Wealth of comedian Stavros Halkias in 2022

Stavis Halkias earned $250,000 from his podcast in 2017, contributing to his $1 million net worth.

Since the beginning of 2010, he has started doing stand-up comedy. He originally became well-known as a founding co-host of his now-famous podcast.

Stavros has appeared on the MSG Network, IFC, and Comedy Central. He contributed to the Emmy-nominated People Talking Sports and Other Stuff by writing and performing.

After experimenting with comedy while in college, where he was nominated for New Comedian of the Year in 2012, he started regularly performing in his hometown of Baltimore.

He even temporarily advertised himself as a proponent of body positivity on Instagram while honing his stand-up act until he was a headliner. He is currently marking another significant achievement in the history of comedy with a stand-up special that he recorded at The Lodge Room in Los Angeles.

Stavros Halkias
Stavros Halkias

Short Facts

Full Name Stavros Halkias
Profession Stand-up comedian and podcaster.
Years Active 2010-Present
Birth Date February 11, 1989
Age 33 years old
Birth Place Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Genres Black comedy, blue humorsurreal
Marital Status Married
Wife Adam Frieldand
Children None
Zodaic Sign Aquarius
Nationality American

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Salary of comedian Stavros Halkias

According to Fidlar Music, Stavros Halkias reportedly has a net worth of $1 million. Likewise, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he made $250,000 from his contentious podcast in 2017.

The most notable fact about Halkias is that from the start of his own podcast in 2016 until his departure in 2022, he served as co-host. Since 2019, he and Sam Morril have shared hosting duties for the basketball podcast Pod Don’t Lie.

Prior to starting this podcast, he and Adam Friedland co-hosted White Chocolate NBA Pipecast. Additionally, he hosts the Twitch programme Stavvy Solves Your Issues. When Halkias posted his debut comedy spectacular, Live At The Lodge Room, to his YouTube website in 2022, it garnered 2 million views in just three weeks.

The three improvises funny characters and sketches while having an unscripted talk in each episode of the podcast, which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

The best mimic of the three is Nick Mullen, who successfully mimics a variety of celebrities, including Barack Obama, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gene Hackman, and others. Their jokes contain sexual scenarios and racial prejudices.

The show is available on Patreon, Spotify, Audible, and Apple Podcasts for listening.

The three men were brought up on the talk show “Saturday Night Live,” which greatly increased the show’s popularity. Although some of their supporters claim that the jokes have turned into anger and loathing, the three guys have also drawn criticism for their use of offensive irony.

He just left the podcast

On June 25, 2022, Stavros shockingly announced on social media that his time with the podcast group was coming to an end.

Regular podcast listeners are sure to have picked up on Stavros’ subtle hints to this important option in recent episodes, even though he didn’t explicitly explain it in that message.

For the time being, Stavros Halkias seems to be focusing more on his stand-up career. More than two million people have seen “Live at the Lodge Room,” his most recent comedy presentation.

After making a few appearances on various podcasts, the man made the decision to let it all out, criticise his coworkers, and let everyone know how unhappy he was with the programme. Halkias likewise requests more latitude. The podcast, in his opinion, was also overly constrictive.

Although Stavros did not indicate that the podcast will end permanently, he announced his departure from the show. Nick and Adam, Stavros’s co-hosts, are more likely to take over and continue the show in his absence.

Nick has directed shows without Stavros before, so he seems to be more than capable of running the podcast without his comedic partner. Whether Nick and Adam will eventually add another third host is unknown at this time.

Stavros Halkias has also appeared in films and television shows

Stavros made his acting debut as Gill Waters in Chris LaMartina’s 2014 horror comedy “Call Girl of Cthulhu,” which also stars David Phillip Carollo, Nicolette la Faye, and Melissa LaMartina.

The main character of the tale is an artist who falls in love with a call girl. When he finds out that she will eventually become the deity of Cthulhu’s bride, he must defend her from an ancient cult that is trying to summon Cthulhu. Five of the eleven awards the movie was nominated for were given to it.

Additionally in 2014, Stavros appeared in the short horror movie “Unedited Footage of a Bear” as the clueless EMT. In Bonnie McFarlane’s 2018 short comedy “Anything Boys Can Do,” which also starred Niki Glaser and Josh Segarra, he portrayed the role of Smoker.

