What Happened To Kayla Nicole Bailey? Brooke Basketball Wives Daughter Age & Father

On Sunday, Kayla Nicole Bailey, the 25-year-old daughter of Basketball Wives star Brooke Bailey, died.

Brooke, who was the star of Basketball Wives, had only one child, Bailey. She told the news about her daughter on Instagram three hours ago. Also, she was hurt when she was in a car accident on Sunday. But Bailey won’t make it through the event.

Brooke is a fashion model and business owner from the United States. After she was on Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, she became more well-known. The model is well-known because she used to be married to former NBA player Ronnie Holland.

After appearing on the E! reality show Candy Girls, Bailey got her start in the entertainment business. A group of friends who live together in Los Angeles were the focus of the show. There were two seasons of each show.

Bailey later started appearing on the show Basketball Wives LA. In the second season, she joined Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, and others. Later, a cast member from the mothership franchise joined the reality show in Miami.

Kayla Nicole Bailey
Kayla Nicole Bailey

Where Did Kayla Nicole Bailey Go?

Bailey died on Sunday after being in a car accident. The Basketball Wives star wrote on Instagram about what was going on with her daughter. She told everyone that her daughter had died and said that this is not a goodbye.

Even Brooke, who is famous on TV, wrote in the caption, “Mommy will see you soon.” The star lost her child when she was still young. People told the Bailey family how sorry they were and how much they meant to them.

Some of her followers wrote, “Brooke, I’m so sorry for your loss. Baby, I hope God gives you strength. Her coworkers and a friend gave Brooke a lot of comforting words. The follower said that the star is hearing their prayers.

Brooke also included her daughter’s name in her Instagram bio as a way to honor her. Even she put a purple heart in the name of her daughter. In addition to this, the star posted many photos of her daughter.

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Kayla Nicole Bailey died when she was 25 years old

Bailey died at a young age on Sunday. She died when she was only 25 years old. On March 2, 1997, the star’s daughter was born. She demise on September 25, 2022. The young child was lost by the family.

People spoke out of their hearts to comfort the family. Brooke has been through something heartbreaking in the last few days. People were sad that a star had died. The person said, “Brooke, I’m sorry about your loss. I pray that God gives your family the love and strength they need to get through this.

The famous person Brandi Maxiell said that Brooke is so strong and asked her to trust in God to get her through this storm. Even her fans said they couldn’t imagine how much pain she must be going through right now. Celebrity fashion stylist EJ•KING felt bad for his sister.

Brooke worked on the show Basketball Wives with the TV star Nia Dorsey.

The father of Kayla Nicole Bailey

Bailey is Brooke’s daughter from a relationship she had before she married Ronnie Holland when she was 20. After her relationship with an NBA player, the star appeared on Basketball Wives. The model is the wife of a pro basketball player and the mother of his child.

Brooke is a well-known actress from the show Basketball Wives. The star isn’t married anymore. She also got married to Ronnie in 2014. After getting married, the model posted a picture from their wedding day. The star wrote about their relationship on Instagram not too long ago.

In 2016, Brooke and her husband changed their wedding vows in Malibu. After they broke up, the model stopped posting the picture of them together. She got rid of all the pictures of her with her ex-husband.

Brooke is single right now. The model said that the end could be calm. But the two people seemed happy after they broke up. The actress posted on social media, “Wife sounds better than a girlfriend.” She got married for the first time when she was only 20, and then she got married to Ronnie.

Brooke was also dating NBA player Rashard Lewis, who is now retired. She even went out with Vernon Macklin at one point.

Kayla Nicole Bailey, the daughter of Basketball Wives star Brooke Bailey, has gone to heaven. It’s never easy to lose someone you love. We feel bad for Kayla’s friends and family.

Several sources say that Brooke’s daughter Kayla died when she was 25 years old. Keep reading to find out the main reason why Brooke’s daughter Kayla Nicole Bailey died.

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What happened that caused Brooke’s daughter Kayla to die?

Brooke Bailey broke the sad news that her daughter Kayla had died on the social media site Instagram. People say that Kayla died in a car accident on Saturday evening, September 24, 2022.

On Sunday, Brooke posted a bunch of pictures of her daughter Kayla to her Instagram account. She put the Instagram post on her Instagram feed by pinning it. “Forever my baby, Pretty Black (also known as Kayla) Nicole Bailey This isn’t a farewell. “Mommy will see you soon,” she wrote next to the pictures in the slideshow.

