Wednesday Season 1: Is Principal Weems Actually Dead?

Wednesday Season 1: Is Principal Weems Actually Dead?

Look, we all know how much TV pisses us off. If we haven’t dug a six-foot-deep grave for them and seen our live characters weep and mourn, or if we haven’t seen articles from the actors claiming they have departed the show, then I wouldn’t take their word for it.

Characters we believe to be dead may not actually be. Wednesday is the most recent Netflix drama to murder off its actors, and there are undoubtedly a few whose futures remain unclear.

Here is a list of every Wednesday character that passed away, along with my opinion of their actual demise and if I believe they will return to Nevermore in the unavoidable second season.


Principal Weems
Principal Weems

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Principal Weems: Is She Really Dead?

Wednesday is a Netflix coming-of-age fantasy mystery series based on the characters created by American artist Charles Addams and created by Tim Burton, Miles Millar, and Alfred Gough.

After failing to teach their daughter at a regular school, Wednesday Addams’ parents enroll her at Nevermore Academy, the boarding school they both attended when they were younger, in the narrative.

The majority of fans want to know if Principal Weems is actually dead. Marilyn Thornhill assassinated Weems, the Nevermore Academy’s principal, when she revealed who she really was.


Principal Weems
Principal Weems

Wednesday Season 1: How Did Principal Weems Die?

Larissa Weems, the principal, was grinning on Wednesday.

For the most of the season, Wednesday is opposed by Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones).

She doesn’t support Wednesday’s efforts to apprehend a brutal killer, and she also assists in the cover-up of a student’s death to calm fears.

Both her politics and her deceptive methods infuriate Wednesday. Weems’ animosity with Morticia and Gomez from when they were students at the school, which implied a love triangle, exacerbates the already-existing tensions between him and Wednesday.

When Wednesday and Weems agree to a ceasefire, the latter transforms into Tyler, and they go up against Marilyn Thornhill, the master of the Hyde (Christina Ricci).

It comes out that she has been using the school as a pawn to start a Puritan apocalypse and wipe out all the magicians while pretending to be human or a “normie” all along.

Sadly, Weems is fatally stabbed in the neck with a poisoned syringe as soon as she transforms back to her true self to inform Thornhill that the game is over.


Principal Weems
Principal Weems

Wednesday Season 1: Deaths Explained

It’s true that Weems’ unexpected death was done solely for shock factor.

If Wednesday or her ancestor Goody had spared the principal, it would have been significant since it would have given the teenager a future ally once Thornhill has been defeated.

It would not have been for the sole purpose of a cooperation to save Weems either. Weems finally warmed up to Wednesday, which was precisely the point at which her storyline started to brim with possibility, so keeping her would have been worthwhile.

Her subsequent gratitude and loyalty to Wednesday (a la Dumbledore and Harry Potter) could have given rise to more complex plotlines.

By guiding them in the development of forbidden dark arts, Larissa Weems could have similarly assisted the Nightshades in becoming supernatural vigilantes.

Additionally, there would have been amusing conflict between Weems and Wednesday’s parents. Not to add, it’s not hard to imagine Pugsley or Uncle Fester developing feelings for her in the future.

The argument is that Wednesday requires a mentor and guardian outside of her mansion in addition to Thing, and Weems fills that role.

She would also undoubtedly face confrontation, which would cause her to compromise and bend her moral standards.

The pupils may have even gotten into a civil war about how much latitude she provides them as a result of this.

In the end, it seems like the show hasn’t fully utilized Weems’ potential as a teacher and friend, especially at a school that harbors sinister secrets about its former students. Perhaps she’ll be revived for Season 2, though.


Principal Weems
Principal Weems

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Wednesday Season 1: Ending Explained

The last seconds of the seventh episode shake things up for our pitiful protagonist after weeks of failures and dead ends.

Wednesday shows up to see Tyler (Hunter Doohan) in the neighborhood coffee shop, finally prepared to act on her developing feelings for him.

The physical contact and the two’s kiss—which is actually Wednesday’s first kiss ever—cause Wednesday to have one of her visions. She witnesses the Hyde killing Dr. Kinbott before resuming his Tyler identity.

A few days later, as Wednesday rushes out of the coffee shop and Tyler is left perplexed, the season finale picks up.

She confronts him and presses him on when Dr. Kinbott let loose the monster inside him to serve her purposes. She also asks him how long he has known he is a Hyde.

When asked if she confronted him alone, Tyler pretended to be innocent and begged Wednesday to use common sense. No, she responds before Bianca (Joy Sunday) and a few of her new allies leave.

Tyler is furious and asks to be let go as the mob encircles him. He is lulled into complacency by Bianca’s siren’s song while they chain him up in the campus shed.

Bianca and the others are appalled and go to Principal Weems, who summons Tyler’s father, after Wednesday is ready to use torture to force Tyler to confess.

Just as Wednesday is about to hurt Tyler, the Sheriff stops her, takes her into arrest, and brings her to the neighborhood police station, but Wednesday escapes accusations of kidnapping.

She can leave now. Weems has formally decided to evict her from Nevermore due to the amount of problems she has caused there.

Tyler confronts Wednesday alone and confesses to everything before they leave the station to return to Nevermore.

He kills with pleasure and almost tastes his victims’ scrumptious terror since he is the Hyde. All of this has happened as part of his master’s plan, and he never had any genuine feelings for Wednesday.

Enid (Emma Meyers) cries as she assists her best friend in packing her things to leave Nevermore the following day. The two almost embrace, but Wednesday’s aversion of human contact prevails.

Wednesday arranges for Weems to take her to the hospital before the train station when she learns that Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) has woken up following his life-threatening episode.

The red boots of the person who lit the cave on fire were illuminated by a bright light, which officially connected everything in Wednesday’s mind even if Eugene doesn’t remember much about the night of the fire.

She is aware of Tyler’s boss.

Wednesday returns to Nevermore instead of heading to the train station and finds Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) tending to her plants while wearing her bright red boots.

The missing daughter Laurel, who has been scheming to set up Wednesday all along, is revealed by Ms. Thornhill to be the brains behind all of Nevermore’s tragedy.

She is the one who used the memory of Tyler’s deceased mother, who was actually a Hyde herself and attended Nevermore before falling in love with the Sheriff, to force Tyler into becoming the Hyde.

She tries to order Tyler to take care of Wednesday as he enters the room, but he doesn’t pay attention. Could Wednesday’s power over him not be as great as his feelings for her?

Unfortunately, Tyler is really the shape-shifter Principal Weems who just heard Laurel’s entire confession.

Weems is injected with nightshade poison by Laurel, who then kills her before Weems can intervene. Then, after hitting Wednesday in the head with a shovel, Laurel declares her dead.


Principal Weems
Principal Weems

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Is Principal Weems Really Dead? – FAQs

1. Is Principal Weems Really Dead?

Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy, was killed by Marilyn Thornhill when she exposed her true identity.

2. Who Plays Principal Weems In Wednesday?

 Gwendoline Christie plays the role of Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy, in the Wednesday series.

3. Is Weems Dead?

Principal Weems died by the end of the first season on Wednesday after she was stabbed during her stand-off with Marilyn Thornhill.

4. Who plays the headteacher in Wednesday?

Miss Thornhill takes an immediate shine to Wednesday and sees her as a kindred spirit. Christina Ricci previously played Wednesday Addams in the hit ’90s movies The Addams Family and Addams Family Values

5. How old is Wednesday from Netflix?

She is named in reference to the nursery rhyme line, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.” In the original television series, a six-year-old Wednesday serves as a contrast to the oddities of the rest of her family.

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