In the 2019 comedy “Dollar Store Therapist” episode “I Can’t Stop Being Naked,” he made his television debut, and he later played Sandy in the episode “Kitchen Items” of the comedy miniseries “Pitch Please.” The same year, Stavros played Chris in the Comedy Central Originals short film “Healthbit.”

He played the confused waiter for “Al’s Pizza” in the 2020 comedy “Inspector Ike,” written and directed by Graham Mason and starring Ikechukwu Ufomadu, Matt Barats, and Ana Fabrega. Inspector Ike, the top police detective in New York City, is in the core of it.

In the 2021 animated drama “Monster Lab” episode “Incel in the Kitchen,” Stavros did voice work for a character. The episode follows a scientist who has just perished in a house fire and his assistants, Uno and Katz, as they unearth a mystery book that the doctor left behind.

The film Salesman is his most recent. It chronicles the tale of four door-to-door salespeople who struggle to make ends meet despite working in a digital environment. Unknowingly, they begin selling cult literature; as the cult’s popularity grows throughout the city, the salesmen are the only ones who can undo the damage. In the movie, he plays Bob Donnelly.

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Comedy series & a career on YouTube

At events like the New York Comedy Festival, he has served as the opening act for musicians like Wham City, Tom Papa, and Robert Kelly. The range of his typical ticket pricing is $25 to $85. The Pittsburgh Improv will host his most recent performance on September 22, 2022.

He has given performances all around the nation in clubs, colleges, and independent productions. He has also appeared on XM Satellite Radio and become a regular on Robert Kelly’s show You Know What Dude.

The talk shows and podcasts “Sex Fails,” “Shane Torres Conquers Your Fears,” and “People Talking Sports: And Other Stuff” have all included Stavros as a guest.

On December 24, 2006, Stavros launched a channel under his name and started posting films to the site. The most popular of his videos when it was uploaded, “Stavros Halkias Acting Reel,” helped him advance.

Later, he started to upload a number of videos. Stavros mostly delivers amazing content on his self-titled YouTube channel, including Appearances, Stand Up, Comedy Central, Stavvy Shorts, Clips, Streams, and Solves Your Problems.

The most watched of his videos are “Immigrant Daughter Bad Dad,” “Snitch in the Crowd,” “Army Confessions,” among many others. The same-named Stavros channel has more than 436k subscribers.

Childhood and Family

Stavros Halkias was raised alongside his parents, brothers, and other family members after being born into a Greek family on February 11, 1989, in Baltimore, Maryland. We can infer that Stavros’ parents emigrated to Greece because he was born to an Athens-born father and a Macedonian mother.

Although Stavros’ father disapproved of his comedic work, the actor has always been interested in comedy and professional acting. Nevertheless, Stavros put a lot of effort into his decision to defy his father and seek a career in comedy and did so.

Stavros discovered a love for acting and humour while attending Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, where he also took part in other activities like playing the guitar, playing soccer, and dancing.

After graduating from high school in 2007, he enrolled at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he graduated with a bachelor’s in arts in 2011. He took part in a few school performances.

While attending college in Maryland and Washington, DC, Stavros performed stand-up comedy. In 2012, he was named Baltimore’s New Comedian of the Year.

Stavros Halkias
Stavros Halkias

Girlfriend of Stavros Halkias

Stavros keeps his romantic connections very private, but on April 19, 2019, he admitted in a tweet that he was dating someone.

He was frequently seen with the woman, but after around six months, they stopped posting images to Instagram and stopped being seen together in public.

On April 20, 2020, He later married Adam Frieldand. Stavros has a prominent belly, isn’t particularly athletic, and frequently shares pictures of himself without a shirt on Instagram, but he loves his body.

In addition to his career in comedy, Stavros has made a name for himself as a popular social media personality and fashion influencer. He joined the Instagram community and started posting videos, photos, and other information on his Instagram account to share his amazing lifestyle.

On the forum, Stavros mainly shares his adorable and lovely fashion-inspired snapshots of daily life. He currently has 258k followers there.

He likes to travel, and both on work and for fun, he has been to several places in the US. Stavros usually travels to see football games because he is an avid fan.

Some FAQs

Is Stavros Halkias married?

Stavros is married to Adam Frieldand since 2020.

Is Stavros Halkias Greek?

Halkias was raised by Greek immigrants in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was born.

How much is Stavros Halkias worth?

Stavros Halkias has a net worth of $1 million.

Did Stavros Halkias date Rachel Sennett?

No, Stavros Halkias and Rachel Sennett did not date.

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