Brooke also changed a few things about herself on Instagram. “FOREVER Kayla Nicole Bailey 3/2/97-9/25/22 #PrettyBlack” is what it says in her bio. She also posted pictures of her daughter in a carousel on her Instagram Story.

How did the famous people feel about the bad news?

Tammy Rivera, from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, wrote, “mg beautiful I’m sooooo sorry! “My prayers are with you, and I’ll be saying your name aloud in prayer tonight.” Prema Donna then said, “I’m so sorry for your loss.”
Shannon and Shannade Clermont were saddened by the death of Brooke’s daughter Bailey. We’re sorry and will pray for you.” Amra Olevi Reyes, a social media influencer, said, “Brook e I’m really sorry about your loss. I pray that God gives you and your family the love and strength you need to get through this. ”

Duffey wrote, “We love you, Brooke, and will pray for you during this very hard time. Every morning, you cheer us up with a Bible verse, and now it’s our turn to cheer you up.”

The star of Prey, Masika Kalysha, wrote, “OMG.” Brooke, I’m so sorry. I know that nothing I or anyone else can say will make this hurt go away, so I won’t even try. But I pray very hard for you. I’m really sorry.”

 Kayla Nicole Bailey
Kayla Nicole Bailey

A bit about Brooke Bailey’s life outside of work

Kayla Nicole Bailey is not the only child Brooke has. She also has two other kids. Her son’s name is Shumecio, and he was born in 1998. In 2004, her third and last child was born.

At the moment, we don’t know much more about her third child. Brooke keeps posting pictures of herself with her oldest kids on Instagram every once in a while.

During this hard time, we want Kayla Nicole Bailey’s friends and family to know how sorry we are. May the soul of the person who died find peace. Don’t forget to check back with us to find out what’s going on in the world of show business.

Who’s Kayla Nicole Bailey?

Brooke Bailey is a well-known actress who got her start in “Candy Girls,” an E! show about a group of friends who live and work in Los Angeles as music video models. In the show’s second season, Brooke joined Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie, and others on the cast of Basketball Wives LA. Brooke Bailey, a famous person, is now sad about the death of her 25-year-old daughter, Kayla Nicole Bailey. What happened to Kayla Nicole Bailey can be found here.

What happened to Kayla Nicole Bailey?

Kayla Nicole Bailey, the daughter of Brooke Bailey, died on Sunday after being hurt in a car accident. No information about the accident was given out. On Sunday, 45-year-old Brooke posted a slideshow of pictures of her daughter Kayla Nicole to Instagram. The pictures included family pictures and pictures of Kayla Nicole when she was a baby. When Brooke recently posted a picture of her daughter on Instagram, her fans expressed their sadness.

Where Did Kayla Nicole Bailey Go?

On Sunday, Brooke Bailey’s daughter Kayla passed away. On Sunday night, Brooke shared a picture of her daughter on Instagram to let people know that Kayla had died.

She wrote in the caption, “Pretty Black, also known as Kayla Nicole Bailey, will always be my baby. This isn’t a farewell. You’ll see your mom soon.”

Brooke changed what her Instagram bio said “Kayla Nicole Bailey 3/2/97 – 9/25/22.”

The death of Kayla Nicole Bailey

So, How Did Kayla Die? Many news sources say that Kayla died in a car crash on September 25, 2022. Brooke shared the news of Kayla’s death on her Instagram account. Here is the Instagram photo Brooke posted about how she felt about Kayla’s death.

Instagram of Kayla Nicole Bailey

Kayla was not to be found. The Instagram account for Nicole Bailey. Kayla is Brooke Bailey’s daughter. Brooke has two other kids and used to be married to Ronnie Holland. In a post, Brooke wrote, “The actress confirmed that she and Ronnie were no longer together.” “Sounds better than girlfriend, but not as good as single or smart. Yes. I’m single.” Brooke said she wanted to get married again if she ever fell in love again.

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Where Did Kayla Nicole Bailey Go?

Sunday, Brooke Bailey’s daughter Kayla died.

What happened to Kayla Nicole Bailey?

Brooke Bailey had a daughter named Kayla Nicole Bailey.

What happened to Kayla Nicole Bailey?

Kayla Nicole Bailey, daughter of Brooke Bailey, died on Sunday after being hurt in a car accident.

What was Kayla Nicole Bailey’s age?

She was 25 at the time.

What is her name?

Brooke Bailey is an actress with a lot of fans.

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