like they cost a lot.

In his Instagram bio, Tremaine Plummer says that he is a “part-time poser.” He recently posted photos of his luxurious getaway as he flew to Dubai and left the UK, which was hit by a virus.

The brothers spent their vacation in Dubai, where many of our favorite celebrities are living their best lives right now.

They were seen drinking cocktails in some of the country’s most expensive bars, eating at expensive restaurants, and dancing the night away in some of the best night clubs.

Gogglebox star Tremaine shared a photo from the top of the world’s tallest tower, the swanky Burj Khalifa, with his 4,000 Instagram followers. This was one of a series of photos he’d taken in posh places.

The Burj Khalifa is the only seven-star hotel in the world. Over the years, many famous people have stayed there, including the Hadid sisters and Justin Bieber.

The TV star also posed for his fans in a pair of £800 Christian Louboutin sneakers, a stylish T-shirt, and a medical face mask.

During his expensive trip, Tremaine went to pool parties, rode a dune buggy in the desert, and ate dinner at popular places like Opa Dubai.

In most of the pictures, Tremaine wore a £700 Hermes belt and a new pair of designer sneakers.

Tremaine seems to love sharing outfit posts, and his followers often tell him how stylish his clothes are.

Tremaine’s brother Twaine went to Dubai with him, and the Gogglebox star shared a bunch of photos that made the trip look amazing.

On his personal account, he has nearly 7,000 followers, and each post he makes gets hundreds of likes and comments.

Twaine showed off his expensive taste by wearing a pair of orange Christian Louboutin sneakers and a statement T-shirt from Heron Preston’s designer brand.

On other parts of his account, Twaine posed in a pair of Versace swimshorts worth at least £190 and wore a bunch of gold chain necklaces that looked like they cost a lot.

Back in the UK, when Twaine isn’t in Dubai, he lives a luxurious life, going to fancy dinners and places like The Ivy for lunch.

But it looks like Twaine’s thing is going on vacations. His social media posts show him going to Thailand, Jamaica, Barcelona, and Croatia, among other places.

Tristan, the brother of Tremaine and Twaine, also lives a glamorous life, which he shows off on his social media accounts.

The 30-year-old is a father of two and often posts pictures of his family, football games, and trips to show how luxurious his life is.

The dad is probably the most well-known of the three siblings, since he is a professional football player who has played for a number of clubs and has almost 10,000 followers.

Tristan also seems to like going to places where famous people hang out. There are pictures of him partying with Tinie Tempah in Ibiza and taking selfies with Krept and Konan.

Also, it’s clear that the three brothers love designer clothes. They always have Balmain T-shirts, Yeezy sneakers, and fancy sunglasses in their closets.

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