Was Peter Kalmus From Nasa Arrested? Scientist Past Arrest News Takes Over Social Media

Peter Kalmus and a group of other people were arrested on April 6 and later let go. They had chained themselves to a JPMorgan Chase building in Los Angeles to protest the bank’s support of fossil fuels.

After The Guardian’s final IPCC Working Group III report in April 2022, he called for people to break the law. In the same way, he said that it’s now eleven o’clock and that he’s afraid for his kids and for all of humanity.

Scientist said he would keep fighting hard for Earth no matter how bad things get, because it can always get worse.

He also works as a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is a research lab that looks at space and Earth in order to learn more about our climate and help stop climate disasters.

Was NASA’s Peter Kalmus taken in?

Yes, Peter was arrested in April after he chained himself to the JPMorgan Chase building in Los Angeles to protest the bank’s support of fossil fuels. He was later let go.

Also, he was arrested on Wednesday for locking himself and his supporters in an entrance to the JP Morgan Chase building in downtown Los Angeles.

Also, what he did in Los Angeles was part of an international campaign called the Scientist Rebellion, which was put together by a loosely organized group of concerned scientists. More than 1,200 scientists in 26 countries were backed by local climate groups.

On Monday, after his day of action, the IPCC Working Group 3 released a report about the frightening difference between where society is going and where it needs to go. In the same way, their movement is growing.

News about the arrest of scientist Peter Kalmus takes over social media

On social media, the news of the scientist’s arrest spread quickly. But for a short time, the Scientist was put in jail and then let go.

Also, the scientist Peter in the group tries to get people to stop being satisfied with the way things are by giving them the strange idea that scientists are usually polite and quiet, letting their work speak for itself.

They were yelling and shouting and putting their own safety at risk because the danger to the planet was getting worse every day.

For someone to risk their job, freedom, and life, they had to hear a strong argument. As told by Global Citizen, Peter, a climate scientist, took part in Scientist Rebellion.

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What is Peter Kalmus doing now?

Peter is in a Colonized Hahamog’na land in California, where he lives most of the time.

Peter also started the website noflyclimatesci.org. He is a leader in the #FlyingLess movement and a big part of the reason why people want to fly less. He was driving for the American Geophysical Union to help earth scientists who don’t fly as much because they care about the environment and want to be able to join conferences from home.

He writes a column for YES! Magazine and regularly contributes to other publications like The Guardian, Eos, The Washington Post, and Grist.

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