What Happened To Rapper Snoopy Blue? Details About His Death

After it was said that Snoopy Blue had been shot and killed on Saturday morning in the 11600 block of South Central Avenue, many people posted “R.I.P.” messages online.

His real name was Demond Camper, and he died when he was 45 years old. When they heard the news, his friends, family, and fans were all very sad.

Rip: What’s Snoopy Blue’s Death Cause, the Rapper?

The man who was shot and killed in the 11600 block of South Central Avenue has been named as Demond Camper, whose stage name seems to be Snoopy Blue. He makes his living as a rapper.

Rapper Snoopy Blue died because he was shot. When he was taken to the coroner’s office, they were able to tell who he was, but they did not say where on his body he had been shot.

He was shot and killed on Saturday in South Los Angeles, the news said. Officer Tony Im of the Los Angeles police says that the incident was reported at 1:35 a.m. and that the victim was found in a car by officers who came to the scene.

Tony said that the person was said to be dead right away. Unfortunately, the details of his death were not made public right away, and the police have not said how he may have been shot. So far, there are no possible suspects.

Snoopy’s childhood nickname was “Snoop,” but he changed it because he thought people might mix him up with Snoop Dogg. First, he was in a music video called “Blootiful World.”

He was a part of 97 East Coast Crips, which is a subgroup of East Coast Crips, a well-known criminal group, according to United Gangs.

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Details of Snoopy Blue’s shooting are looked at

On Saturday, Snoopy Blue was shot and killed. The event happened in the 11600 block of South Central Avenue.

As soon as the news spread that he had died, his fans and friends paid tribute to him. They are still doing so on social media as they mourn his death.

On Friday night, there was another shooting near the 800 block of Central Avenue in South LA. The person was shot while he or she was still in the car. When police arrived at the scene of a crash, they found a man who had been shot dead inside a car.

Two people who may have been involved in this crime are on the run and may be armed. Even though the two events may not be related, people in the city are worried about how gun violence and crime have been getting worse.

Where Did Blue Shot Go?

In the 11600 block of South Central Avenue, Snoopy Blue was shot and killed. But the details of what happened have not been made public yet.

The investigation is still going on, but the police haven’t said anything about who might be responsible. His name at first was Demond Camper.

But fans knew right away that it was rapper Snoopy because the music website Discogs.com mentioned his name. “C Day Song,” “Ridin’ with the Lodz,” and “Shooters” are some of his songs.

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