What Happened To Lazard Intern? NYC Subway Death Victim Identified By Colleagues

According to the police, a woman was struck by a train on Tuesday night, killed, and pronounced dead an hour later.

We don’t yet know who she is or what prompted her to lose her footing. The situation is being looked at.

How did Lazard Intern fare? Falling under a NYC subway track results in death

Tuesday night, a 20-year-old lady accidentally stumbled into the tracks and was fatally struck by a Manhattan subway train.

The woman was hit by a Queens-bound 7 train at Grand Central Station, which instantly caused tension in the terminal. Police assert that despite her best efforts to stop the train in time, the driver nonetheless struck the victim.

First responders from the FDNY made an effort to resuscitate the woman, but an hour later, according to the police, she was pronounced dead. It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the victim to fall onto the lines.

In an effort to reduce the number of fatalities on the rails, transit officials earlier this year proposed a plan to construct safety barriers in three of the city’s subway stations.

However, only 41 of the 472 subway stations, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, may now be modified to add the barriers.

A woman was found dead on a New York City subway track and she was an intern at Lazard

Today, rumors that a dead woman who fell into a train track in New York City was an intern for Lazard are going viral on Twitter.

Since she was fatally injured at the time of the tragedy, her identity was kept a secret. While some claim the confirmed identification has not yet been released, others are making assumptions about the unnamed woman who died in the tragedy as a Lazard intern.

Computers automatically run trains on the No. 7 line using communications-based train control technology. Even though there is no longer a “dead man switch” that activates the emergency brakes anytime a driver releases the wheel, train drivers still sit at the front of the trains.

Regardless of the woman’s identity, we mourn her untimely demise as she is already gone.

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